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I teach the New Mother's Workout and the Pregnancy Workout in my beautiful studio in Berkeley CA. In addition I do one on one sessions. This is particularly useful in dealing with a diastisis which can happen in pregnancy when the rectus abdominus muscle (the six pack abs) separates. I have had great success in treating this. Also I have been a bodyworker since 1981 and have a lot of experience with painful conditions. For more information please check out my website:

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I took Karen Casino's classes after both of my boys were born -- it's been years, but looks like she's still at it: .  Great classes for reclaiming your abs, regaining some core strength, being with other new moms, and getting out with little one in tow.

No relation to Karen, I promise.  Enjoy!

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May 2014

RE: Prenatal yoga in the Berkeley, El Cerrito, or Oakland areas

I highly recommend Karen Casino's Pregnancy Workout. Unlike other prenatal exercise classes I took, this isn't just modified to be safe for pregnant women. Karen actually built the workout from scratch with pregnancy and labor in mind. There are exercises and stretches to help with your aching back, your wonky hips, and the all-important pelvic floor and abdominals. Karen is really knowledgeable about anatomy and stays on top of the latest research. She also really cares about her students and assesses if you have any misalignments. I really believe that Karen's class helped me have an easier labor and get my waist back quickly. When I was taking the classes in 2013, it was $150 for 10 classes. You can see more info at Naomi

Jan 2013

RE: New mom looking for Pilates classes

Again, I must recommend Karen Casino ( She offers a pilates workout for new mothers. She works your core and helps you get your pelvic floor back to its pre-pregnancy state (or better, depending on where you started). I had an ab separation (diastasis recti), which was no surprise after twins, but I was surprised how Karen's exercises were able to close the gap so quickly. I read horror stories on the internet about moms doing crunches and making their diastasis recti problems worse, so I was set on doing it all the right way. Turns out it's about working your tranverse abs to help the rectus abdominus back together. The class is an hour and a half long and she has an amazing babysitter for moms at the same time included in the price. The cost of the class is less than you'd pay for a babysitter for the hour and a half! The end of class is dedicated to baby massage, which is so much more fun than I expected. Doing baby massage was the first time I elicited real smiles from one of my twins at 6 weeks old! CC

Dec 2012

RE:  Prenatal pilates trainer class?

Karen Casino ( is amazing. Once I got past my nausea-filled first trimester, I started classes with Karen every Saturday morning until a few weeks before giving birth to twins. As a pretty physically active person pre-pregnancy, prenatal yoga classes weren't enough for me and they didn't really attend to my pelvic floor for more than 3 minutes a class, if that. Karen's prenatal pilates class was exactly what I needed. She is extremely knowledgeable about muscles and bones, and even gave me lots of advice on how to promote health, manage back or hip pain, and prevent injury (and diastasis rectii!) by modifying my everyday motions as well as during my other exercises I continued through pregnancy. Sometimes being pregnant was a physical downer, but my body always felt great after I went to class with Karen. Post-partum, I'm so grateful to Karen for my physical fitness during pregnancy, my killer transverse abs, and my awesome pelvic floor--all of which I am sure contributed to my fast post-partum recovery. Looking back, I am also grateful she had me do arm exercises so I could haul around these babies after giving birth. Her class fees are ridiculously low and she offers pre-, post-natal, and infant massage. Karen is patient, thoughtful, and kind. I'd describe her as the holy prenatal trinity of pilates trainer, doula, and fairy godmother. CC

Jan 2011

RE: Great Pilates teacher/class in Berkeley?

You should check out Karen Casino's classes at her home studio in Berkeley, set behind her house in her lovely garden. I started taking her postpartum class several years ago after I had my first baby (great way to get in shape after childbirth!)and now do the tri-level class. Karen's website is: The classes are small enough that you will get individualized attention and Karen really knows her stuff. She also does private classes. Anna

I have gone to Karen Casino for five years. She is very knowledgeable, eager to explain, very attentive to her students' form, funny, easy to be with. She's excellent and I recommend her highly. Look at www. for a schedule of her classes. Kate

May 2009

RE:  Prenatal pilates class

During my pregnancy I worked out with Karen Casino. She has a studio behind her home in Berkeley and a workout called the Pregnancy Workout. I believe it would be accurate to say it is pilates-based. I'd recommend it. You can find more information at Becky

Sept 2008

RE: Getting back in shape after baby

I went to Karen Casino's class ''The New Mother's Workout'' and it was really nice. It's pretty gentle, and focuses on strengthening core muscles and restoring all of the various parts that are impacted by pregnancy, childbirth, and new mom stuff like the mis-alignment that can happen from all of that baby holding. It's not a calorie- burning workout and not focused on weight management, but will help you strengthen core muscles, feel like a million bucks and ease all of those aches and pains so that you can go on to do something else such as walking. She is very knowledgeable about what your body is going through, and will help you with your sciatica too. You are encouraged to bring your infant with you to the class. It's a small class with individualized attention and friendly new moms who are pretty much all in the same boat and trying to lose the baby weight. Check out her website L

Oct 2007

RE:  Prenatal yoga: Do I have to?

In short, of course not! Excercise will make your labor and recovery easier, and yoga is great for a lot of folks - but if you're not enjoying yourself, either try a new class/different teacher or move on. I had a really positive with Karen Casino's prenatal exercise class - it's pilates based, very informal, and really helped prepare me for pushing. After I had my son I never looked ''pregnant'' even when I was still overweight, which I credit to the stronger stomach muscles from her class. All of that said, if none of this is your bag, just skip it! Life is short

Sept 2007

RE:  Looking for a Postpartum exercise class

I am attending New Mother's Workout with Karen Casino. It's a series of 10 classes to strengthen all the muscles that have weakened and loosened during pregnancy and birth: abdominals, back, glutes, perineum, etc etc. Karen is an attentive and fun instructor, the classes are small (only 4 people or so), and she has a babysitter to watch the kids! It's wonderful. There are also stretches and self massage with various props, dancing with baby and baby massage. Her studio is lovely, set in the midst of her beautiful garden (this is at Derby and Sacramento in Berkeley). Her website says more about her work: I definitely feel my body changing after the class, plus it's great to be with other moms and babies. Maybe I'll see you there! Inna

May 2005

RE: Weekend/afternoon Pilates class in Berkeley

You might want to give Karen Casino's ''Tri-Level Fitness'' classes a try. She offers pilates-ish classes specifically for post-partum (and believe me, she HAS heard of diastasis ;-)) but they might be only on week days. However, I know she also has general classes that are on Saturdays, at her back-yard studio near Derby/Sacramento. meg

July 2003

RE:  Mama belly: Any advice before I call the plastic surgeon?

I highly recommend taking a class through Karen Casino in Berkeley. She helped me ''reclaim'' my abs after a baby. Sorry I don't have her number - I'll bet she's listed. Give her a call. Her classes are held in a studio behind her house. Can't wait to see the other suggestions posted! good luck

June 2003

RE:  Alternate to yoga, YMCA for pre-natal exercise

I attended post-natal classes with Karen Casino at her home in Berkeley. She also provides pre-natal classes. She is good and her sessions fun and informative. If you enjoy her sessions, you will be able to continue with post-natal classes (childcare provided right next to you). I believe her rates are sliding scale. It's definitely more personal than any exercise center. Call her at(510) 644 - 2066. EAnnis