Beach Elementary School


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operated by Piedmont Unified School District
Phone: (510) 594-2666
100 Lake Drive Piedmont, CA 94611

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  • Enrolling in Beach from OUSD community

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this complicated question. We are just over the boundary for the Piedmont schools, thus we're doing lottery for OUSD for Kindergarten next year. Beach is the closest school to where we live and it would be our top choice anyway. Normally I would assume that we are out of luck without a Piedmont zip code, but I heard that enrollment was low this past year and Beach wanted more students. I heard a rumor that some families have found a way to get into Beach even though they are part of Oakland. Does anyone know how this could work? 


    Piedmont opened up kindergarten enrollment to grandchildren of current residents last year, allowing Oaklanders (and others) whose parents still live in Piedmont to send their kids to a Piedmont elementary school. Non-residents without any familial ties can still apply for an inter-district transfer, but the school district is prioritizing grandchildren. It sounds like Beach actually had the highest kindergarten figures, so if your child got in it might be for one of the other two schools. Good luck!

    I don't know for sure but I heard from a mom that has a friend that did this with her son. If you have a grandparent or any family living in Piedmont you can apply under their address.  

    Strangely, I was recently in the line at Safeway with a Piedmont elementary school teacher who confirmed this to me. He said Piedmont doesn’t have enough elementary-aged kids and you can apply for an inter-district transfer from Oakland for elementary school.

    Piedmont accepted inter district transfers for 2019-2020 as announced on June 13, 2019. There is a wait list. I think there were 15 kinder spots distributed between the 3 elementary sites. Even if one lives in the Beach attendance area, a spot at Beach is not guaranteed. I guess it is early practice for the walk up the hill for middle and high school. Good luck.

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We have one child at Joaquin Miller and one child at Beach Elementary in Piedmont. If anything, I would say the transition to online learning was quicker for our OUSD student. I've been very impressed with how the teachers in our child's grade (second) have got things up and running. They give an appropriate amount of work, and I have time to supervise my kid to the extent needed while still doing my full-time job from home. So, I think the OUSD experience is probably varying quite a bit from school to school, but I'm happy with Joaquin Miller on this. While Piedmont took a little longer to start online learning, I'm also happy with their transition. My child at Beach is older and doesn't need as much supervision, so I'm not as familiar with what's being assigned, but it also seems reasonable (and if anything, on the "more" side of things). Long story short, I think the two schools handled this comparably, which is impressive for JM given that it has significantly fewer resources.

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June 2011

Hello, My family moved to Piedmont recently and are living in the Beach Elem. area. I have been told that my children will be attending that school most likey, which is fine. I know that they will be attending school in Emeryville for the next year as Beach is being remodeled. I just learned that the Principal will be taking a maternity leave for the next school year.

I worry that we'll miss getting in on that 'community feel' this year as everything is in so much transition and with the kids taking the bus to and from ... that we won't get the same meeting of families on the school yard that normally happens. I know there will be events, etc - just wondering if acceptance is easy here? I hope to be involved however I can.

Beyond that, can anyone tell me anything about the school - likes / dislikes - things I should be aware of or know about. I appreciate your time given to this topic! feeling nervous

You'd be hard pressed to find a better school in all of California. I dont say that cause my kids went there, but many many of my clients do, very sweet kids, and I hear nothing but fabulous things about it. You'll still be a community cause your playdates will be at one another's houses and at that awesome community pool. Don't give it another thought. You are destined for a great experience. Sunny and seventy today! Reen

All three of my children went to Beach from K-5 so our family was there for 12 years - graduating last year. We loved Beach School. You will not miss out on any of the great community feel due to being in Emeryville for one year. We found the school community to be very accepting and volunteerism at any level is very welcome. I think your whole family will really enjoy the experience - Beach is a really wonderful place. Welcome to Beach!

March 2009

Hi, we are looking at houses such that our almost 5-year old daughter would end up starting kindergarten in Piedmont, most likely at Beach Elementary. Just looking for updated information on what people think of this one particular elem school in Piedmont. We are moving to Piedmont so that she can go to public school there, and also because we like it and it works out well with our work! We also have a younger daughter. I am hoping the school has a good sense of community. Thanks. Lori

My children have attended Beach Elementary for over ten years - the last one has one year left there. We have loved the school. The school community is wonderful - many interesting, hardworking, dedicated parents who do things like run an annual children's theatrical production, run a ''Meet the Masters'' art program once a month at the school, a dad's club that has fund-raising and building improvement projects, many parents who volunteer regularly in the classrooms, a parent-run gardening program, a parent-run after-school enrichment program, etc. But there are a couple of things of which you should be aware. If you live in the Beach area of Piedmont, chances are good that your child will attend Beach but it is NOT guaranteed. Depending upon overall enrollments, there is always a possibility that some children are placed at one of the two other elementary schools in Piedmont. Also the schools are undergoing seismic upgrades and Beach is currently slated to be done during the 2010/2011 school year. Things can change but it is a definite possibility that this work will be going on then and your child might be attending school at an alternate site for a year or two. Beach mom

We moved to the Beach neighborhood in Piedmont 4 years ago because my husband and I both went to public schools and wanted to find a good one for our kids. We now have a kindergartener and 3rd grader at Beach and we could not be more pleased with the school and the neighborhood. There is a HUGE sense of community at Beach fostered by caring and involved parents and a wonderful staff. Our expectations of what a public school can be have been not only met, but exceeded. Happy mom

Feb 2007

Re: Instruction in Piedmont Schools
I'm pretty relieved about the curriculum for my Kindergartener at Beach School in Piedmont this year. I've volunteered in the classroom a bit, so I've had a chance to watch. The kids sit in groups, have circle time, and have centers where they play games that also teach something. They do not sit in rows. There are parent volunteers in our class (at least one, often two or three)for about 45 minutes to an hour each day. My son has homework every day - not an inordinate amount - and not rigidly enforced, but enthusiastically encouraged. We've had several projects to do at home (i.e. decorate a book box, group 100 items by 5s or 10s, write the names of their classmates on their valentines and know how to read them, etc.). There is more work this year than I've heard was required last year - I guess the result of new state curriculum (''no child left behind'' requirements?).

I think the two Kindergarten teachers at Beach are amazing. The kids are having a blast while they are learning. The teachers integrate several subjects at the same time - so while they are doing a cooking project, they teach a bit of math, a bit of reading, a bit of science. Circle time is an amazing demonstration of virtuosity and fluidity - teaching new concepts from several disciplines at the same time they are going over simple reading lessons. The kids seem engaged - they don't look bored. The teachers sure don't have the discipline problems I imagined they'd have with these little ones having to pay attention.

I don't know if the upper grades are just as good. I've not seen those teachers first hand, but I've been hearing positive reviews from the parents I know. Concerning whether they sit in rows? From what I can see as I walk down the halls, it looks like the kids in other grades work in groups sometimes, and sit at desks other times. I'll be interested to see what replies you get. kimberly