Bayside Medical Group, Stanford Children's Health Alameda

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Note: Some of the pediatricians at this practice previously practiced at other Bayside offices - see Bayside in Berkeley for reviews.

1359 Park Ave; Alameda, CA 94501. Phone 510-523-8162

  • Pediatricians at this practice (updated Feb 2022): Tina Hong, Asmita Jina, Sumit Sen, Monika Stevens

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2004

I took my son to Bayside until he was about 1.5 yrs old (we had to switch to Kaiser for financial reasons). We saw Becky Kerr of Bayside at the Alameda office. **LOVED** her. She was the main reason I regretted the change to Kaiser (which has been, admittedly, fine). On weekends or for urgent appointments, we saw Tina Hong at the Oakland Bayside office. I liked her a lot, too, but be aware that she can talk really fast. She is willing to stop and explain things, though. I saw Dr. Linn while we were still at the hospital and he seemed very gentle. Good luck with your decision. Jennie

March 2003

You asked about Oakland Bayside Pediatrics doctors in general, and Dr. Janet Perlman in particular. Before we switched to Kaiser, we used Bayside Ped exclusively, and periodically had to go to Oakland for same-day or urgent appointments, as Alameda is not open on weekends. We saw Dr. Hong there. I really, really like her. She is funny, answers questions, listens well, and is a good and careful doctor. She sometimes talks *really* fast, so if this bugs you, you should be aware of it. I interviewed Dr. Perlman while looking for pediatricians, and found her to be open to alternative medicine but still rather firmly based in traditional Western medicine. (shrug) I kind of didn't expect that. But I have friends who love her, and I might have used her if I had not been so enamoured of Dr. Kerr and the convenience of the Alameda office to my work and my daycare. If you are willing to travel to Alameda, the Bayside Pediatrics office is just off Park Street and there is ample street parking. And I loved, loved, LOVED working with Dr. Kerr there. She is wonderful. Takes lots of time, clearly loves her patients, listens carefully, and answers all questions thoroughly. We would still be seeing her if finances (and the medical plans through work) didn't force us to change to Kaiser (which I was rather surprised to really like). Good luck with your decision. (We saw Dr. Kerr from 4/00 through 7/01.) Jennie

March 2002

I have been taking my 2 children to Bayside Pediatrics now for 5 1/2 years. This practice is also in Alameda where Budd Shenkin, Tina Hong and Beverly Estes are in practice. I can say that they are all great. Dr. Shenkin sees patients a little less frequently these days as he is more immersed in Summit administration duties. Tina Hong is very attentive and efficient. She gives me the feeling of really knowing her stuff and always remembers us when we come in. Beverly Estes also carries a special place in my heart as she was the attending Doctor when my son unexpectedly ended up at Childrens Hospital at 9 days old with a fever. This is a very frightening experience because they put the baby through a barrage of tests, including spinal tap and keep you there for observation for 3 days. In my scared and new mom state she was there for comfort and eased my fears. She came in everyday and called as well. I also recommend Dr. Lynn. I don't know if he visits the Alameda office or not. On another note, none of these doctors are Antibiotics pushers. Karen

I have used Dr. Tina Hong for the past couple years for my 3-year-old and more recently for my 4-month-old and think she's terrific. She takes as much time as you need to answer your questions, even if you think they are silly little ones. The only problem is she often runs behind schedule (30 minutes or more). I just arrive late and count on waiting. She's worth the inconvenience. Katie