Bayside Medical Group, Stanford Children's Health Pinole

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Prior to 2005, some of the doctors at this practice worked for a practice called Rainbow Pediatrics, which is no longer in business. 

2160 Appian Way, Suite 100; Pinole, CA 94564. Phone 510-724-8300

  • Pediatricians at this practice (updated Feb 2022): Sumit Sen, Lauren Strelitz

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2010

Re: Pediatrician recommendations needed in Pinole/Hercules
A few years ago, Dr. Michael Linn with Bayside Pediatrics was recommended to us. Several of my friends used him and highly recommended him. We don't immunize our children, so I was looking for a doctor who respected that choice. Dr. Linn is fantastic. He is caring, thoughtful, and communicates well with his patients and their parents. Fan of Dr. Linn

I have a great Pediatrician in Pinole. They are known as Bayside Pediatrics. They are very friendly and great with children. I have been taking my daughter there for 12yrs. monid

August 2009

Re: Pediatricians open to modified vacc schedule
When our favorite pediatrician moved away from Benicia, we were not able to find a local doctor who would work with our modified immunization requests. In fact, we were flat-out denied service. We ended up finding a great pediatrician in Pinole. His name is Michael Linn and he is with Bayside Pediatrics. Their ph# is 510-724-8300. He is the nicest guy and respects the parents' viewpoints on immunizations. JOJ

March 2009

Re: Pediatrician in Contra Costa who speaks Spanish
I strongly recommend Dr. Michael Linn at Bayside Pediatrics, which has an office in Pinole just off of Hwy.80 (phone 724-8300). He is kind, patient, thorough, and exceedingly competent. He is also quite fluent in Spanish. I think he would more than meet your requirements. another pediatrician

June 2007

We just moved to the El Sobrante/Richmond/Pinole area and are looking for recommendations for a pediatrician for our 7-month- old daughter. We'd love to hear about your pediatrician is and your experience with her/him. Thanks. Barb

We have been at Bayside Pediatrics in Pinole since both of our sons have been born. We have been happy with all of the doctors there. Both of my sons are assigned to Dr. Woodard. He loves kids and will take the time to answer questions - very no nonsense. He mumbles a bit, but once you get past that you will find a doctor that cares about kids. We have also seen Dr. Lynn and like him. The Pinole office has drop in every morning (from 9-10 I think), which is very helpful if your child wakes up sick. Several times we have also gone to the Oakland office for Saturday drop-in (Pinole does not Sat drop- in). We have not gone through any major illness - only the normal childhood colds, ear infections, virus, etc. Good Luck! If you are new to area, you may want to try joing a few Yahoo groups for advice ...pinolemoms & WCCPlaygroup Anon

Feb 2005

Hello! I am looking for a new Pediatrician for my children I was highly recommended to see ''Dr. Wolffe'' when I called they said that he no longer worked there and that he was now working in Lafeyette. I am looking for recent recommendations for doctors at Bayside. Apparently, Rainbow is no longer in existence and they are all Bayside now. The lady at the front desk explained some of the sudden changes to me and assured me that all the doctors were wonderful. I would like to know your opinion. I am looking for someone anywhere between the cities of Albany and Hercules. I really would not like to travel any further than that. But, if you've got a great Pediatrician who works in Berkeley, Concord or Walnut Creek I would be willing to think about it for someone who LOVES their job. I also need someone who is a part of ABMG(Alta Bates) and takes Health Net Thanks In Advance!
Mommy looking for EXCELLENT care for my wee little ones

I'm so sorry your medical practice dissolved! But I do have a great pediatrician for you: Dr. Anna R. ''Becky'' Kerr, who (last I remember) works out of the Alameda and Walnut Creek offices. Great listener, takes her time, delights in kids, understands the hard stuff. I cried when I had to change to Kaiser and knew we'd be leaving her behind. Feel free to email with more questions. Jennie

Rainbow Pediatrics became Bayside as of Dec. 31st, 2004. The staff at Bayside is still getting their stuff together. I just took my son in for his two-month well baby check last week, and we went to the office on San Pablo. When I saw Dr. Zwerdling a month ago, he said the office might move, but someone would contact me if that happens. No one called, and we showed up at the San Pablo Avenue office. The woman there said that Dr. Zwerdling was not seeing patients there, and that we needed to go to the Appian Way office. When we got to the Appian Way office, they had no record of my appointment. After much complaining, the receptionist said the doctor could see my son, but I might have to wait awhile. Our original appointment was at 2:30pm; we saw the doctor at around 3:30pm. We were promised the next appointment would be smoother. I certainly hope so.

But on another note, we really like Dr. Zwerdling, and he is still practicing in Pinole, either at the Appian Way or at the San Pablo Avenue office. Both Dr. Zwerdling and Dr. Wolffe saw my son while at Alta Bates, and they were both very good. Bayside did say they would continue to take the same insurance as Rainbow did. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

June 2004

Re: Pediatricians in Pinole

Hello, I recommend Dr. Charles Woodard at Bayside Pediatrics. He has been my son's doctor for two years. The office wait is usually brief, and Dr. Woodard gives as much time as needed in the examining room. He has a great bedside manner for the little ones. He's soft spoken, and sweet natured, as well as quite intelligent. He's also easy going, and extremely fast when administering shots. One time my son peed on him, and he didn't blink an eye. Dr. Woodard always calls me back within an hour when I call the office with a question, and he never rushes through the call. Dr. Woodard is open to alternative medicines (he doesn't look down on them), although he doesn't prescribe them, he once suggested I give diluted chamomile tea to my irritated tiny infant. If you email me, I would be happy to talk to you about our experiences with Dr. Woodard and Bayside Pediatrics. We first went to Rainbow Pediatrics in Pinole, and we did like Dr. Z a lot, but I like Dr. Woodard even better. We also find the office at Bayside Pediatics to be much cleaner than Rainbow Pediatrics. I suggest you visit both offices, as they both give a free consultation. Good luck! grace

I'd like to second the recommendation for Dr. Charles Woodard at Bayside Medical in Pinole, on Appian Way ( He ROCKS! He has a dry sense of humor that my husband and I really enjoy, and we always come away feeling better about ourselves as parents. During our son's one-week-old exam, when we were still sleep-deprived and shell- shocked, we confessed all our fears and doubts to Dr. Woodard, who had the courage to say: ''Newborns are terrifying.'' Just hearing him admit that made us feel better. We later found out that his shot-giving technique is AMAZING. He has those four needles in and out so fast our son doesn't even know what happened. He (the baby, not Dr. Woodard) cries for less than one minute. I just can't say enough about how much he's helped us. The office is clean, the staff members are nice and you hardly ever wait more than 10 minutes. On a related note, we had to go to Bayside's Telegraph Avenue office in Oakland last weekend, and had a great experience there, too: Clean office, nice receptionist, same-day appointment and no waiting! I can't say enough good things about this organization in general and Dr. Woodard in particular. Jennifer

We love Rainbow Pediatrics, especially Dr. Pleet (Helen?). We were with them only briefly, but if our insurance had covered it, would have stayed. Extremely helpful and friendly support staff, and appointments handled in a timely manner, with no long waits between the wellness visits and the shots portion of the appointment. Christine

when we first arrived in the area we went to Rainbow Peds. I really liked Dr. Zwerdling and Nudleman(?) I wasn't as happy with Dr Pleet. She may have been having bad day but I still wouldn't recommend her. We now have Kaiser and we like Dr Leo and Dr Dressler. b3

Dr. Pleet at Rainbow Pediatrics in Pinole has been wonderful with all of the adolescents I have taken to her over the past 5 years. She has a calm, concerned, caring attitude that EVERY patient I have brought there has totally related to. (I am a nurse in a residential program/school for severely emotionally disturbed children/teenagers.) I have every reason to believe she is equally outstanding with younger children. I suspect the previous person, with the negative experience is right, Dr. Pleet must have been having a bad day. Lori

March 2003

We're looking for a pediatrician in the Hercules/Pinole area. My OB recommended Bayside or Hilltop Pediatrics. We've checked the listings on the website, and things look decidedly mixed for these practices--but the info is a little old. Any particular doctors you would recommend? Or other practices? Thanks in advance! Wendy

We have been very happy with Rainbow Pediatrics in Pinole, off Appian Way. It is a group practice and we have liked all the practitioners we have seen there. There has been some turnover in the medical staff over time, but we have liked them all. Dr. Zwerdling has been there the longest (I think) and is very knowledgable and experienced. The office staff has always been helpful and friendly. Phone number is 724-6269. Wendy

I highly recommend Rainbow Pediatrics in Pinole (1063 San Pablo Ave, sutie B near Appian). When we were looking for a pediatrician, I visited Bayside, Hilltop, and Rainbow Pediatrics. I interviewed 2 pediatricians, one from Babyside, one from Hilltop, and then 2 from Rainbow Pediatriacs. I was so happy when I made it over to Rainbow Pediatrics, because I had not been impressed with Bayside or Hilltop. I'm sure they are fine, but at Rainbow Pediatrics, I am extremely impressed at how friendly the entire staff is, and how prompt they are for scheduled appointments. I have now seen three doctors (Dr. Helaine Fleet, Dr. Zwerdlinger, and Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman) and the Nurse Practioner (Geroganne Walker) and have been happy with all of them. Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman (goes by Dr. Wolffe) is incredible. He so clearly loves his job. He is so patient and kind to our daughter. He is very thorough in his exams, he takes time to answer all our questions, and he never makes us feel hurried. When our 15 month old daughter got a serious illness and needed to spend a few days in the hospital, Dr. Wolffe was incredible! He went above and beyond the call of duty. Even when he wasn't on call, he came to visit us in the hospital in Oakland, he called to get updates several times a day, and kept us up to date on what the hospital tests were saying. His dedication made us know that our daughter was in good hands and getting the best possible care. I can't say enough good things about him and the office! Rainbow Pediatrics' phone number is 510-724-6269. Marie

My three children have gone to Rainbow Pediatrics for years, from infancy till off-to-college. It is located in Pinole at 1063 San Pablo Avenue at the corner of San Pablo and Rogers Way, just a few blocks south of Appian. Park in back off of Rogers Way. Phone 510-724-6269. We see Dr. Michael Zwerdling (primary) and I also like Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman ('Dr. Wolffe'). There is a woman doctor too, Dr. Pleet - as it happens we have not met her. A nurse practioner works there also. We have felt well taken care of there. Bonnie H.


I go to the Pinole Branch, and I have had very good experinece there: Lisa Asta is our regular ped, and I like all the Doctors I have seen so far except Beverly Estes, which, ironically, was the Dr that my Ob/Gyn originally recomended to me. She is very thouogh, and I have no doubt of her medical abilities, however, she is a bit hard with the babies. She wants to examine my 13 month old on the table instead of my lap, etc. I also LOVE the staff at Pinole. They always know who I am when I call, and whoever answers the phone (all nurses) can always answer my questions. They are great with kids. I don't know about the Oakland branch. -Lisa

June 1999

I recommend Rainbow Pediatrics to your friend in Pinole. The doctors there have taken care of my children competently (and patiently) since they were born. (I have a son, 13, and a daughter, 11.) They have seen us through immunizations and well-baby check-ups, rashes, ear-infections, strep-throat, alergies--the usual!--and one or two more serious incidents. Health Net is accepted. We see Dr. Bennett-Strauss most often; she is very good.