Berkeley Minicar (Berkeley, CA)

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Oct 2011

Re: Looking for a good Honda mechanic
Berkeley Minicar on San Pablo and Dwight way is great. We take both of our Hondas there (1993 and 2005) for repairs and maintenance. Good luck

Man, I have the place for you: Berkeley minicar ( They are the best. They will tell you exactly what is wrong and let you know what should be repaired right away, and what can wait. It is a clean, pleasant shop and I have never had a single problem with any job they've done in 20 years and 3 Hondas. happy minicar customer
Dec 2009

Re: Non-Dealership Honda Hybrid Repair in the East Bay
Berkeley Minicar at Dwight and San Pablo only deals in Hondas (and Acuras), and they are great - professional, responsive, reliable, the whole deal. They serviced my Honda for the 6 years I had it, and my mom still uses them. Wish I still had a Honda so I could use Berkeley Minicar

Nov 2009

Re: Maintenance shop for Acura MDX
Berkeley MiniCar is THE PLACE for Hondas and Acuras. Those are the only types of cars they work on. I have been taking my Hondas there for over 12 years. They are very reasonable, and will never try to sell you anything you don't need. They are the best! Berkeley Minicar, 2498 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702,(510) 841-1221. Website is Ernie

Nov 2008

Re: Service for my 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid
It was years ago that I had a beat-up Honda Civic, but I had a terrific relationship with Berkeley MiniCar on the corner of San Pablo and Dwight. The people who worked there at that time were super-nice and they only work on Hondas. I would be surprised if they weren't up to speed about hybrid models. --I miss that car

Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
I used to own a Honda and had it serviced at Berkeley Mini Car at the corner of San Pablo and Dwight. I loved them. The ran a clean shop, always treated me well and were very honest about what really needed to be done and what didn't. They only do Hondas, as far as I know.

Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
Berkeley Minicar on San Pablo Avenue. Honest and reasonably priced, work primarily on Hondas. MK

Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
For Honda servicing: Berkeley Mini Car. Hands down the best. As BPN will tell you... Check out above link for more glowing praise. Rahel

Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
Berkeley Mini Car only works on Hondas and has been in business for over 20 years! They are always on the top of the list for service, honesty, dependability, etc. Honda Mom

Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
Berkeley MiniCar on 2498 San Pablo Ave at Dwight is where we've taken my '93 Honda Civic for nearly 10 years. Their prices are very reasonable, their service is always friendly and professional. We trust that they are not recommending unnecessary repairs. I think that they take pride in keeping old cars like mine going. Their phone number is 841-1221. Honda driver

Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
We use and love Berkeley Mini Car. They only service Hondas. We live in SF. Several years ago I took it there for the first time (my husband had been going for years as he had worked in Emeryville). I thought he was crazy until I went in. It was such a pleasant, honest experience. As a woman, I have found most service places frustrating at best but at Berkeley Mini Car, they treated me like I had a brain! Here are some other reviews on BPN. Lots of fans and they deserve it. Good luck! another satisfied customer

Re: Honda of Oakland Service Center? (Sept 2005
The best mechanic for Hondas, hands down, is Berkeley mini car at the corner of Dwight Way and San Pablo. I will never buy anything but a Honda since I found them 12 years ago. They are extremely reliable, trustworthy, honest, skilled, and friendly. If they don't do something and they recommend someone to do it, whoever they have recommended has been good as well. If you want a mechanic, I strongly recommend Berk. Mini Car. Everyone I know thinks they are great. Good luck. Susan S
Re: Honda repair shop for oil changes, etc. (June 2005)
I've always been a huge fan of Berkeley Minicar, which is Honda- only. It's on the corner of Dwight Way and San Pablo. Way back when, when I had a car I could actually work on myself (a 1979 civic), Berkeley Minicar folks were always really generous with time and advice for me. Since then, they've had many opportunities to ''find'' hidden problems during diagnostics, and so far they never have. I have always noticed this as proof of their honesty. One of the reasons I keep buying Hondas is because I think a good mechanic is worth his/her weight in gold, and so I'm sticking with a good thing I found 20 years ago! Nancy ('79 Civic, '92 Civic, '97 CRV)
Re: Honda repair shop for oil changes, etc. (June 2005)
Berkeley Minicar on San Pablo in Berkeley. They are excellent - great about doing regular maintentance and prioritizing what work may need to be done to your car in the future. They are a bit busy so using them must generally be planned (they are excellent about getting your car in on an emergent basis if needed). My husband and I have been using Minicar for years and have been absolutely pleased with their professionalism and quality of work. '91 Civic Owner
Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord (June 2004)
I recommend Berkeley Mini car. They only work on Honda's and I used them for many years and was very satisfied with their work and service. They were also a good value. elit
Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord (June 2004)
Berkeley Mini Car at Dwight and San Pablo works only on Hondas. I have taken two Hondas to be serviced there for more than 10 years. They are honest, competent, responsible and fairly pricecd. When they tell me something needs to be fixed on my 93 Accord,for instance, they will also tell me how long I can wait to fix it So I never feel I was pressured into fixing something that might not need it. I highly recommend them. Satisfied Honda Customer
Hondas: Berkeley MiniCar at San Pablo and Dwight.

We've been taking our Honda Accord to Berkeley MiniCar at San Pablo and Dwight for at least 10 years, since the car was new...... they are reasonable and they only fix Hondas. From Kenny
From: Judi

I would highly recommend Berkeley Minicar 2498 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley 841-1221. They only work on Hondas and Acuras and are very honest and treat women with respect when discussing car repairs..

From: Ana

We take our two Honda to Berkeley Minicar, at the corner of San Pablo and Dwight, in Berkeley. We have been using them for about two years now and have never had any bad experiences. A few times, I brought the car in, believing that it needed repair, and they would just make some adjustments and not charge anything!! After they did this a couple of times, they won our trust. I don't have their phone number now, but I'm sure you can find it in the business pages.

From: Christina

We take our Honda Accord to Berkeley Minicar on San Pablo at Dwight. We've been happy with them--nothing negative to report. They do have a friendly and knowledgeable woman who works with clients--a definite plus in my book! I think they also have a shuttle that can bring you to BART, etc.

From: Trish H.

Berkeley Minicar (2498 San Pablo at Dwight; 841-1221) is wonderful. They only do Hondas and are extremely reasonable. They explain what has happened and how best to repair it. They will tell you just how long you can go before brakes wear out. Also, it's easy to drop the car off and then take the bus up Dwight to campus.

From: Katherine

I've been extremely happy with Berkeley Minicar at the corner of Dwight and San Pablo. Phone number is 841-1221. All my Honda-owning friends go there also and if we needed to buy a new car, we all would buy another Honda just to continue going to this place -- they work only on Hondas.

From: Nancy

We have used Berkeley Minicar on the corner of Sacramento and Dwight for many years and 3 Honda Accords. They only work on Hondas and really know what they're doing.

From: Eleanor

We have always taken our Hondas to Berkeley Minicar on San Pablo near Dwight. They are Honda specialists; it's the only make of car they work on, and we have always been very satisfied with the work they do.