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Parkour for almost 5 year old

July 2014

My 4, almost 5 year old, is VERY interested in parkour. Are there any gyms that teach parkour for kids his age? We are currently in the Pleasant Hill area, but we are willing to travel to a different East Bay location for the right fit. Thanks!

Mom of a wild one

Kinetic arts in Oakland. Amy

Parkour class for 7 yr old?

Aug 2013

My son is ADDICTED to American Ninja Warrior on tv. He is a surprisingly strong, agile climber with several years of martial arts training and I think he would really enjoy a parkour class. I'm finding it difficult to find one. Ideally, the classes would be close to Oakland or Alameda but we might be willing to drive. I found a promising looking one in Concord (Apex...has anyone tried it?) but we'd rather not drive that far if we don't have to. Any suggestions? Mom of a Wanna-Be Ninja

Check out Athletic Playground in Emeryville ( - we haven't had time yet to take a class there, but I looked into it for my own 7yo ninja and they have parkour classes for age 5 and up. Mom of Future Spiderman

My 8 year old son has been doing Parkour at Kinetic Arts Center for several years now and loves it! Their number 510-444-4800. They are located in 7th street in Oakland (they have their own building and parking lot). You may also want to check out Athletic Playground. Another Parkour Mom

How about Athletic Playground in Emeryville? My teenage son loved a recent week of summer classes. Jennifer

My daughter just did a week of Parkour summer camp at Athletic Playground in Emeryville. It turned out not to be her cup of tea, but the camp was well-run and the instructors are friendly. They offer after- school classes too: Sarah's mom

The Athletic Playground in Emeryville has great Parkour classes for kids. There is one on Sundays in August for 5-8 year olds. They also have all kinds of fun classes for adults! Kid Class schedule: General website: Dana

Athletic playground in Emeryville has Parkour. Anon