Seeking Kaiser Doctor -- Oakland or San Leandro?

Hello Bay Area Families,

Our family is moving to Kaiser and I'm looking for some advice.  Thanks in advance for your time.

Does anyone know of a good doctor who has a naturopathic approach - may use nutritional guidelines to improve health rather than medicine.

Does anyone know of a good doctor for people who have Type I diabetes - both GP and an Endocrinologist.

Who is your favorite Pediatrician?   We prefer female for two girls.

Your favorite OB?  Particularly for menopause.

Do people have opinions on the Oakland vs San Leandro facilities?   How do they compare.

Thank you!

Parent Replies

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For pediatrician, I love Dr. Roxanna Martinez Allen at Kaiser San Leandro. She's knowledgeable, personable, and just overall great with my little ones. I also really prefer the San Leandro facilities for convenience (free/easy parking) and good quality care. 

Hi, I can answer some of your questions.  I have used both Oakland and San Leandro Kaiser so can compare them:  I find parking a hassle at Oakland and at San Leandro there's a great, large parking lot that is easy and safe: well lit, free, and open and it has exercise stations along the way if you're so inclined as you walk to the hospital from your parking spot. 

The San Leandro hospital is brand new, beautifully designed, and I've had good care in each of the departments I've been in (ER, GP, pharmacy, OB/GYN). I prefer San Leandro Kaiser and just wish it had everything I need there! (Had to do physical therapy, urgent care, allergy elsewhere).