Athletic Playground

Emeryville, CA
Exercise & Agility
All Ages

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May 2013

Zach Fischer and Marria Grace Kee will be running two weeks of an afternoon summer program at Athletic Playground, in Emeryville, CA, from August 19th-30th, for kids ages 7-12 and 13-18. They are professional hoop acrobats (Ninja Hoops) who travel the world teaching and performing, and they are incredibly charismatic, effective teachers, very thoughtful about pedagogy and child development and physical and emotional safety--and their classes are completely fun. I can testify that they can teach the most reluctant learner! Their classes include Parkour, acrobatics, aerials, hula-hooping, human pyramids, slacklining, obstable courses, games.... Zach also sometimes teaches ''Spider Man Training'' --look out for it in the future--to ''give you the strength and speed of your favorite comic hero''--swinging, climbing ropes, running up walls, hanging upside down. Check out ''Ninja Hoops'' on the web and you'll see some of why they are very appealing role models for kids. But in addition, they are true TEACHERS. Susan S