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RE: Infant Swim Lessons ()

Piedmont Community Pool. It was 20 years ago. The program was great, and our daughter was captain of the water polo team when she was a senior. 

Hi! We take our 8 month old to the Piedmont Rec Center pool. They have a parent/child swim class on saturdays that we have been attending since he was 6 months. The pool is heated/outdoor and I think it's salt water. Very clean and awesome!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Re: Private lessons for 3-year-old (Feb 2004)
The Piedmont Swim Club has great children's programs. swim team parent

Re: Lessons for 11-year-old beginner (Feb 2003)
The Piedmont Swim Club has excellent instructors. It's not cheap, but it's worth the money: our 6yo swims like a champ! Two of the best teachers are Kelly and Tim. Allen

We had great success at Piedmont Swim Club, but I think they give lessons only during the spring and summer. It's an outdoor pool. Playground nearby can make the lesson part of an outing. Piedmont has swimming lessons in the summer evenings. I'm not sure of the last time, but it seems we went at 7 for some of the lessons. The program is good. You don't have to be a member of the club or a resident of the city. Call the Piedmont Rec Dept for details. Linda

From: Susan

The City of Piedmont has lots of swim classes for the 3-6 age group: 4 two week sessions with classes all day, including both 5:30 and 6:30 PM. I have not tried them, but am planning to this summer. We received a brochure with the list of classes after we called the office. The registration form must be picked up in person, and has to be sent in (or maybe faxed, I'm not sure). The person I talked to recommended sending the form on May 27 (to get there by June 1) for the best chance of the classes I want. The cost seems pretty reasonable, and is not that much more than the City of Oakland class fees.