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I am looking for current recommendations for a child with dyslexia.  He also carries diagnoses of dyscalculia, ADHD, and ASD.  He is an independent child, but has a terrible difficulty with academics.  Currently he is struggling in general education 3rd grade with an IEP.  We live in Dublin, and ideally something close by would be great, but willing to travel if needed.  We love our resource teacher, but we don't know that if that is enough.  

School recommendations? Programs, Tutors, Doctors?   We will take all recommendations!

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Hi - We used a marvelous tutor, who is an educational therapist in El Cerrito.Her educational background is in dyslexia but she also specializes in math for kids K-12. She is amazing.

You might give her a call - Leba Morimoto - 510-292-8822.  Wish you all the best!

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TALK (Teaching and Assessing Language for Kids) has an office in Danville and can provide services. http://talkbayarea.com/

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I had dyscalculia that wasn't diagnosed until I was 16!  My diagnostics were done at a Sylvan Learning Center and I continued tutoring with them until high school graduation and it helped tremendously.  They teach toward many different learning styles.  Don't know if they've changed since then (25 years ago!) but it was super helpful for me.  Your doing a great job getting help for child at a younger age than I was!  It greatly impacted my self-esteem, thinking I was stupid, etc.  I just needed to be taught in a different way, and it made all the difference in the world.

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We worked with Robin Hauge. She is amazing with students with language disorders.  She is located in Lafayette, near Walnut Creek.  I know it is far for you. She may have some recommendations for you though.  Her cell is 925-788-0451 or robinhaugeclinic [at] gmail.com

Dyslexia Support group in Contra Costa is a great resource -- ddcaph [at] gmail.com

There is also a private school for children with dyslexia in Newark. I don't know much about it, but I know some parents have been able to get their districts to pay for it if they can not serve their children properly. 

Good luck!  You are welcome to contact me privately if I can help. 

Best, Nancy

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Our daughter, who is now 16 yrs old has a similar diagnosis. In hind sight here is what worked for our daughter, understanding growth mindset, Susan Barton Reading program( we would have used the Wilson Reading program if it had been available in Ca), Eye to Eye summer program (check out David Fink’s book) developing a skill where she excelled (swimming was a strength) and 3 years of homeschool education where she learned and discovered how she learned best . This is also where she learned to be her own self advocate. Our family has taken advantage of attending EDREV once a year to learn about new programs and resources. 
All the best 

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My child is severely dyslexic and dysgraphic, among other things.  We took him to the Lindamood Bell tutoring center in Berkeley when he was 7 and the results were way better than what I imagined would be possible.  I think there's a center in Dublin or Pleasanton too.  There are two big downsides:  it's extremely expensive, and it's also extremely time-intensive.  My son went for two hours a day, five days a week, for three months.  You'd ideally do it over the summer, but we did it during the school year -- I took him out of school every day at lunch time so he didn't have a full school day and THEN two hours of intensive one-on-one tutoring -- that would be so exhausting it would be counterproductive -- hopefully your school will work with you on this.  If you can make the timing work and it's in your budget, it's so effective -- my son couldn't read "Green Eggs and Ham" when he started, and after three months of tutoring he was reading the Harry Potter books.  We didn't use it but I know they also offer a math program for dyscalculia.   There are private tutors who use the Lindamood-Bell program as well as another research-based approach, Orton-Gillingham, and that would be a cheaper, less time-intensive way to go. If you search the BPN site for tutors using those terms you'll find them.   

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We used the legal services to get our child placed at a school outside of the district called Star Academy. We found that the district was not able to support the level of academic support our child needed (dyslexia, dyscalculia, adhd, etc). Jennifer Callahan was our attorney and we had such a seamless process of getting our child in a perfect placement. I really recommend a consultation to see if she could also help you! 

Good luck!