Childcare 26 month old South Berkeley under $2k open > 10 hours

We are moving to the SF bay area and need daycare/preschool/childcare recommendations for our 2 year old in the South/Downtown Berkeley area! We will be living near the Ashby BART station in South Berkeley and commuting to SF which could take an hour each way so we need somewhere that is open atleast 10 hours and our budget is less than 2k. We would love personal recommendations from parents who have children at these daycares.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi there,

I'd like to recommend It's All about Me daycare which is on Woolsey Street about 3 blocks from the Ashby BART. Their hours are 8am-6pm. You might be able to make arrangements for a longer day, not sure. Our son has been there the past 2.5 years. Although he is moving on to the preschool that his sister attended, we have been really, really happy with his care situation over the last 2 years. Developmentally appropriate, warm, safe, fun, and enriching. Darlene (the operator) and Viney (the other caregiver) are a wonderful balance of influences for young kids. They are diligent, thoughtful, and dedicated. It's also been an incredible value. I don't know what their rates are now, but we've been paying about 1K/month. Darlene Percoats can be reached at 510 914 3300. 

Our son is moving on to Via Nova which is also very close to Ashby. I recommend it highly though it barely scrapes below the 2K mark for incoming 2 year olds and I believe they are currently full. Perhaps it's worth inquiring in case a spot opens up. 

We are many years past childcare, but had an excelllent experience with Aquatic Park School.  The same leadership is in place.  It meets your budget and time requirements.  It's on the way between Ashby BART and SF, on Heinz near 7th St.  (This also happens to be close to Berkeley Bowl, one of the best supermarkets around.)

APS is often full-up, but it's worth checking out, as openings do happen.

I'd recommend Alma's Children garden, but they are 8-5. You might be able to work something out with Alma. I believe she has an opening. Let me know if you want more details. I also live near Ashby Bart, and it's a 4-min drive. 

I have friends who are excited to start at Via Nova this week, which is right at the BART station.