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Piedmont, CA
Exercise & Agility, Sports
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged
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Camp Cottontail

March 2010

I'm considering enrolling my 3 year old son in the Piedmont Rec center's Camp Cottontail program this summer. Can anyone provide feedback on the camp? Thanks! New mom to camp

My kids went to Camp Cottontail last summer and loved it. The staff is great, and they do nice activities. They're too old for it now, otherwise I'd send them again. Lisa

March 2004

Re: Outdoor activities for 3-year-old
While they don't offer hiking - you might try Camp Cottontail through the Piedmont Rec Center. My son went for two years beginning at 3 1/2. You can sign up in one weeks segments. I think it is usually 9-12. Every week is a different theme and on the last day of each session they usually go swimming at the Piedmont Pool. He loved it! They did go on nature hikes around the park, played games, did art etc. If that doesn't fit the bill you should check out all of the offering through Piedmont Rec. Center -they have a lot of camps. good luck anon


Re: Sports class for 4 1/2 yr. old (April 2000)
Check the Piedmont Rec Center. One summer my boy was in a sports class there. They played a number of different games, including beginning soccer. It's for young kids, to give them a sample of different sports. I'm not sure if it's offered in other than the summer session.

Swim Lessons

April 2008

Re: Infant-parent swim class
We had an extremely poor experience with the Piedmont Recreation swim classes, which were highly recommended. In addition to the fog and wind, which we managed to work around, they were very disorganized, and seemed to have a hard time telling us which of the several pools our class was in, and the teacher at our class literally didn't understand infants AT ALL. The class was for 6 months to 3 yrs, and it was really more appropriate for the 2-3 yr age, since they expected all the ''students'' to follow directions. My 9 month old didn't know how to blow bubbles in the water, obviously, and the only thing they did right--letting the kids choose a toy--they screwed up 2 minutes later by taking the toys away. A pre-toddler doesn't get that at all. When I spoke to the director about it, he insisted that swim classes were the same everywhere and that I shouldn't have taken the class since I'm not a Piedmont resident.