Bella Vista Elementary School


Public School
operated by Oakland Unified School District
600 students
Phone: (510) 436.4900
1025 East 28th Street Oakland, CA 94610

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  • Does anyone have any experience with Bella Vista in Oakland?   My son was just assigned there for 3rd grade and I’m having a hard time finding much recent info online.

    Thanks so much.

    My daughter went to school at Bella Vista during 4th and 5th grade.  She's now starting tenth.   It was good for her because she had caring teachers:  Mr. Webb for 4th grade and Ms.Thai in 5th.   My impression was that there wasn't a strong culture of parent involvement at the time (although people did come together in a successful movement to stop a charter school from moving into the facility) but our family was stretched pretty thin and may not have tried hard enough.  It was very diverse, with many immigrant families.   The student work that we'd see when we visited the school seemed diverse too, although it looked like a lot of the kids were doing very well.  We have neighbors whose kids go to school there now. Message me if you'd like me to connect you to one of them.

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My child is in an inclusive kindergarten room at Bella Vista and seems to be happy enough (while still disliking school in general). To be honest I have no idea how well the two teachers work together as I don’t get a ton of communication from them. I think a lot relies on how long the two teachers have worked together and have been able to establish a system together. As well as their personal style. The special ed teacher in the inclusion room is new to the school as well (although not new to teaching). I would be interested to hear others experiences at other schools. 

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Jan 2013

Re: Kindergarten recommendations for Down syndrome
Our daughter went to Montclair's SDC too! We looked at the inclusion model at Seqouia, Cleveland's kinder where SPED teacher and GENED teacher teach side by side, NSH class in east oakland and the language-enriched K/1 NSH class at Bella Vista. We chose Bella Vista even though they discouraged us based on our daughter's global delays but in the end they conceded and I'm soooooo happy that was our daughter's kinder experience. Please ask to see the class even though they will discourage you based on's still worthwhile to at least look at it. Anna

Considering a move to the Bella Vista neighborhood

April 2007

We are considering moving into the Bella Vista neighborhood and wondering about your knowledge/experience with their elementary school and the neighborhood in general. On the surface, it appears to be an interesting socio-economic mix. The school doesn't score very well, but that's never the whole story. And there is nothing on the school reviews for this area. Leaving me very curious... Diana

I'm afraid I have virtually no experience with Bella Vista Elementary (my daughter is only 3) and I'm afraid I'm not holding my breath on you getting any feedback here. I posted twice last year about Bella Vista and got no responses. I found it weirdly discouraging that none of the many BPN readers have kids at this school. Maybe the 3rd time's the charm. I do live in the neighborhood though, and it is affordable, diverse, and has an active neighborhood association. The park adjacent to the school was recently completely renovated. There's a great Lao restaurant on 8th at E. 21st. But, there are always problems with drug dealing (deal with it on one corner and it moves to another), annual problems with illegal fireworks, occasional crimes (burglaries, muggings, car theft). I think the neighborhood is improving, though, and I like it here, although I sometimes wish I could afford Elmwood. If you want to chat, call me. Carrie