Seeking WOC Pediatrician in East Bay

We are seeking to switch our Pediatrician from SF practice to the East Bay and would love to find our daughter a woman of color pediatrician, if possible. Do you have any recommendations for great pediatrics offices or specific pediatricians? Our daughter is currently 6 months old and we'd love to keep our pediatrician until she is off to college. Thank you!

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Berkeley Pediatrics and East Bay Pediatrics are both fantastic practices with WOC docs and nurses on staff. We also wanted to keep our pediatrician until our kid went off to college, but sadly we found great pediatricians at both locations who had to move on (moving for spouse job, etc). But we've loved all the staff we've encountered at both and feel comfortable recommending both.

Our son, now 14, has been with the East Bay Pediatrics practice. All of the doctors are kind, knowledgeable, and good with children. They have an office in Berkeley and Orinda.

Seconding East Bay Pediatrics, which has multiple WOC doctors. Neither was taking new patients when we were seeking a pediatrician for our son (so this may be an issue for you as well), so we went with another doctor in the practice (whom we also love). But we've had some experience with Dr. Miller, who was on call when our son was born and saw him in the hospital, and then saw him again for a sick appointment when our regular doctor was out of the office. So, limited experience, but she was great, and the whole practice so far has been pleasant and easy to work with! 

We see Dr. Erica Glenn at Primary Pediatrics Medical Group in Castro Valley. We have been happy with her care of our two children. The office has been handling Covid safety well. 

My Latina daughter (now 24) was a patient of East Bay Pediatrics from toddlerhood.  As she became a teen, she saw Dr. Jennifer Miller (African American), and liked her very much.  I just looked at the website and not only is Dr. Miller still there, but also the are several other WOC physicians on staff.

I highly recommend Jennifer Miller at East Bay Pediatrics.  She's a wonderful pediatrician; thorough and patient with our very shy children (3 & 5) and a WOC.