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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this complicated question. We are just over the boundary for the Piedmont schools, thus we're doing lottery for OUSD for Kindergarten next year. Beach is the closest school to where we live and it would be our top choice anyway. Normally I would assume that we are out of luck without a Piedmont zip code, but I heard that enrollment was low this past year and Beach wanted more students. I heard a rumor that some families have found a way to get into Beach even though they are part of Oakland. Does anyone know how this could work? 


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Piedmont opened up kindergarten enrollment to grandchildren of current residents last year, allowing Oaklanders (and others) whose parents still live in Piedmont to send their kids to a Piedmont elementary school. Non-residents without any familial ties can still apply for an inter-district transfer, but the school district is prioritizing grandchildren. It sounds like Beach actually had the highest kindergarten figures, so if your child got in it might be for one of the other two schools. Good luck!

I don't know for sure but I heard from a mom that has a friend that did this with her son. If you have a grandparent or any family living in Piedmont you can apply under their address.  

Strangely, I was recently in the line at Safeway with a Piedmont elementary school teacher who confirmed this to me. He said Piedmont doesn’t have enough elementary-aged kids and you can apply for an inter-district transfer from Oakland for elementary school.

Piedmont accepted inter district transfers for 2019-2020 as announced on June 13, 2019. There is a wait list. I think there were 15 kinder spots distributed between the 3 elementary sites. Even if one lives in the Beach attendance area, a spot at Beach is not guaranteed. I guess it is early practice for the walk up the hill for middle and high school. Good luck.