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Oakland, CA

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Afterschool Care
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Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
rhab [at] jcceastbay.org
Temescal on Racine St.
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
1:00pm - 6:00pm
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Afternoon option
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Parent Q&A

  • JCC Oakland Aftercare

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    We're considering sending our 6yr-old (incoming 1st grader) to the Oakland JCC for aftercare.  I am noticing that there aren't any recent reviews.  Any feedback on the experience or Oakland site?  My daughter would be bused in from Montclair Elementary.

    RE: JCC Oakland Aftercare ()

    Our 7-year-old son has attended the Oakland JCC after school program for two years and loves it.  The teachers are wonderful - caring, creative, and enthusiastic.  They offer a terrific variety of enrichment classes - martial arts, gardening, LEGO engineering, role-playing games, etc.  Plus, it’s a great community - we’ve gotten to know many of the other families well.  

Parent Reviews

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JCC East Bay Oakland has been amazing for our 5 year old this year. He arrives around 1 and has 2 hours with other young kids before the place fills up with older elementary school kids. Then his sister joins him and we pick up at 6 pm They have great activities and wonderful instructors. Very kind, caring, and attentive. PS: You don't have to be jewish to go to JCC. Highly recommend!

(510) 595-9222

JCC East Bay Oakland

5811 Racine St.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2016

RE: After-school program for Kaiser Elementary kindergartener

Our daughter has been at the JCC Oakland Afterschool since last August. She's in second grade, so I can't speak for the kindergarten experience, however we have been extremely happy with the program. The staff/teachers are really great with the kids, and they offer a variety of ''elective'' activities throughout the year, such as cooking, music and art, among other things. Eva

Nov 2012

Re: After-School Care: BUSD school programs v. JCC
Hi, I was massively confused about afterschool programs two years ago when we were applying to South Zone kindergartens. I am sure some of it was anxiety about the impending switch to elementary school but mostly it just wasn't clear what program was what (and they were different at different schools as you point out and add to that we weren't sure what school we would end up at). In the end we heard enough so-so reviews of all the BUSD afterschool programs (i.e. sort of glorified daycare) that we decided to sign up with the Oakland JCC so we would be assured of knowing where our daughter would be for afterschool even if we didn't know what school she would be at and that it would be a solid program. We chose the Oakland branch because it is a lot closer to our house. We've been very happy there, our daughter has made good friends, the diverse staff is sweet and are able to concentrate on activities as opposed to running around chasing after kids and they have some good options for classes (chugim). There is also a nice community feeling to the place which is enhanced by Parents Night Out evening programs (where kids can watch a movie on a Saturday night while the parents have a date!), community Shabbat events, etc. I love that there is recognition and celebration of Jewish holidays and traditions (but not so much so that non-Jewish kids would feel left out I don't think but not sure about that). I don't regret one bit that we chose the non-school program and am glad that my daughter will get to go there for years with some of the same kids. Also, the new director (Stan Berrin) is a sweetheart and I'm sure would be happy to give you a tour and discuss any details you are curious about. Oakland JCC Mom

Sept 2012

Re: After School Programs for Sequoia Kindergartn ers?
My daughter goes to the Oakland JCC with some kids that attend Sequoia. The JCC picks them up at school and brings them to the afterschool program. They seem to have a program that suits different kinds of kids and there are opportunities to be more active or more quiet, etc. We chose it because we thought the program at our daughter's school wasn't that great and she's been very happy there. And you don't have to be Jewish to feel welcome. JCC Mom

March 2012

Our daughters love the JCC afterschool program in Oakland (510-595-9222). They're more on the shy side, so their onsite afterschool program was a bit overwhelming to them. The caring/nurturing staff at the JCC welcomed them and helped them feel comfortable and happy there. The JCC has a low child/staff ratio and the kids and teachers all know each other well. If you are looking for an option that is in contrast to the survival-of-the fittest option available at school, the JCC is a great choice. The kids get to select from a broad range of activities to get involved with, from piano lessons and swimming, to arts/crafts, to sports/play and even homework help. The center also picks the kids up from school (super convenient) and takes them to the facility. Plus ... they offer a great ''school's out'' program for the kids on school holidays (OUSD administrative closures, Thanksgiving break, etc.). Some of the destinations they've gone to are the SF Zeum, SJ Tech Museum, Ice Skating, Lawrence Hall of Science. We appreciate the community programs (dinners, parents night-out, holiday celebrations) that bring parents, kids and teachers together. We also appreciate that the program welcomes diversity and cross-cultural openness! Jason - Oakland Parent

July 2011

Re: Hillcrest: Adventure Time or JCC Aftercare ?
I don't have any feedback about Hillcrest AT but my son has been at the JCC afterschool program in Oakland for 2 years and it has been great. The counselors are great. Lots of enrichment programs are offered (arts and crafts, drama, sports, cooking). When my son was in K he was picked up at school in the van and taken to the afterschool site. We never had a problem with it and it felt very safe. (Now its close enough to his school that he walks with a counselor to the new site.) He does ride the van occasionally if the weather is bad or for fieldtrips. We have been very happy with the program, the community, the communication with parents and our son loves it. He is continuing there next year. cl

Editor Note: The JCC in North Oakland opened in 2011. Reviews below that are prior to that date refer to Olam Yeladim afterschool program which operated at a different site.

Feb 2005

Re: Afterschool Care at Thornhill
Our daughter attends the Jewish Community Services aftercare program, known as Olam Yeladim (OY), and we are very happy with it. The most impressive aspect to me, as a parent and educator, is the attention that is given to children's development of social and play skills. Staff really get to know and enjoy each child as an individual. It is a plus that some of those outside programs (such as ice-skating and aikido) are offered so that children of working parents can experience them at a reasonable hour of the day, but the-on site clubs are also varied and creative. The kids sign up for activitites that rotate every 10 weeks or so. I think my daughter's favorite so far was the ''Hogwarts'' club, where kindergarteners and first graders played elaborate imaginative games based on the Harry Potter series. OY also offers full-day programming on days when Oakland Unifed is closed. A Happy OY parent

My daughter is a 1st grader at Crocker Highlands, and this year we made the decision to switch her from a different after-care program to Jewish Community Services. She is thrilled with the change, and so are we. At her previous after-care, there were approximately 60 kids from K-5 all grouped together in one large space, and she felt very intimidated by the older children. What's nice about the JCS focus on ''chugim,'' or enrichment activities, is that it breaks the kids up into smaller groups with children who are closer to them in age. Every 16 weeks or so, they choose from a new list of chugim, which include everything from gymnastics, hip-hop dance and one- on-one piano lessons to cooking, gardening, dodge ball, making magnets and ''let's get messy'' (one of my daughter's favorites). There's a fee for each chugim, which could be as a little as $5 for magnet making to $150 for gymnastics. The other great thing about JCS is the teachers. Josh Kramer who runs the program is wonderful, and the teachers he hires are warm, fun, energetic and nurturing. JCS also runs a great summer camp, Camp Tzofim, and signing up for one of their 2-week sessions could be a nice way for you to check out the program before the start of the school year. Good luck! Karen

June 2003

JCC Extended Care in Oakland - Does this still exist? I am looking for extended care for a aftern oon Kindergartener at Chabot and this was on a list I got. I've called a few times with no answer. Any information on that, or other extended care for k-ers at Chabot would be gratefully received. Jonah

The JCC in Oakland is actually known as JCS--Jewish Community Services. And, yes, they are still in business. Call 658-9222 and speak with Josh Kramer, the director. JCS has a wonderful after school program for grades K-5/6. The site is located on Monte Vista near the Rose Garden. The children are well cared for, treated with respect and kindness, and seem to have lots of fun as they play games, do art projects, cook, read, and play on the computers. JCS has van service to a number of the local schools including Chabot. JCS also offers full day programs on school holidays (great for working parents) and a wonderful summer camp called Camp Tzofim. My daughter has gone to the JCS afterschool program and camp since kindergarten (5 years now) and it has been a terrific experience for her.
A Happy JCS Parent

Olam Yeladim (the Oakland JCC afterschool program) does still exist! Olam Yeladim offers much more then your typical after- school care. Each afternoon includes many fun filled enrichment workshops such as music, dance, swimming, girl's self-defense, basketball, tutoring and more. Chabot elementary school happens to be our largest pickup but our youth buses pick up at many other Oakland and Piedmont schools. Our office hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please call 510-658-9222 with any questions or set up a tour of the program. If no one answers it means we are busy helping other clients but please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. joel