Best current OUSD Inclusion programs for Kindergarten

I’d like to know which inclusion programs are currently thriving in OUSD for Kindergarten. My son has HF ASD and will most likely be attending an inclusion program for next year. I’m looking to get incite from current parents, teachers, or anyone that knows of a great inclusion program for OUSD kindergarteners. I’m looking for a program where both the general education and special education teachers work together to teach the class as a whole, the kids are happy, and is a truly inclusive environment. I live in East Oakland but willing to pick a program anywhere in Oakland if its a good fit. Thank you in advance!

Parent Replies

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My child is in an inclusive kindergarten room at Bella Vista and seems to be happy enough (while still disliking school in general). To be honest I have no idea how well the two teachers work together as I don’t get a ton of communication from them. I think a lot relies on how long the two teachers have worked together and have been able to establish a system together. As well as their personal style. The special ed teacher in the inclusion room is new to the school as well (although not new to teaching). I would be interested to hear others experiences at other schools.