Sulphur Creek Nature Center

Hayward, CA

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Dec 2003

Re: New ideas for daughter's 5th birthday
Try Sulpher Creek Nature Center in Hayward. The woman who does the kid education there, Christine is fabulous. They have a whole birthday package. Dont'have the phone number or address handy, but they probably have a website. Hilary

Feb 2002

Re: I need to borrow a rabbit!

Well they don't have rabbits, but the Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward does have a pet lending library. They have guinea pigs, rats, mice, and hamsters. Each comes complete with a cage, food, water and food containers, and a animal-specific care sheet. My sister rented a guinea pig for her two girls and they loved it! The website is: -Kelly

Sorry, can't help you with a rabbit, but thought I'd mention that the Sulphur Creek nature center in Hayward has an animal lending library. Choose from guinea pigs, Rats, mice, and hamsters. Maybe a nice rat could help them with the letter R.

My daughters (3 years, 18 months) were absolutely thrilled with the very sweet and gentle guinea pig that we borrowed for a week. The 18-month old ran around saying ``Guinea hold it'' ``Guinea hold it'' all day long, except when she said, ``Guinea eat it'' which we chose to interpret as ``feed it''. Also, the Sulphur Creek Nature Center is a great place to visit. Good luck finding a rabbit! -susan

August 1999

Re: Birthday party with animals

Try Sulfur Creek (in the Hayward Parks and Rec program). Sorry I don't have their number, but it's similar to Lindsay and definitely has birthday parties. Crab Cove (EBRPD) has birthday parties too, though looking for crabs under the rocks, after a naturalist presentation, may not be what your 6 year old had in mind. Nice place, though! Nils

Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward is a great place for an animal birthday party. My 4-yr old son hasn't had a party there(we've often out of state at the time) but, has attended a number of classes and is a frequent 'renter' of their animal lending library. They serve as an animal hospital, have a nature center and animal lending library. There is a picnic area and short trails. You can contact the Hayward Area Recreation District at:(510) 881-6700 and I'm sure they can give you more information or a contact at the nature center. Ann

Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward arranges great kid's birthday parties. They reserve picnic tables for you in their very nice lawn/park area. They bring the kids into a room, have them sit in a circle and pass around cute animals for them to hold, as they educate them about the animals. Dianne