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If you are able to hire a tutor, we found Leba Morimoto very helpful for our son.  This was a couple of years ago, but her 1:1 work with him was quite successful. She has a gentle manner and really loves math, which is contagious.  510.528.8224.

RE: 3rd grader with dyslexia ()

Hi - We used a marvelous tutor, who is an educational therapist in El Cerrito.Her educational background is in dyslexia but she also specializes in math for kids K-12. She is amazing.

You might give her a call - Leba Morimoto - 510-292-8822.  Wish you all the best!

We call Leba the magical math lady. 

At the end of first grade, my daughter's school flagged that she was struggling with math. She wasn't tracking, was withdrawing during math sessions, and was generally developing a checked out attitude and belief that she was not good at math. 

Fast forward to March of her second-grade year.  She is incredibly enthusiastic about her math studies, has incredible confidence, and believes that even if she doesn't get something the first time around, she has tools and skills that she can call upon to figure it out.  We have been working with Leba for six months, and my daughter has experienced nothing short of a transformation.  Leba's approach is compassionate, patient and incredibly effective.  Her methods make sense, and my daughter is growing by leaps and bounds.  I couldn't recommend Leba highly enough, and I find myself learning wonderfully common sense approaches that I certainly wish my teachers had introduced in elementary school. 

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June 2014

RE: Intelligent and Fun Female Math Tutor?

I highly recommend Leba Morimoto at learning solutions. I know her through the ''Making Math Real'' grapevine - she is a highly skilled graduate of that program. She's also good at helping kids stop worrying about math and start loving it. She is at Learning Solutions at: (510) 528-8224 Pat

Aug 2012

RE: Math tutor for 7 yr old - Making Math Real

Our son was struggling with math for quite some time. I became concerned that he would never enjoy math at all, because of the frustration he was experiencing in school (over the course of a number of grade levels and teachers) combined with our nightly struggle with math homework.

A family therapist recommended Leba Morimoto, a tutor who specializes in the strategies of Making Match Real. Leba is kind, patient, soft spoken, and her love of math is contagious! Our son felt very comfortable from the start, and Leba's positive attitude not only helped his math skills, but it helped him gain confidence in his math knowledge. His teachers saw significant improvement in math skills, comprehension, and attitude very quickly. I highly recommend Leba: lebasline [at] gmail.com, 510-528- 8224. Kim

Feb 2012

RE: Tutor Specializing in Math and Empathy

I think you might find Leba helpful. She teaches Making Math Real which is a system based on visual learning. It takes math out of the abstract numbers only realization and puts it into a visual system of ''houses''. She has many wonderful tools like a whole jar of different die's to work with. She works out of a very pleasant ''studio'' set up below her house in El Cerrito - easy to get to - right off the Arlington. And a side benefit is you can do your grocery shopping down the hill for the hour. We really liked her and friends' kids have benefited also. For us, our son was struggling with math all through elementary school. Now, he is getting A's in 8th grade pre-algebra. Call Leba Morimoto 510/528-8224 mom of visual learner

Feb 2010

To parents seeking a math tutor: I recommend Leba Morimoto, in El Cerrito. I have no incentive or reason to write this other than the wish to share a positive experience. My daughter, now 8 and in 3d grade, has been seeing Leba once a week for almost a year (started Spring 2009). Leba has shown a remarkable blend of creativity, flexibility, patience, and persistence in navigating the emotional and mental complexities which used to surround math for my daughter. Matthew

Oct 2007

Leba Moramoto is a Learning Specialist who is not only a master at tutoring math- Making Math Real but is also very warm, friendly, calm, organized, supportive, fun, creative with learning challenges, and has a lovely studio in El Cerrito where she works with students. She was recommended by other professionals to me and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with her. In 6 months my daughter has gone from struggling to top of her class and more importantly, now has a strong sense of herself as GREAT at math... Leba's focus on self-esteem building as well as the academic skills is very evident and has made a huge difference in our family.

By the way, her gifts are not limited to tutoring math. She also tutors reading, writing, and organizational skills. She is an extraordinarily gifted tutor I recommend her most highly. Her number is 510-528-8224

April 2007

Leba Morimoto is an outstanding math tutor - perceptive, positive, patient and a gifted teacher. She utilizes the ''Making Math Real'' technique, which is really an exceptional way of teaching math, empowering students who are struggling with retaining math facts, and giving students a deep understanding of how our number system works! Leba has over 10 years of experience as a math tutor. She may be reached at 528 8224 or lebasline[at]yahoo.com Anon

Dec 2000

RE: Public school for dyslexic child?

My son is medium-dyslexic, 6th grade Albany MS and about 4th grade reading level. He just began working with Leba Morimoto, LCSW in Berkeley 1-2x per week. So far I am impressed that she understands his learning style. Her own style is firm, focused, yet kind and understanding. I think it will be productive but time will tell. Leba's number is 510-528-8224. Tom