Gymnastics/Tumbling/Parkour for 16 year old

My late-blooming soon-to-be16 year old is interested in learning some basic gymnastics or gymnastics-adjacent ways to move her body and get exercise.  We know 16 year old newbies to the field are not really a thing but also maybe she can't be the only one with this curiosity at this age?  If any of you lovely people have gone down this path before us, please send your recommendations my way.  TIA.  

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Have you tried Athletic Playground in Emeryville? My kids did their Parkour when they were younger. Great staff and local gym. 

Not a recommendation but maybe an encouragement for your teenager! My daughter started doing gymnastics as a college senior with her school's team on the East Coast. She had NEVER done any gymnastics before. Now 23, she's kept it up and she loves the social aspect of the team (lots of positive encouragement and bonding) and how it's making her stronger.

Check out Kinetic Arts Center for a variety of gymnastics-adjacent classes:

or Bandaloop:…

I second the recommendation for Athletic Playground. My son took classes there for a couple years as a teenager. He really enjoyed it.

Might she consider dance? Berkeley Ballet Theater on Tenth near Gilman offers beginner classes for ages 13 & up as part of their adult division. Besides ballet, they offer contemporary dance plus a super fun class called Rhythm & Motion. Note that the studio's tagline is, "Where Every Body Can Dance" - and they mean it!! Good for her and I hope she has fun with whatever she chooses.