Current/recent experiences with Greenhouse


We would love to hear current/recent experiences with Greenhouse. We are specifically interested to know:

  • What does an average day look like?
  • How is communication with parents?
  • Is care pretty consistent? We noted that it is just two caregivers full time
  • How are accidents or other behavior incidents communicated? (in real time, end of day?)
  • Do parents receive updates/photos of their children?

Any insights/experiences are appreciated!

Parent Replies

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Hello! I had my son in Greenhouse for 1.5y (from roughly 1.5-3yo) and it was simply amazing!! You’ll find a wonderful, caring place where kids can explore and come into their own personalities. To answer your questions:

-drop offs by 9:15ish, free leisurely time, visit to park, lunch, naps, pick up. 
-you can ask questions and converse with the carers at drop offs and pick ups, it is unstructured and they will chat and listen as much as needed. 
-we always had care, never missed a day due to the carers. 
-we had a couple of minor accidents that were communicated to me at pick up (falls and bumps), nothing major so it wouldn’t have made a difference to hear about it earlier. 
-you don’t get photo updates which means the carers were present with the kids, not on the phone. There were some pics here and there of funny moments but that was it. 
We as a family really enjoyed the safe and family-like environment and it was great for my son and his confidence-building. It’s been months since he left and he still asks us about Greenhouse regularly.