Alma's Children's Garden

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Alma & Francisco Romero
almarosa510 [at]
N. Oak/Emeryville - Aileen St.
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
8 months - 48 months

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  • Hi,

    Are there any recent or current families whose kids are at Alma's Children Garden? Would love to learn about your experience. We have a 2 year old son and are looking for a daycare for him. 

    Thank you!

    We were at Alma's pre-COVID and then very briefly in Sept 2020 (my daughter was between 18 months and 2 and a quarter). Alma is wonderful and it always felt like a very loving and kind environment. I had 2 challenges with it: 1) almost all the kids left before 3 to go to preschools so it didn't feel like a long term option for us, and 2) Alma has a very old school potty training policy (they have to be in pull ups until they can manage their entire pottying independently). Ultimately we left because of #2 (we had potty trained during COVID and weren't willing to go backwards to pullups). I know another family who left for the same reason. If those 2 things don't bother you, Alma's is fantastic. 

    Both my kids went there and Alma is the most amazing caregiver ever.  We recommended her to all our friends and they all sent their kids there too.  Couldn’t have had a better experience. 

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We are so grateful for the time our daughter spend with Ms Alma and her team. We were with Alma's Children Garden from age 13 months to 2+ years old. We felt very supported and guided through our daughter's time there. Alma's was a longer drive for us, but we were willing to do the commute for the beautiful home, outdoor space, and loving environment. Our daughter came home speaking and understanding Spanish words, eating new foods, and with beautiful artwork. We loved the communication and responsiveness we from Alma and her team including texts and photo updates.

Alma creates a loving home for the kids, but also focuses on learning with them. They do songs, gardening, sensory play, and many other activities to engage the children’s minds. Our daughter talks about her time there still.

We highly recommend Alma’s Children Garden!

We love Ms. Alma and the loving childcare she has created from her beautiful home. Our daughter started there at 16 months, and stayed until she moved onto preschool at 2.5 years old. Ms. Alma, Ms. Mari, and Ms. Vanesa will take exemplary care of your kids: they teach numbers, letters, colors, and shapes; do art projects and games with them; organize dress-up, storytime, and singing; and encourage their social and emotional learning, as well. It is a Spanish-immersion environment, and our daughter's Spanish and English vocabulary blossomed beautifully in that set-up. We received loving updates and photos throughout our time there, which helped us feel connected to our daughter's day before she could really tell us about it herself! It is very clear that each kid is treasured, celebrated, and offered thoughtful and clear boundaries, and we feel more than prepared for preschool after being at Ms. Alma's for a little over a year. I highly recommend them! 

I highly highly recommend Miss Alma's Children's Garden! This is a very special place where children thrive and grow, and where they are well loved and carefully cared for. I sent my daughter to Miss Alma's from age 16 months through 2.5 years when she started pre-school, and we miss it already! Miss Alma has a big, warm, nurturing heart and the kids just adore her as well as the other caregivers Miss Mari, Miss Vanessa, Miss Mary.  

The days start out with a yummy breakfast followed by so many types of activities both indoors and out - puppet shows, dress up, dance parties, so much art, playdoh, reading, music, sandbox time, outdoor fun. My daughter would come home every day bouncing with happiness, telling me about her friends and showing me her art.

Miss Alma understands children's needs very well and has a very good sense of each of her students personalities and preferences. She takes the time to talk to parents about what is going on at home, and gives advice specific to your child about things like bedtime routines, pacifier usage, etc. She is a great resource and sounding board for new parents.

Again, I highly recommend Alma's Children's Garden - your child will be very happy here!

Our son attended Miss Alma's for 2 years, starting at 15 months old. We had a wonderful experience and can’t say enough good things. Miss Alma has been such a special person in his life – in all our lives! When he started there, he had a lot of separation anxiety, and he has flourished. He made wonderful friends and benefited tremendously from the care, engagement, and structure that Miss Alma, Miss Mari and the other caregivers provide. The yard is perfect for kids and there’s a great blend of indoor and outdoor activities, great blend of stimulation and comfort, lots of attention to developmental tasks. Highly recommend. 

Our daughter started at Miss Alma's Children Garden over a year ago and our whole family could not be happier with that decision. Miss Alma and all the teachers/care providers are so kind and welcoming. Miss Alma's provides fun and educational experiences in a warm and safe environment. Our daughter brings home art projects everyday, enjoys the fruit and herbs from the garden, understands conversational Spanish, and can count and say the alphabet in both English and Spanish. But most importantly, she feels happy and safe there. Watching our daughter engage with the other children is a testament to how Miss Alma supports their social emotional development as well. The kids are so supportive of each other. We love Miss Alma's and are very sad to have move on.

Alma's Children's Garden provided our one year old son a safe, warm, nurturing, and loving environment, where he found friendship, family and a second home. Our son attended full time for over a year, and developed friendships and bonds we continue to value and nurture. Alma, along with her small and experienced staff, create and maintain a sanctuary for children in a magical garden setting where the children have fun exploring art, music, and dance. We cannot recommend Alma's Children's Garden highly enough. We will always be grateful to her for sharing her home with us.   

My daughter was at Alma's for the past year, and had a wonderful experience. The daycare is extremely well run. They provide two healthy meals a day, along with plenty of activities and outdoor time to keep the kids stimulated and enriched. My daughter was always engaged and happy, and came home with fun art projects. Miss Alma and her team genuinely love the kids, and vice versa. Communication with parents is great. And everything is clean and orderly. We are so happy Alma's has been part of our child's life.

Miss Alma's Children Garden has been an incredible place for our son to grow and thrive. One of the main draws for us was the early exposure to another language during that critical language development period. The staff speak to the children in Spanish and I loved that our son came home with new Spanish words and can now readily understand and respond to questions posed to him in Spanish. Another reason Miss Alma's easily rose above the other daycares was the amazing outdoor space where the children play and explore. The kids spend most of their time outside, whatever the weather, in the beautiful and safe outdoor space, filled with trees and flowers, playing in the sandbox, on the trains, on the play structures, or just wherever their creative minds make-believe. In addition to free outdoor play, the kids also have tons of fun having dance parties and themed dress-up days and doing arts and crafts and reading. 

Ultimately, the very best thing about Ms Alma's is Ms Alma! Ms Alma and the other care providers, Ms Mari and Ms Elvia, are so loving and warm, as well as incredibly skilled and experienced. Our son has made some amazing connections with other children in this loving environment and has grown from a wee toddler into a big kid. 

Alma's Children Garden has been such a sweet environment for my toddler. I've loved that she has been learning Spanish. But more importantly, the providers are so gentle and full of love, and it clearly rubs off on the children. During my first visit to Alma's, the kids were super excited to see "the baby". The kids were so sweet, nurturing, and welcoming. This was very touching, and also reflective of the values Alma and her teachers instill in them. My daughter had no issues transitioning from a nanny share, and has since become a "big kid" with similar excitement when she sees a "baby" visit.

Alma prepares a nutritious organic breakfast and lunch for the kids. This has been super awesome for us, especially since I'm convinced the 2nd breakfast (my daughter eats one at home, too) and eating the same food with friends cured my daughter's weight gain issues.

The mostly outdoor setting is so peaceful with lots of greenery, fruit trees, lovebirds, a sandbox, a mini train, etc. It's a place I'd love to spend my days. Alas, the age is capped at 5.

I'd recommend Alma's Children garden, but they are 8-5. You might be able to work something out with Alma. I believe she has an opening. Let me know if you want more details. I also live near Ashby Bart, and it's a 4-min drive. 

I have friends who are excited to start at Via Nova this week, which is right at the BART station.

My 2 year-old daughter has been at Alma’s Children’s Garden for about a year and we absolutely love it!  Alma and her staff (Ms. Mari and Ms. Elvia) are caring and nurturing and I have seen my daughter grow so much through both the cooperative and independent activities that Alma sets up for children.  Each day begins with kids eating a hot breakfast together.  They then move into a morning circle time with songs, stories, games, and learning activities.  Children have ample time to play with puzzles, dress up, and sensory engaging toys inside.  Outside, Ms. Alma has a magical garden with a sandbox, a play kitchen, planter boxes, art center, riding toys, and a water table.  Children usually eat lunch and snack outside -my daughter loves Ms. Alma’s home cooking.  My daughter has learned to speak both Spanish and English and sings us all of the new songs she is learning.  It has been a joy to see her blossom from a baby to a little girl at Alma’s Children’s Garden.

Our son has been attending Alma's Children's Garden since he was 15 months old, and he's almost 3 years old now. He absolutely loves it, and so do we. A huge draw is the expansive, beautiful back yard that has all kinds of treasures and play equipment. The kids spend ample time outside playing and exploring, but they also do quiet activities like painting and reading surrounded by gorgeous fruit trees and flowers. Miss Alma and the other caregivers are wonderful --  they are warm, patient, experienced, and clearly genuinely care about the kids. As two of the caregivers speak Spanish exclusively with the kids, my son now speaks and understands Spanish. While he has learned many other things like the alphabet, counting, tons of songs and funny dances, the most important thing for us is that he gets ample time to play freely and interact with other kids in a safe and loving environment. Oh, and they make breakfast and lunch! Not having to pack lunches is fantastic. Miss Alma is very communicative and a wonderful person -- I often end up staying to chat with her at pick up. I feel completely confident leaving my son there, and I err on the anxious side when it comes to childcare. We plan to send our daughter when she's old enough. 

Miss Alma and her small crew of helpers are caring, patient, and creative. My son loves to go play with his friends each day and always comes home with creative art to hang on the walls. They use a lot of music, dance, and color at Miss Alma's, and my son has blossomed there. The garden is magical and relaxing, the pace is relaxed and thoughtful, and the kids seem to have just the right mixture of directed activity and creative/open-ended play. We also especially love that breakfast, lunch, and snack are included, and it's been wonderful for our son to be immersed in a multi-generational setting in which he learns about being gentle with babies while also having his favorite, older playmates. I also like that the parents are of diverse backgrounds/sexual orientations and, in general, the space is very welcoming. We also adore the semi-annual potlucks in which we have a chance to see the kids/babies in action and to meet other parents. Unfortunately we are moving and our son is just about ready for preschool, but I highly recommend Miss Alma's daycare. A last note: I think the fact that our son consistently takes his 2 hour naps speaks to the fact that he feels safe & secure at Miss Alma's. In addition, I love the ways that the daycare seems to focus on cooperation. Whenever I say "let's do x," my son adds--with great enthusiasm-- "let's all do x!"

I have had my daughter at Miss Alma's house since she turned two and it has been amazing. Alma and the other staff create a loving and supportive environment and run an amazingly tight ship! The hot breakfast and lunch and two snacks make it easy for me and keep my daughter happy and energized all day:) As long as the weather is nice they play outside all day. My daughter comes home with art projects every day and is always singing songs Miss Alma teaches her. The best part is how Miss Alma adjusts the activities as the children age. Now that my daughter is almost 3 she is learning her colors, shapes, letters, all through song, art and play! It's a wonderful place, we couldn't be happier.

Our daughter recently 'graduated' from Miss Alma's Children Garden in North Oakland, and we wanted to mention here how much she enjoyed the experience. Miss Alma, Miss Mari, and Miss Elvia were all really wonderful to her, and she spoke about them lovingly. They have a great outdoor space with lots of trees, plants and even some birds. August always came home with some kind of artwork and a story to tell about the friends she played with and the activities that they did together. She even picked up some Spanish while she was there. It was hard at first to leave her, as I'm sure it is for all parents and kids, but the ladies were very understanding and kind. Before long she was excited to go in the mornings. Although she no longer goes there, she still talks about it!

Alma's is a hidden gem! If you value outdoor time, Spanish language exposure, art, music, nutritious food (breakfast, lunch & snacks all provided!), and great communication from your child's caregivers, then I highly recommend Ms. Alma's. A bonus was the community that she nurtures among the families with her parties about 3x per year in the beautiful backyard. Truly, the outdoor space is what sold us initially, but the attention and the love that our son has received here is what makes Alma's a first class program. The Spanish language exposure is fantastic as well. From a non-Spanish speaking household, our son was counting to eleven in Spanish by the time he was 2! And teaching us Spanish songs!
We are so grateful that we found Ms. Alma's amazing program.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2015

Ms. Alma's Children Garden has 2 spaces available for children (~20 months old) starting in February. Both our daughter and son thrived with Ms. Alma and her wonderful staff, Ms. Mari and Ms. Elvia. Now that our children are in preschool, we miss the nurturing environment of Ms. Alma's home where the kids are greeted each morning with a warm breakfast, play outside in the amazing garden for much of the day, and bring home daily art and new songs. The best way to contact Alma Romero is by phone (510) 648- 0603. Alma's e-mail address is listed on BPN, but she doesn't check it that regularly.

Aug 2014

We had a wonderful experience with Ms. Alma and her staff at Alma's Children Garden. Our son attended Alma's daycare for close to a year, and we left because we moved away from Oakland. Alma runs a well-oiled machine and keeps the kiddos happy, healthy and stimulated each day. As a parent, I loved dropping my son off in the morning and seeing the amazing meals that Alma and Ms. Mari were preparing for breakfast and lunch. It was equally wonderful to pick up in the afternoon, and spend a few minutes hearing about the day from Ms. Alma and Ms. Elvia, while they were making art, painting faces, having a dance- party or just playing with the kiddos. Alma's home daycare is a very special place, and Ms. Alma is a loving, nurturing provider who truly cares about the children and their families.

May 2014

We love Alma's Children Garden, and it will soon have a spot for a child who is ~2yo!!  Our two children (3yo daughter and 18mo son) have both thrived under the loving care of Ms. Alma, Ms. Mari, and Ms. Elvia. Our daughter began as a 20-month old, and our son as a 14-month old. Both had been in a part-time nanny share prior to starting at Ms. Alma's.

Over time, each child has had her/his individual issues (nap refusal, not eating well, etc), and with each issue, Ms. Alma has always taken time to talk with us, give us ideas, and make sure that they at day care are working on things the same way we do at home.Our daughter is always singing new songs and telling us stories that she learned at Ms. Alma's house. Since starting at Alma's, our son now cleans up after himself while singing the clean up song as best he can(''nean nup, nean nup''). 

Ms. Alma provides home-cooked, delicious breakfasts, lunches and snacks for the kids. The kids start the day by walking directly into Ms. Alma's kitchen and joining their friends for breakfast. This set-up really helps to ease the morning drop off, as our kids are always eager to share breakfast with their friends.

Finally, Ms. Alma's outdoor play space is top-notch. She has art areas, birds, fruit trees, tons of plants and sculptures, and many play structures. The kids are happy as can be playing outside most every day.

We can't say enough about how much we've loved Ms. Alma's!

~Happy parents Laura

May 2014

I have two children that have attended Alma's Children Garden in North Oakland. My son (now almost 5) attended from age 18 months to 3 years, and my daughter (age 2) started when she was 8 months and will be leaving Alma's to start preschool in the fall. Overall, we have had a very wonderful experience at Alma's. Alma and her two staff members are very attentive and loving toward the children. She has a beautiful garden/outdoor space where the children spend much of their time running around, playing in water or in the sandbox. Alma focuses a lot on art and the projects the kids come home with are impressive! The kids receive a homemade breakfast and warm lunch, plus two snacks a day with many organic options. We have always felt good about dropping our kids off in the morning as they walk into her warm kitchen, which often smells incredible. I should also add that my wife and I are a same sex couple and we have never felt anything but acceptance from Alma and her staff. In the nearly 3 years we've been at Alma's, there has always been at least one other LGBT family attending. We love Alma's Children Garden and would definitely recommend it to anyone. She will have openings available for 2 year olds beginning in June. Her number is (510) 655-5909. Margot

May 2014

Our wonderful childcare provider, Alma's Children Garden has a few openings in late Summer / early Fall for toddlers. My daughter has been at there for 1 \xc3\x82\xc2\xbd years since her transition from our nanny-share. I wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable leaving her anywhere but I completely trust Alma and the other teachers and don't worry at all now. I highly recommend Alma's! Although my daughter didn't start until she was 2, it's a great place for babies too (she has babies up to preschool).

Alma and the other 2 teachers are wonderful with the kids, giving them support and routine but room to play where they are interested and find their own way. The lush backyard garden where the kids spend time in the morning and afternoon is so sweet with a variety of toys, from a sandbox to various bike-like toys to pretend structures like a kitchen, tunnels, and tomato house. They serve healthful breakfast, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. Sitting down at the kids table for breakfast with her friends as they arrive has been a great transition into the day. I think all the kids treasure it.

March 2014

Our three year old daughter spent 1.5 years with Alma at Alma's Children's Garden in North Oakland, and she loves Alma and her home daycare's environment. Our daughter has moved on to preschool, but she still asks if she can go to Alma's. Alma provides a very caring, Spanish-English bilingual environment for little kids. She has a very large backyard dedicated to the daycare as well as inside space. The backyard is like an oasis in the neighborhood. It's beautiful with trees and plants as well as the kids play equipment. Alma provides home cooked meals and snacks too. I highly recommend you check out Alma's for a clean, caring home day care environment, and I'm happy to answer questions too.

Sept 2013

My daughter attended Alma's Children's Garden for a year and we loved it. It was the ideal setting and environment for her first daycare experience. Alma is nurturing and truly cares about the children in her care. With a beautiful garden, sandbox, chickens, home-cooked breakfast, lunch and nutritious snacks provided, a spanish speaking home, water play, art projects, lots of outdoor play, who could ask for more. We leave with many great and fond memories. I highly recommend Alma's for your little one - Ages infant to 4 years old. Contact: Alma, almarosa510 [at]

Nov 2012

There are spaces available in our amazing daycare. I can not say enough great things about Alma's Children Garden. Between the AMAZING outdoor area, caring staff, and skills being taught our children have never been happier. Alma provides
- School hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5:30pm
- Full day & part time programs
- Eight months to four years old
- Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks (They even have their own chickens the kids get to feed)
- Learning about life
- Math games
- Bilingual (Spanish & English)
- Pre-literacy play
- Science
- Creative art
- Gardening
- Dramatic play
- Outdoor play
- Music

Right now she has spaces for ages over 22months. Feel free to check out her website,contact her directly, or contact me. This really is a great opportunity since she normally never has spaces.

Oct 2012

My son has been attending Alma's Children Garden for over a year and we love it. It is a very caring, nurturing environment and I believe they currently have an opening for a 2 year old. Alma's garden is lovely and full of beautiful plants, trees, lady bugs and of course toys! The children spend a lot of time outside which we love. Alma serves breakfast and a warm, healthy lunch plus 2 snacks. The daycare is very clean and we've not had to deal with the typical runny noses and chronic sickness that I hear about from other parents. The children also have organized times for book reading, learning numbers, colors etc... there is organized art and the staff is bilingual. Our son now speaks fluent english and spanish. I highly recommend Alma's if you are looking for a daycare in the north / west oakland area.

Sept 2012

My son has been attending Alma's Children Garden for over a year now and both he and we love it. I believe there is currently space at Alma's for 1 or 2 new toddlers (between 20 and 40 months old). Alma and her assistants are very nurturing and kind, the house and garden are always clean and neat, and the atmosphere is one of joy, good health and safety. Alma provides a delicious warm breakfast and home made lunch in addition to 2 snacks a day. The children mostly play in the lovely garden, washing trees with water, learning about fruits and flowers, painting, playing ball, riding little cars and playing in the sand box. There are many outdoor social activities that help the children develop their gross motor skills and their ability to share and play together. There are also coordinated indoor activities that include reading, art and learning about colors, letters and numbers. The daycare is also bilingual and our son now understands and speaks both English and Spanish. I highly recommend Alma's Children Garden if you are looking for a daycare in the Oakland / Berkeley area.

Sept 2012

My daughter just loves going to Alma's. Alma's has been my daughter's home away from home since she was 8 months old and they have really supported her as she has grown. My daughter appreciates the art, books and play while I appreciate the wide variety of food she is exposed to and all the Spanish she has learned. Alma and her other supporting caregivers are easy to work with and accommodating.

Sept 2012

We would like to recommend our home-based childcare provider who currently has openings for toddlers. Our son loves going to Alma's Children's Garden and talks enthusiastically about all the activities there - reading books, daily art projects, music and lots of playing outside in the garden. Alma's Children's Garden is open from 8:00 until 5:30 and provides home- cooked breakfast, snacks and lunch. It is a calm environment where the children are able to have both self-directed play and some structured time. They are exposed to many learning opportunities including Spanish, numbers and letters, colors, etc. Most days our son wants to stay and play longer when we arrive to pick him up!

Sept 2012

There are spaces available in our amazing daycare. I can not say enough great things about Alma's Children Garden. Between the AMAZING outdoor area, caring staff, and skills being taught our children have never been happier. Alma provides
- School hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5:30pm
- Full day & part time programs
- Eight months to four years old
- Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks
- Learning about life
- Math games
- Bilingual (Spanish & English)
- Pre-literacy play
- Science
- Creative art
- Gardening
- Dramatic play
- Outdoor play
- Music

Right now she has spaces for ages over 22months and possibly an infant 10months+. Feel free to check out her website, contact her directly, or contact me for further information. This really is a great opportunity since she normally never has spaces.

Aug 2012

I'm a parent of a current toddler who will be transitioning to pre-school. My daughter has been w/ Alma since she was 10 months old and now is 3 years old and loves it there. She currently has a number of openings for infants and toddlers since a lot of the older children are leaving for pre-school.

Alma's takes children from 8 mo. to 5 yrs. Hours are 8am-5:30pm She has 2 assistants with her. She provides home cooked meals: breakfast, lunch and snacks, unless your child has allergies. Parents need to provide diapers, wipes, and sunblock.

The kids have indoor and outdoor play, usually outdoors unless it's raining. There is some structured time such as art projects. Her outdoor garden is beautiful and has shady areas and extra shade if needed. Here is a link so you can have a visual:

Alma doesn't check e-mail,so I wouldn't e-mail her at the address on the website. It's best to call her and speak to her directly or leave a message. She sometimes won't pick up since she's taking care of the children, but she'll definitely get back to you.

July 2012

I am writing to recommend my son's daycare, Alma's Children's Garden. My son has been with Alma since he was nine months old, and will be leaving in a few weeks (at age 3-1/2) to start preschool. We could not be happier with the care he has received at Alma's. The playrooms are full of toys and books, the backyard is a beautiful oasis, and we love the smell of the home-cooked meals she's preparing every morning at drop-off time. The best part is that Alma and the women who work with her truly enjoy and love the children in their care. Her hours are 8a-5:30p, and she provides food -- breakfast, lunch, and snacks-- for children over a year old. . (BTW -- I can't stress enough how great it is to have a daycare that provides food -- no rushed breakfast in the morning, and no making lunch every day!) Lisa

Sept 2009

I am writing to recommend Alma's Children's Garden Daycare. We will be moving away from the area November 1st. After waiting for months for an opening, our son Theo started there at 8 months and we have been so happy. I can't say enough good things about Alma's. The atmosphere is so calm and loving without being too precious. She has made a beautiful garden where the children play every day. Alma cooks them healthy nourishing food and she and her helpers have the most wonderful loving personalities. From our first day, our son has loved going there. I am so sad to be leaving but I hope another family will take our spot when we go. IF we could, we would still bring Theo there when we move but Santa Rosa is just a little too far away. Tara

Sept 2009

I just love my daughter's daycare! By a lucky fluke (for you!)Alma's childrens' garden has openings. She accepts kids from 4 months-3.5 years. She is so incredibly warm and sweet, and her facilities are so beautiful, that I wish I could spend my days there! She is incredibly organized and seems to have thought of everything; she even has emergency bags for all the kids! She makes wonderful meals, thinks of stimulating projects for the kids, and the kids in her care are calm, happy, and clearly enjoying themselves! I only hope she has an opening when my next child is ready for her care. Call Alma for a tour, you will be so impressed! (510) 655 5909. Please feel free to contact me as a reference. dani

August 2009

My son's daycare - Alma's Children Garden - has immediate openings for children 1 -3 years old. My younger son has been there for over a year, and before that my older son was there for two years; they both loved it. It's not hard for me to see why: Alma and her two assistants genuinely care about the kids, the house and backyard are a children's wonderland, the kitchen smells wonderful every morning with the lunch that's cooking, and the kids are busy every day with music and art and running around outside. I couldn't be happier with the experience we've had there. Contact: Alma Romero, 510-655-5909

June 2009

Alma's Children's Garden on the North Oakland/Emeryville border is a wonderful small family-based childcare center that I could not recommend more highly. Our daughter has thoroughly thrived under Alma, who, along with her staff, is full of warmth, caring and patience. Our daughter loves going to Alma's so much that there have been times on Saturday morning where she has cried when we haven't taken her there! We really appreciate the home cooked meals Alma provides for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and how much the children get to play outside. The garden is truly a paradise. They even eat outside when it is nice. Alma is an expert with the little ones, and provides a fun and loving atmosphere where creativity, respect, curiosity and learning are nurtured. We feel incredibly fortunate that our daughter has spent her early years under Alma's care. Contact: Alma Romero, (510) 655-5909

June 2009

My wonderful child care provider has an opening or two beginning in July. Alma's Children's Garden, a home daycare, is a gem and my daughter has loved it there. The kids are happy, Alma prepares delicious food, the backyard is beautiful and fun, and best of all Alma and her helpers are great and nurturing with the kids. Her # is 510-655-5909. Located on the border of Emeryville/Oakland. Email me with any questions!

April 2009

We would like to recommend our daughter's daycare Alma's Children's Garden. We have been more then pleased with the care she has received. Alma and her staff are very organized and offer a calm, warm, loving environment. The home cooked meals are delicious, we love the Spanish exposure, and are very impressed with how Alma and her staff manage to maintain a clean and tidy place. The garden is truly a magical wonderland, we wish we could stay and play with the children! There are a few slots available - pls contact Alma directly. Elaine
Contact: Alma Romero, (510) 655-5909

March 2009

I highly recommend Alma's Children's Garden in North Oakland. We have had two children there and I have my not- yet-born third child on the wait list for next year. Alma continues to provide such a wonderful place for children. It is a safe, very clean, and warm environment. She offers breakfast and a completely home cooked, warm lunch every day. The garden/yard is enclosed and completely caters to children. There is a wide variety of toys to play with, all well maintained and clean. She and her two assistants are patient, kind and very loving to the children. I visited many, many daycares before seeing Alma's and I will never look back. Nothing compares to her! Feel free to email me with questions or call Alma at 510 655 5909 home.

Oct 2008

Our son recently graduated from Alma's and we wanted to share our wonderful experience with her daycare. We were so sad to leave, it was a truly great place for our son to go every day. Alma and her staff take such warm, kind care of all the kids, and provide an amazing, calm, enriching environment in which they learn, grow and happily thrive. Her outdoor garden is a fantastic place to spend the day, her home-cooked meals are top-notch, and the kids get to enjoy art, dancing, playing and learning Spanish. We'd be happy to answer any questions and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Nov 2007

I am writing to whole-heartedly recommend our son's current home-based daycare, Alma's Children's Garden on the North Oakland / Emeryville border. Our son, who recently turned 2, has been attending since April, but we are moving to Georgia mid-December, creating at least one opening for a child between 1.5 and 2 years old. We know our son will very much miss Alma's. The place is perfect for toddlers. The large backyard is paradise for their age -- beautifully landscaped and filled with fun toys. Alma Romero and her staff strike a great balance between providing well-structured group activities and free play time. The healthy breakfasts and lunches always smell great and my son seems to love them. And Alma sincerely cares for every child and puts a tremendous amount of thought and love into the place. Our good friends' daughter also has attended for the past the year and they likewise have had a great experience. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Contact: Alma Romero, 510-655-5909

August 2006

I am writing to recommend our son's former daycare, Alma's Children's Garden in Emeryville. I will be home with him now, so we recently ended our time there. Although we are excited about our new arrangement, we were so sad to say good-bye to Alma and her beautiful home and great care! We have loved all of it - the garden, the house, the delicious food, the exposure to Spanish, and, most of all, Alma and her staff (three others who work part-time). It was a perfect match for us and imagine it would be for most families!

April 2006

Alma's Children's Playground is a wonderful place to take one's child. Our twenty-three month old son is very happy in Alma Romero's care. She is very organized, orderly and obviously puts so much into her business. Alma provides the daily menu and individual daily reports consistently. Quite frankly, I wish I could stay for lunch and play in the yard. It is a hidden Shrangri-la with a fountain, flowers, a swing-set and a sandbox. When we went for our first visit, we immediately noticed how calm the children were. There was a pervasive sense of calm that we seldom experience in our home with only one child playing. Everyday we ask our boy if he wants to go to Alma's and everyday we are answered in a spirited affirmative. Alma Romero is a professional who clearly nurtures our son. We unequivocally recommend her services. Her phone number is 510 655 5909


Sept 2005

Our son has spent the last year at Alma's Children's Garden. He has loved it as have we. The small setting was a perfect step before pre-school. The staff welcomes us and our now 2 and a half year old with open arms. The warm lunch is a bonus. Alma's flexibility has been a BIG plus as well. Her home offers the children a large backyard where they can play in the open air with water, sand and swings. This is a lot more than we can offer him in our backyard. We thank Alma for all that she has offered Zevin and highly recommned her home and garden for you and your growing family. Regards, Natasha
Contact: Alma, 5106555909

Sept 2005

I want to recommend Alma's Children's Garden. My daughter, Olivia was attending full time since she was 4 months old (now 2). She would still be there if we hadn't moved out of state. The daycare is located at Alma's home. I feel fortunate to have found such a loving, nurturung and secure place. In addition, Alma has two wonderful people to assist her. Having looked at many childcare places for my daughter and for my son a few years earlier, I found Alma to be incredibly organized and her home beautifully maintained inside and out. She also provides meals for the children. Everyday there are fun and creative things going on as well as stories and music. Her outside play area is paradise for kids. My daughter loved being there and still asks to go back. Everyone at Alma's felt like family to us. If you are interested and would like to know more please just ask.
Contact: Alma Romero, 510.655.5909

June 2005

For a loving, warm, safe, clean daycare that also provides a good bilingual experience, I highly recommend Alma's Children's Garden. After visiting numerous daycares and interviewing for nannies for our 2-yr-old son, I was thankful to find Alma's. Alma's is everything you could possibly want! The entrance is through this magical garden that is filled with fruit trees, fountains, and welcoming play areas. Inside, the playroom is colorful and full of activities. Alma and her staff keep the child-to-teacher ratio low so your child gets plenty of attention. The children are so happy there! Healthy meals are provided (my son loves the food!). Alma is very professional. She provides daily written reports about your child's day, keeps you informed of any concerns, and she and her staff continue to build on their early-childhood education. I can be reached by e-mail if you have any questions or call Alma Romero, 510-655-5909.

May 2004

I would like to recommend Alma's Children's Garden to anyone with an infant or young toddler. I have had a wonderful experience at the center. The facility is wonderful and the yard is beautiful and serene. There are trees, plants and water fountains. It looks almost magical. The meals are delicious(the family used to be in the restaurant business) and the children love the food. The children are very diverse(as are the families) but everyone communicates. The program is Spanish bilingual which I find to be fantastic. My 3 year old son has been there for 2 years and he can speak and understand Spanish very well. By the way we do not speak Spanish at home. I stayed at home for 1 year after my son was born before returning to work, I felt comfortable leaving him with Alma. The phone is 510-655-5909 and the home is on Aileen Street if you want to drive by and take a look at the neighborhood before calling for an appt. The neighborhood is nice. Contact: Alma Romero, 510-655-5909