San Leandro Kaiser Pediatrician & Doula Recommendations

Hi all! Does anyone have a Pediatrician they recommend at the San Leandro Kaiser? Also, we are looking for a doula in the area to assist in the birth so would love recommendations for them as well.


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Hello, we currently have Jenille Narvaez, MD, she was incredibly receptive to us having a homebirth, treated us with respect, and was really nice with all of my questions after my child's first illness. We have also interacted with Allison Hampton as well and she was great.

Hi there! Congrats on your upcoming delivery! I was so fortunate to find Jessica Catano and have her as my doula for both my kids births - plus she is a massage therapist which REALLY came in handy during my deliveries. is her website, she only takes on a few births a year - she is so CALM and peaceful and if you're lucky enough to book her she will be a HUGE help to you. Good luck!