Greenhouse Childcare

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Andre Julien & Karen Jackson
(510) 734-7788
jaack [at]
Thousand Oaks
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18 months - 36 months

Parent Reviews

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Dec 2014

Our son started at Greenhouse at 16 months and he has thrived in the presence of Andre. The school is run out of a lovely home just off Solano Avenue and while there is stimulating outdoor space Andre makes a point of taking them to a nearby park every day and this extra time outdoor, playing, goes a long way in keeping the kids happy and responsive. Andre stresses peaceful conflict resolution among toddler which can seem like a rather contradictory phrase, but he is exceedingly patient and compassionate and it is amazing to watch the children share, give, take turns and understand that they are part of a little community. Greenhouse is an excellent choice for those seeking in-home daycare! I can't sing their praises enough! Laleh

Aug 2012

I can't recommend enough Greenhouse Childcare in North Berkeley. Our son, Simon, went to Greenhouse for the past year. We were relocating from Europe to the Bay area, and Andre and his wonderful family have accompanied our son through this big change. We have found a loving environment at Greenhouse as we had never found anywhere else. Every day, Simon was happier to go to Greenhouse and did not want to leave at the end of the day! For us, parents, it was a huge relief. We really felt confident to have our child at Greenhouse, as we knew he was happy there. In addition, Andre offers a stimulating environment for toddlers with an incredible variety of activities: indoor/outdoor, music, drawing, dancing, board games, construction games, etc. He helps the 6 kids to develop relationships among each other. I am so sad we have to leave greenhouse. If I could let my son stay with Andre, I would do it without any hesitation. M-P D.

August 2010

Andre and Karen have developed a warm, nurturing, kind, sun-filled, loving environment that fosters creative play, engaged growth and a spirit play and fun that surrounds the kids each and every day. Our daughter has spent the last two years in this wonderful environment.

Andre has not only taught our daughter the joys of discovery, the fun of getting messy, and the thrill of trying something new but he has helped us to be better parents through his examples of conflict resolution and genuine understanding of the needs, interests and desires of toddlers.

Andre is a uniquely wonderful person that does not try to control your child but instead has a way of playing with and developing each child to think and create in a way that works for them and with each of their peers.

The bonds formed with Andre and with the group of toddlers, as well as the closeness of the parents will be one that stays with our family for a long time. Andre and his family have become part of our family and we are honored to have had this time with him.

June 2007

Greenhouse Childcare, a small family daycare (6 children) in N. Berkeley, is not just a great space for the kids to spend their days (sun-filled, lots of interesting and engaging toys, pretend play and games, and a warm and lovingly cared for home and garden) but an amazing experience that I think is rare to find. Andre, who is a most patient, wise, kind and loving caregiver, really understands little ones and gives them just enough structure, and just enough freedom to feel confident, challenged, safe and nurtured. Our three year old son has spent almost two years with Andre and has thrived under his care, we will be very sad to say goodbye when he heads to preschool. As my son's group ''graduates'' this Fall, Greenhouse will have two slots open for toddlers ages 20 - 30 months beginning September 2007. I cannot recommend Greenhouse and Andre highly enough! Contact: Andre Julien, info[at]

June 2007

Our son started attending Greenhouse in January 2007, at around 17 months. We knew about it through good friends. Andre is absolutely wonderful with the kids, and our child has a smile on his face every day that we go there. It is a nice, home-based childcare a block away from the Thousand Oaks tot park. I feel that he gets a lot of attention and love. I believe there are still one or two openings for fall 2007. Contact: Andre Julien, info[at]

May 2007

Greenhouse Childcare is an incredible place, run out of the home of Andre Julien. Despite the energy of six children running around, there is always an underlying sense of calm in the place. Andre provides a very nurturing environment, and it is clear that he cares deeply about the development of each child. While the general philosophy is one of free play, there are plenty of educational activities. In addition to daily art projects, book reading (etc), there is a weekly music class and frequent visits to Thousand Oaks Park. The kids are free to try on the numerous costumes, play with the many toys and musical instruments, or to roam in the garden and play in the sand box. In addition to being very nurturing, Andre is the master of conflict resolution and does a fabulous job fostering good socialization and communication skills. He is always gentle and intuitively finds creative ways of redirecting activities. I can\x92t recommend this place highly enough! My whole family loves Greenhouse and all that comes with it - Andre, his family, his dog, and his cat. Contact: Keren Stronach keren[at] or 510.540.5147

May 2005

I want to recommend Greenhouse Family Home Childcare. It is located in a sunny, clean, and vibrant north berkeley home. My son loves it and asks to go everyday. Karen and Andre have lots of great toys and learning materials collected over years of teaching and parenting. They are just a half block from Thousand Oaks School and the toddler park there, so there's good outdoor time. Karen is an education specialist, very smart and experienced. Andre is boisterous and patient and focused. He is exceptionally skilled at teaching toddlers conflict resolution tools: taking turns, trading, waiting, asking. As a single mom I love my son getting such wonderful male attention and role modeling. Greenhouse Family Home Childcare 510.526.9686