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  • Hi all! Does anyone have a Pediatrician they recommend at the San Leandro Kaiser? Also, we are looking for a doula in the area to assist in the birth so would love recommendations for them as well.


    Hello, we currently have Jenille Narvaez, MD, she was incredibly receptive to us having a homebirth, treated us with respect, and was really nice with all of my questions after my child's first illness. We have also interacted with Allison Hampton as well and she was great.

    Hi there! Congrats on your upcoming delivery! I was so fortunate to find Jessica Catano and have her as my doula for both my kids births - plus she is a massage therapist which REALLY came in handy during my deliveries. www.jessicaspeacefuljourneys.com is her website, she only takes on a few births a year - she is so CALM and peaceful and if you're lucky enough to book her she will be a HUGE help to you. Good luck!

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For pediatrician, I love Dr. Roxanna Martinez Allen at Kaiser San Leandro. She's knowledgeable, personable, and just overall great with my little ones. I also really prefer the San Leandro facilities for convenience (free/easy parking) and good quality care. 

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Pediatrician rec at San Leandro or Oakland Kaiser?

Jan 2015

We've just moved to the East Bay from Durham, NC, and would love a recommendation for a good pediatrician at Kaiser. We're living in San Leandro, but could potentially go to Oakland Kaiser as well. Our kids are 1 and 3. We're looking for a doctor who listens respectively and takes the time to fully explain options, someone with good common sense (not alarmist or prone to following trends). We want to work with someone who is up to date on research and practices evidence-based care. And obviously, someone who is a nice person and great with kids Thanks for your suggestions! Tanya

Welcome to San Leandro! We just moved here a couple of years ago, and though we liked our regular pediatrician in Oakland, we haven't looked back -- the facilities are so much nicer in San Leandro, and the parking situation alone was worth the move. We just had our first visit with Dr. Stephen Shochet, and were so impressed by his warmth, sense of humor, and advice on the usual toddler issues (picky eating, sleep, etc). He also has excellent credentials. He was still accepting patients a few months ago, so it might be worth checking him out. happy to be at Kaiser SL

Welcome to the Bay Area! I highly recommend Dr. Phan Phu at Oakland Kaiser. He's been our pediatrician since my 7.5 yr old was born and we just adore him. We know others who use him as well and have been just as happy as we are. He is exactly what you've described. First of all, he remembers us & our kids (which is something I've not experienced in other parts of Kaiser). He listens, answers every question, is not an alarmist whatsoever. He's very down to earth, has kids of his own, & has a great sense of humor. happy Kaiser mama

I recommend Dr. Roxanna Allen at the San Leandro Kaiser. She treated my daughter when our regular pediatrician was unavailable. I was so pleased with the visit that I immediately changed my daughter's primary doctor to Dr. Allen. She is well informed, patient, and she is wonderful with children (my three year old daughter loves her). -San Leandro mama