Primary Pediatric Medical Group (Alameda)

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  • 1332 Park Street #200
  • Pediatricans at this practice: Katherine Huffman, Fiona Marion, Georganne Walker

    Also see Primary Pediatric Medical Group in Oakland and Castro Valley.

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July 2011

Re: Lactation Services at Pediatric Practices
Hi- We had a great experience with the lactation consultant at Primary Pediatrics. Georganne Walker splits her time between the Oakland and Alameda office locations, and we found her to be extremely knowledgeable and patient when we were struggling. Can not recommend her enough! Cut and paste for her bio: Cara

Dec 2010

I would like read some recommendations for a pediatrician in Alameda. I prefer women doctors, but i will take any recommendation for a competent, confident pediatrician who practices in Alameda. thanks! a mom

I highly recommend Primary Pediatrics in Alameda on Park St. (above Scott's Shoes). We have seen all the female doctors in the practice and they are all wonderful (Laura Balestreri, Jennifer Betz and NP Jen Wineman).

I have a 4 year old girl and a 6 week old boy. When my son was born we had him circumcised and saw Lloyd Takao, also in the practice. He is fabulous. I had always preferred female doctors until I meet him. So now when we have appointments we will happily see anyone that fits our busy schedule.

The office staff is great and knows who we are when we call about our concerns. We always get a same day appointment for those sick days that come up. They also have Saturday hours for sick kids that rotate through the Alameda, Oakland, and Castro Valley offices. We have gone to the Saturday clinic in the Oakland office with my daughter and it is nice as well. Alameda Mom

We love Primary Pediatrics in Alameda. Friendly staff and great docs! There have been some changes there recently with Dr. Saldivar moving away and Dr. Takao (male) joining, but it has not been a problem. Dr. Betz and Dr. Balestreri are the two women there, who I don't think are reviewed on BPN. There website is Primary Peds mom of 2

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Jan 2009

Re: Looking 4 Great Pediatrician in Alameda
Dr. Laura Saldivar who also practices at Primary Pediatrics in Alameda is AMAZING. She was our ped. when my daughter was born, but then started only practicing in Alameda, and we thought it was just too far to go to on a regular basis. We found her warm, knowledgeable, and really willing to take time to discuss our concerns and answer our questions. Once I even came in with a long list of questions and she took the time to go through each one and write down the answer. Amazing. She was always running behind when we saw her in Oakland, and I don't know if that has changed, but I'd go back to her in a heartbeat. Good luck Claire

Jan 2007

Re: Oakland or Alameda pediatrician
I'd like to enthusiastically recommend Dr. Laura Saldivar and Jennifer Wineman, Nurse Practitioner, both with Primary Pediatrics. They are part of a group that has offices in Oakland, Alameda and Castro Valley (I think). I've been taking my four year old and five month old to see both of them at the Park Street office in Alameda. They are both extremely attentive and knowledgeable, and have a wonderful way with children. The front desk staff are helpful, the waiting room and exam rooms are clean, and they have free parking in the back of the building. happy alameda mom

Re: Pediatrician in Alameda
I can recommend Dr. Laura Saldivar at Primary Pediatrics in Alameda. (She also has an office in Oakland). She's never made me feel rushed, explains things completely and clearly, plus I've always had good experiences with the front office staff as well. Best of luck. Ruth

Re: Pediatrician in Alameda
We love primary pediatrics. Michael Usem and Kathleen Smith are my favorites, but I've heard great things about dr. saldivar, too. DL

I love Dr. Saldivar at Primary Pediatrics. She is the mom of two boys and is great with both of my kids. I often have a bit of a wait, but I think it's because she spends so much time with her patients, so I'm okay about it. She answers all of my questions and has been fine with my decision to delay some vaccinations. She is also very open and non-judgmental about my use of herbs and homeopothy- she actually suggested a chiroprator when my daughter failed a hearing test and the treatment worked beautifully! Ariel

November 2004

Re: Hispanic Pediatrician who takes Blue Cross PP0
I love Dr. Laura Saldivar at Primary Pediatrics. I am not sure of her ethnicity, but she is a woman of color and a mom with two kids. She is great at connecting with my kids and is very supportive of my choices re: vacines and using alternative medicine. I highly recommend her. We also have Blue Cross PPO. One caveat, she can run late at times because she does not rush through appointments. Ariel