Guidance Counselor for Young Adult

A young man, age 30, is seeking someone to work with on an ongoing basis financial, employment, education and career issues to move forward in life after after a decade + of troubling bad choices.

This isnt exactly therapy (though seeking that as well) but like a guidance counselor for an there such a person? Can anyone suggest or recommend? Thank you

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How hopeful that this young man is wanting to work with someone. I researched this quite a bit a couple of years ago; although my son is not open to working with anyone yet. The organization that seemed most promising is East Gate Mentoring. I recommended East Gate to a neighbor, and their 30+-year-old is having a positive experience with one of their mentors.


Hi, I would like to recommend life coach Terek Humphreys in Berkeley. I found him on this site over a year ago and recommended him to my son. He’s been very helpful!