Aviation birthday party for 12 year old

Hi, Has anyone ever had an aviation-themed birthday party at Cal Airways at the Hayward Airport or at the Oakland Aviation Museum? Cal Airways has a birthday party package, but I'm also considering just taking kids to the Oakland Aviation Museum--they don't seem to have an official birthday party package. You can rent the space but it seems like that is more suited to large groups. Also considering the USS Hornet's birthday party. Any other air museums or places that might be cool? This is for a kid turning 12. Thanks!

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Hi - we had birthday parties at the Oakland Aviation Museum - twice! It's a wonderful, large space with a lot of exhibits for guests to see.  They opened up the Solent Flying Boat for guests to visit.  This was several years ago.  If I remember correctly all they asked was a $100 donation and for us to set up and take down.  The staff was very kind and it was a really good experience.

We celebrated my son’s birthday at the Hayward Airport. I can’t remember which birthday, but it was younger than 12. It was 100% fabulous. The kids had a blast and were entertained by the small staff for the entire time - from baldo wood airplanes to aviation simulators to games over cake and balloons. They took care of everything. I literally only had to show up. For an extra fee, my son was able to fly a small plane for real, which he liked, but wasn’t necessary. I highly recommend Cal Airways. 

My son had a 10y/o birthday party on the Hornet that seemed to go well. I think it would be even better for 12 year olds. The space is kinda cool, the guests liked the personalized dog tags, and they got to see some neat spaces on the ship. My only criticism is that the somewhat older docent giving the tour didn't really adapt his presentation for younger kids. For my son who was really into airplanes and military history, the relatively dry presentation was just fine. I think some of the kids found it a little like a school field trip. I suspect this is highly dependent on who does the tour, and perhaps a reminder at the beginning to make sure it's interesting to 12-year-olds would help.

We enjoyed hosting an 8th birthday party at the Hornet.  It’s not super-festive (you can’t run around or go nuts the way you might at other venues), but very interesting!  Most of the parents had never been, so it was memorable and educational for two generations.  I would recommend it as a solid alternative .