Schools in Rockridge

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  • Jan 2008

    We just moved back to the Bay Area for work. Initially, we thought we would live in Lamorinda since I was working in Walnut Creek. However, now that we have looked at many homes, we feel that Orinda, Lafayette, and Walnut Creek are too rural for us. OK, so here is where I need your input.... We are still looking for a house. Now, we are thinking about Rockridge. I know that Hillcrest and Chabot are good schools, but what do people do when their kids are high school age. On the district map, the high school assignment for that area is Oakland Tech, and that is very far away. What are the private high schools that are in the area? I know this is a long way from now, but I am planning to buy a house that we will live in at least until the kids go away to college. If it seems like there are no good high school options, I need to know NOW so that we do not consider Rockridge, and we will just live somewhere in Lamorinda and buy a car for the nanny to drive the kids around. We just like Rockridge because it is a walking neighborhood with sidewalks (for strollers) and quaint restaurants and cafes that is easy commute to Walnut Creek (me) and to SF (hubby) by BART. We think the homes in Rockridge suit us better than comparably priced homes in Lamorinda/Walnut Creek.

    Hillcrest is severely crowded and you should not buy in this neighborhood assuming you will get into Hillcrest. No Oakland school guarantees admission to the neighborhood school although neighborhood kids have historically been given preference. In some areas, like Hillcrest, there are more students in the neighborhood than the school can accommodate. For lower Rockridge and part of Upper Rockridge, the public high school is Oakland Tech, which is a choice that many parents are making for their kids. There is a growing movement to attend Oakland Tech. Otherwise, parents choose schools like Bishop O'Dowd, Head Royce and the like. Good luck. But again, do not spend extra on a house to live in the Hillcrest ''neighborhood'' as there is absolutely no guarantee that your child will be admitted. Also the district is considering boundary adjustments which could mean your ''neighborhood school'' could change even if it is currently designated as within Hillcrest. Good luck. anon