Primary Pediatric Medical Group (Castro Valley)

Castro Valley
(510) 881-4210

20126 Stanton Ave #200

Pediatricians at this practice:  Laura Balestreri, Erica Glenn, Kenneth Ducker

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We see Dr. Erica Glenn at Primary Pediatrics Medical Group in Castro Valley. We have been happy with her care of our two children. The office has been handling Covid safety well. 

Dr Erika Glenn, Primary Pediatrics, Castro Valley

I don't know what "holistic" means -- if it's anti-vax, she may not be on board. She's been very responsive, thoughtful, and accessible. We have to see her every 3 months and it never feels rushed. Castro Valley office is a 20 minute drive from Kaiser in Oakland. Ultimately, I decided it was worth it (and still believe so) and there was going to be some time to any office and with Castro Valley, right off the highway, there's no looking for parking. I do try to schedule appointments that don't put us on the 580 out of Oakland during rush hour. 

Primary Pediatrics feels like it's getting more corporate. I guess most of them are.

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Jan 2014

RE: Seeking Autism friendly pediatrician and office

Dr. Ken Ducker in Castro Valley has a ton of experience working with kids with autism and the staff are friendly too!