Recommendations for outdoor play based preschool for 18 month old

Hi everyone,

I am looking for recommendations for outdoor play based preschools/daycare for my LO who turns 18 months in January. 

I am looking for a half day program for 5 days, preferably in North Oakland or Berkeley

I looked through a lot of the older posts but couldn't find too many recent posts for 18 month olds which were half days. 

Thanks a lot!

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Hi! My son went to a home run daycare from 18 months to 3yo. It was play based with heavy emphasis on being outdoors and he totally loved it! Look for Greenhouse run by André, he is simply amazing!

Try Keiki’s Corner on Euclid in the Berkeley Hills. I know that they have a 5 day/week opening available right now and their regular hours go from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. They take kids starting at 18 months. Dianne is the owner. We toured today for a 3 day/week spot and it seems like a very lovely daycare.

Berkeley Little School opened a toddler program for 18 months+, and they offer a few different schedule options including a half day option, 5 days a week. It's not entirely outdoors, but they have a nice outdoor area and spend a lot of time outside during the day. It's based in North Berkeley on Hopkins close to Monterey Market.

Our daughter started there in the toddler program in May, and recently moved to the 2-year old group, and we love it! I think they still have a few spots open in the toddler program right now if you want to check it out