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Mission: Educate about the role of historic North Field at Oakland International Airport, Oakland and the Bay Area in the development of aviation on the West Coast and in the US by collecting, preserving and interpreting aircraft and aviation artifacts that reflect this proud heritage. Celebrate the history and technological achievements of aviation. Inspire individuals by linking aviation’s past to the future.

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RE: 2-year old birthday venue ()

*Sulphur Creek Nature Center (Hayward Area Recreation & Parks) has lovely woodsy indoor/outdoor spaces, animal exhibits & meet-n-greets, and they offer birthday party packages. This is a native wildlife rehab facility and a learning center that has some very dedicated and knowledgeable naturalists.

*Lawrence Hall of Science, 'Animal Discovery' parties in their downstairs lab area.

*EBRPD Tilden Nature Area's Environmental Education Center's or the Little Farm. This one may be outdoors-only, chk for indoor options. Bundle the kids up and take them around to feed the cows, pigs, chickens, geese and goats, then a walk along the long wooden trail.

EBRPD Crab Cove Visitor's Center, Alameda Island. Search for East Bay Parks Online 'nature party'. This is a lovely indoor area with interactive estuary / bay shore exhibits. Could also do a nature walk along the water.

Finally, just have to give a shout out to the Oakland Aviation Museum near the Oakland Airport. Not very toddler-friendly for climbing/touching, but lots of vintage planes to look at, some interesting flight exhibits, and a large space for a party - both indoors and out.  Tables in the hangar might be a way for you to bring your own airplane-focused games, crafts, and party favors to keep the party-goers content and busy? They have a nice aerospace gift shop too.

Hi - we had birthday parties at the Oakland Aviation Museum - twice! It's a wonderful, large space with a lot of exhibits for guests to see.  They opened up the Solent Flying Boat for guests to visit.  This was several years ago.  If I remember correctly all they asked was a $100 donation and for us to set up and take down.  The staff was very kind and it was a really good experience.

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May 2010

RE: Oakland Aviation vs. Mad Science Bday party for 5 year old

I took our kids to the Oakland Aviation Museum a few months ago. ONLY aviation museum I've ever been to where you can't actually get on a plane and look around. We were pretty disappointed. sad dad