Bella Vista Elementary Preschool + Highland Park

Hi BPN, We are moving to the Lynn/ HIghland Park neighborhood of Oakland would appreciate any insights and advice as we think about applying for the preschool program at Bella Vista Elementary. Likewise, if you have other recommendations on preschools and/or the family friendliness of the neighborhood, we would greatly appreciate it. 

Parent Replies

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Welcome to the neighborhood.  We live just down the hill, near the Buddha of Oakland - not exactly close but not far either.  Our immediate neighborhood is very family friendly - quite a few kids and neighbors that know each other.  The adults sometimes gather outside while kids of all ages race around the block on wheels.  My daughter, who is older, looks out for the smaller children.  Almost all neighbors are friendly but some are more interested in engaging than others, especially as there are some language barriers.   I can't help you with the preschool question but my daughter went to Bella Vista for 4th and 5th grades.  Her teachers were good.   Message me if you'd like to connect.

Blue Skies for Children is a great preschool, not too far from Bella Vista.  My two kids went there.  Highly recommended.

My daughter went to preschool (and later aftercare and camp) at Lakeshore Children's Center on Lakeshore. A friend of mine sent her kids to Beatie Street Preschool and was quite happy with it.