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RE: 3rd grader with dyslexia ()

I had dyscalculia that wasn't diagnosed until I was 16!  My diagnostics were done at a Sylvan Learning Center and I continued tutoring with them until high school graduation and it helped tremendously.  They teach toward many different learning styles.  Don't know if they've changed since then (25 years ago!) but it was super helpful for me.  Your doing a great job getting help for child at a younger age than I was!  It greatly impacted my self-esteem, thinking I was stupid, etc.  I just needed to be taught in a different way, and it made all the difference in the world.

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March 2008

Re: Help with grammar and reading comprehension
My son is 13 and also very smart when it comes to doing what he enjoys doing, video games, working on computers, drawing, etc. But when it comes down to school, reading and comprehension he's bored, not interested and thus poor grades. Our kids just get lazy and it's up to us as parents to get them motivated. I enrolled my son in Sylvan learing ctr @ El Cerrito and finally seems to enjoy language arts and math, he sits with a small group of kids that have the same problem (2-3) @ the table. They get achievement awards and they make it fun to learn. I don't know what your willing to pay but Sylvan will work with you and work out a payment plan. Good luck.

I used the Sylvan Learning Center last year with my teenage foster child. She was 16 and had third grade spelling and writing and 5th grade reading. After 50 hours of tutoring, she had 10th grade spelling and 12th grade reading. The service wasn't cheap, $39 per hour, but scholarships are available up to 50 percent, which we received.

Let me say I've never in my life experienced such dedicated professional teachers. Their accomplishments with this child were amazing. They have individual modules for specific needs. You can tour the facilities and see for yourself. What an incredible advantage in life it was for my kid to go there. Good Luck to you.