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Who we help:

  • Teens and young adults who are going through transition from treatment to home or from home to independence.
  • Youth who are struggling with home life, school, or friends.
  • Families with young people who could benefit from more structure, activity or a healthier routine.
  • Young people who need help making decisions about their future.

Parent Reviews

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How hopeful that this young man is wanting to work with someone. I researched this quite a bit a couple of years ago; although my son is not open to working with anyone yet. The organization that seemed most promising is East Gate Mentoring. I recommended East Gate to a neighbor, and their 30+-year-old is having a positive experience with one of their mentors.


This was a really scary and challenging time for us one year ago. I hope your RTC is heavily involved with the transition planning with a home treatment plan you have worked on together with agreements for expectations, responsibilities and privelidges. The best part of our home treatment plan was agreements we made about scenarios, behaviors and situations that we should be worried about and consider a warning sign for help.  I had been involved with Willows in the Wind, a support group for families contemplating or with children in wilderness/RTC while my son was in RTC and as we worked towards his transition home, they were able to assist me with a grant for  mentor Conor Powell through Eastgate Mentoring. Willows also recommends Coyote Coast. 

Conor was a great match for my son and did a wonderful job, though there are some pitfalls with foisting a mentor on someone who doesn't want one, which was our situation. For us we needed to bridge the gap between a summer with no planned structure until school started and Conor did exactly what we needed to give some structure to some of his days.  If your son wants a life coach, that's wonderful he is asking for what he needs

We are now a little more than 1 year post-RTC and things are "good enough".

Good luck to you.

You might consider:East Gate Mentoringwww.eastgatementoring.comI spoke with Connor there regarding mentoring for my son. There is also a female mentor who's name I forget. My son was not receptive to the idea, so we did not move forward. However, East Gate Mentoring was recommended to me by a trusted source.

Try East Gate Mentoring.  Yoshi Hedges is wonderful!  mentor [at] eastgatementoring.com

They work all over the bay.

Jan Rao