Swimming pool for babies in Berkeley

Hello, we just moved to Berkeley with our 10 month old baby daughter and we are interested in taking her to the pool. Are there any swimming pools that offer classes for babies and parents? Do you recommend any?

Thank you very much

[Moderator Note: lots of advice here: Swim Lessons for Babies]

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Hi! We take our 8 month old to the Piedmont Rec Center pool. They have a parent/child swim class on saturdays that we have been attending since he was 6 months. The pool is heated/outdoor and I think it's salt water. Very clean and awesome!

Downtown Berkeley YMCA has a great pool for little ones, they keep it heated to about 90 degrees. They have rec swim as well as lessons but you have to be a member of the Y. If you're inclined to use the gym at all yourself I think it's worth it,  they have childcare and  tons of great classes for parents and babies. The Kindergym is open for free play almost all the time and has been a lifesaver for me on those cold or wet days when your kid needs to blow off steam.

Another suggestion is the  Albany Pool at Albany High School. They have parent-tot  lessons and open swim and the water is not too cold. El Cerrito pool is nice in the summer.