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  • I am a new mom looking to get back in shape in Berkeley. Is there an exercise class that I can take my 7 month daughter to?

    Yes! I love mama army stroller fitness classes. It's a great workout and the teacher, Angela, modifies everything to your level. I bring my 4 month old. She loves being outside and being pushed around in the stroller. Here's the website. She also has a Facebook page which she updates frequently.

    The Bar Method in Berkeley has a daycare. I believe it costs an extra $5/class.

    I would strongly recommend the Dailey method on ashby! They have Dailey baby classes tuesdays and Thursday's where you work out with your baby in a carrier. I think they say babies up to 7 months but not sure. They also have childcare very frequently for $6 during a large amount of their classes as well. I've been going for a year and a half, before baby, pregnant and after and swear by the Dailey method!

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Mom and baby exercise class on Fridays & weekends

April 2013

I'm a working mother and looking for an exercise class (not yoga) I can take my baby (currently 15 weeks) to and we can do exercises together, preferably on a Friday or during the weekend. The ones I've seen so far are yoga classes and/or they are offered on a weekday during when I'm working. Any suggestions appreciated! Leia

Please check out Baby Boot Camp Oakland for fantastic stroller fitness classes on Friday and Saturdays. The instructors are amazing and will get you sweating in no time flat. The babies love it as they get to watch mom get strong, check out all the other babies, and hang in the park for an hour. Tons of support, tons of fun and quite effective. I highly recommend! Oh and dads and partners are free on Saturdays! Fit Mama