Feedback on Alma's Children Garden in Oakland


Are there any recent or current families whose kids are at Alma's Children Garden? Would love to learn about your experience. We have a 2 year old son and are looking for a daycare for him. 

Thank you!

Parent Replies

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We were at Alma's pre-COVID and then very briefly in Sept 2020 (my daughter was between 18 months and 2 and a quarter). Alma is wonderful and it always felt like a very loving and kind environment. I had 2 challenges with it: 1) almost all the kids left before 3 to go to preschools so it didn't feel like a long term option for us, and 2) Alma has a very old school potty training policy (they have to be in pull ups until they can manage their entire pottying independently). Ultimately we left because of #2 (we had potty trained during COVID and weren't willing to go backwards to pullups). I know another family who left for the same reason. If those 2 things don't bother you, Alma's is fantastic. 

Both my kids went there and Alma is the most amazing caregiver ever.  We recommended her to all our friends and they all sent their kids there too.  Couldn’t have had a better experience.