Affordable summer camps near San Leandro/San Lorenzo/Castro Valley?

Does anyone have a recommendation for affordable summer camps for a 5 year old going into Kindergarten in the fall? Preferably in the San Leandro/San Lorenzo/Castro Valley/Hayward area. Thank you!

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Yes! Camp Tenderfoot at E Ave Park in Hayward is amazing! It’s run through HARD (the parks and rec), so it’s not that expensive. There are lots of kids from CV, SLZ, SL and Hayward, and the same ones go each summer. Your kid will LOVE it - the campers get dirty, play in the woods, sing goofy songs and all the other outdoorsy things. My 16 year old son started in K, and now he works there :)

Depending on your kids' interests, you might try Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward. It's a small wildlife rescue organization that offers wonderful educational programs. Have had a great experience with every staff member we've interacted with there. We haven't done their summer camp yet, but I can recommend the organization wholeheartedly.