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  • I have two community kittens that need to be operated on before they start having kittens of their own.  Two years ago, I was able to have a stray cat spayed at Nine Lives Foundation. However, these days, Nine Lives Foundation is not opening up slots for feral cats very often.  I have been on their  waiting list  for 3 months now, and might be scheduled in October.  Does anyone know of a place in the SF Bay area that provides low-cost spaying for cats?  I had their mother spayed about 3 months ago.  Thank you for any suggestions you may have for stopping this colony from growing any bigger.

    Reach out to Animal Fix Clinic (formerly Fix our ferals). I believe they are located in Richmond and they do low or no cost spay and neuter for dogs and cats. 

    The Animal Fix Clinic (formerly Fix Our Ferals) specializes in this very thing.

    They will also clip one ear if the cat is truly feral. Be sure to tell them if you plan to adopt and don’t want one ear clipped. (Clipped ears help identify cats who have already been fixed in a community of ferals.)

    Animal fix clinic (formerly fix our ferals!)

    Animal Fix Clinic formerly known as Fix Our Feral in Richmond. They have sliding scale fee and the waiting period to get an appointment is decent compared to Berkeley Humane. My dog was spayed and microchipped there and they were doing an excellent and caring job.

    Try Fix Our Ferals in Richmond.  They do CC and Alameda Counties.  They help with trapping too.

    Hi, try Animal Fix Clinic in Richmond   East Bay SPCA will spay them and vaccinate them for $40 each. 

  • Seeking new veterinarian for my cats

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    Hi Everyone-

    I am seeking a new vet. I'm in N Berkeley but anywhere in Berkeley/El Cerrito etc would work. I'd like a small place with not a lot of turnover and focus on individualized care. 

    Thanks in advance!

    Campus vet on MLK in Berkeley is great!

    I highly recommend Codornices. We’ve been taking our cats there for 20+ years. 

    It's a little further, but we really like Cat Clinic (Dave Innes) in Mill Valley. They don't do appointments but it's almost more convenient that way, as you never know how long it'll take to get your cat until a carrier. We've never waited longer than 15-20 min to be seen. We'd actually drive our cat all the way there from Oakland, which was not the funnest experience for our poor kitty, but we knew we were in good hands and prices are very reasonable. They even have an after hours live answering service, which ended up being important to us, as our cat was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we needed to make some urgent decisions regarding her care. I will say sometimes Dr. Innes can seem a little gruff, or he has forgotten to give us callbacks once or twice (we've had to stay on top of certain things since he's so busy) but he was kind enough to give dermatological advice without charge when everything was closed during the beginning of Covid (our cat wasn't even his patient then), and is very honest and straightforward. We also had some of our cat's teeth pulled with him as well, and again his pricing is very affordable ($600-800) compared to other clinics in the city ($1000-1400).

    The other clinic and vet we liked for internal medicine / oncology was Dr. Cecile Siedlecki at PETS Referral in Berkeley. We never went to their main clinic, but the receptionists on the phone were always super helpful so I have a good impression of them. Hope this helps!

  • Hi, we’ve just adopted a young mother cat and her kitten, and are looking for a great vet we can trust who is hopefully near us, in Berkeley.  Caring, thorough, careful, communicative - all the great qualities!  Years ago when we had cats we went to Codornices, but we’ve now seen some less than stellar reviews. Do you go to Codornices and love them?  Or, do you have another vet and clinic you highly recommend? Thanks so much 

    During COVID we started going to El Cerrito Veterinary Care with our dogs, and we recommend them.

    We originally started going to them because our vet costs were getting so high at Berkeley Dog and Cat, and we can get the same care at El Cerrito Veterinary Care for less.

    But we will continue going with both of our dogs because we get excellent service there. They can often see us within a day or two if an issue comes up - and they’ve always been on time. They’ve been allowing people to come inside with their pets for all but the very worst months of the pandemic. We get long appointments with the vets and have plenty of time to ask questions. This has allowed us to choose less aggressive (and less costly) treatment because we have time to really review the risks and benefits. At our previous vet we were presented options (some very expensive), but without time to discuss it was hard to decide what was the best course of action.

    We live in Berkeley and find that it’s faster to get there than Berkeley Dog and Cat. We have taken the bus (72), biked (on the Greenway), and driven there and all are easy. They don’t have parking, but it’s very easy to park on San Pablo there - much easier than parking in Berkeley.

    We have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gurley at Codornices. We switched there after a really bad experience with Dr. Kriensky at ECVC. We really liked Dr. Buttar but the episode with Dr. Kriensky was traumatizing for us and our pet. We also felt ECVC had become really pushy with sales and marketing. 

    I am partial to the Cheshire Cat clinic. They are located on Broadway next to PetVet. If you google "Cheshire Cat Clinic" in Oakland you will find all of their information. I have been taking my cats there for years and love it. 

    We go to Dr Mattu at University Vet on University. I can’t recommend any of the other vets there except Dr Sozanski. University vet is a tad pricey but we would follow Dr Mattu anywhere. He founded the practice many years ago and has years of experience. We’ve been sending our pets to him for 15+ years. He is gentle and very matter of fact. He saved two of our dogs lives by diagnosing the problem quickly and correctly so we could get immediate intervention and treatment.

    Love love Campus Vet Clinic on MLK. They've always been so good with our cat, and we had to do some major oral surgery when we first adopted her. Also, it's super easy to order and refill pet prescriptions with them!

    Kensington Vet at Colusa circle- they are a small, independent vet hospital and the doctors are fantastic.

  • Vet for Feral Cat

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    Can anyone recommend a vet in the Oakland/Berkeley area that works with feral cats? I recently adopted a semi-feral cat who lives in my backyard. He’s neutered and healthy, and I’d like to find a vet for annual vaccines and any other health needs that might come up. He’s pretty skittish around people and may try to scratch or bite during an exam. The vet I take my other (non-feral) cats to said they don’t usually work with ferals, so I’m hoping for a recommendation of a vet that does. Thank you!

    The Nine Lives Foundation offers vaccines and neutering for feral cats.  I had my cat spayed there, and was given advice regarding a wound on my cat's paw. They are in Redwood City, and may have information regarding finding someone closer to you.  Here is their link:

  • Affordable veterinarian for second opinion

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    I’m looking for a second opinion on a surgery recommended for our dog by our primary veterinarian at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. I’ve had good experiences with them, but they do tend to offer the most aggressive treatment and in this case, I’m not sure it’s warranted. I would love to find another veterinarian for a second opinion or  one who has more affordable prices in general and who could do the simple outpatient surgery for less than the couple thousand quoted. I’m willing to drive a little further out if needed. Thanks!

    I was really grateful for Abbey Pet Hospital in El Cerrito where the fees were particularly low but that was over 20 years ago.  

    I also have found that Orinda Vets are also lower in price. I am actually bouncing my 3 dogs among several vets:. Creature Comfort (holistic 

    and about 50% to 100% more expensive), Orinda Vets, Theater View Vet and Oak Vets (for specialty surgery). 

    I recently changed from berkeley Dog and Cat to El Cerrito Veterinary Care. I love Dr. Buttar!

    Not a similar circumstance, but when I adopted my cat, she needed to have mouth surgery. One vet quoted me ~$1500 for her tooth surgery, but Campus Veterinary Clinic quoted me ~$900. They are a wonderful, caring practice, and I've trusted them with my beloved fur baby's health ever since!

    You should contact the Claremont Vet Hospital on College Ave in Oakland. We have taken our dogs and cats there for over 40 years and the vets are very knowledgeable, skillful and friendly. They tend to be conservative in their care of animals especially when it comes to surgery as they prefer not to perform unnecessary procedures. In addition, their fees are quite reasonable compared to others in the area.

  • Veterinarian that does home visits

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    I'm looking for a vet that can visit my home in Berkeley and check on my cat and give vaccinations. Thanks.

    Hi there, I doubt that vets will be making home visits during this shelter-in-place order, unless it's an emergency. But if you are concerned about going to the vet's office, they are considered essential and most are open and taking appropriate precautions. I took my cat to Berkeley Cat & Dog for tests a couple weeks ago and the way they do it is the masked & gloved technician comes out and gets your pet from you (you stay in your car), and takes it in to the vet. Then the vet calls you on your cell to discuss things while he or she is examining. Any vaccinations or tests are performed and the office staff calls to go over the bill and takes payment info from you. Finally your pet is brought back out to you. It worked well for me and my cat. Good luck with yours!

    I think the vets are mostly still open.  We had a dog emergency last week where our young dog suddenly started limping and we called the vet (VCA on Shattuck in Oakland) and they had us come on in. They came out to the car to get the dog while we waited in the parking lot. The dog was x-rayed, got some cortisone and pain meds, and everything worked out fine!

  • In Search of New Veterinarian

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    I've been going to Codornices Vet Clinic for the last 20 years because of the amazing Dr. Hack. I still love one of the vets there and hate to leave her, but unfortunately, ever since Hack's retirement a few years ago I have had so many bad experiences there. I won't go into all the many ways I have been disappointed because that would turn into too much of a rant. 

    Because my two dogs are seniors now I am having a lot of medical issues these days and need a clinic I can count on—to have a same-day time open if I call first thing in the morning, to be staffed by competent, experienced vet techs, and to have ALL great vets rather than rolling the dice and hoping I get the one good one. And I'm not even going to complain about the price. I don't care what it costs. I just want an entire clinic filled with people I can count on. I'm also hoping to find it in North Berkeley rather than Oakland as it's really stressful on the older doggies to manage a long car ride when they're feeling sick. Also I do wonder if the changes at Codornices have to do with the clinic being owned by a corporation now rather than by a vet who actually owns the clinic (the way Dr. Hack once did). So maybe I'm also looking for a smaller independent clinic where quality-control can be more easily managed. 

    Do you know of such a place? I am so grateful for any suggestions.

    —Worried Dog Mom

    Kensington vet is very good- always on time and great service. I do feel they care a lot about animal health and wellness. Their prices became a issue for me and I switched to dr Han in Richmond where the clinic is not as fancy and the waits a bit longer but Dr Han is great.  From what you are describing though I suggest Kensington Vet.

    Hi, I have a traveling animal dental clinic, which means I'm pretty looped into the local vet scene. I understand your sadness at the changes at Codornices; as a long-time client, I also felt the pain of the ownership change, new prices, difficulty getting in, etc. But I still go there because I have not found anyone I think is a better vet than Dr Grant (and I also think several of the other vets at Codornices are exceptionally good). There are many good vets in this area, but it sounds like you are looking for something comparable to the "old" Codornices and, sadly, there are very few of those in existence, as the whole model of vet medicine has changed and most of those "old-school vets" have retired. I'm sorry not to give the answer you are seeking; mainly, I was hoping to offer you some perspective. This topic comes up in conversation with customers a LOT. There are many pressures vets have to deal with that clients don't necessarily see or understand; some vets are better than others at communicating those. I think if the client has good perspective on what to expect, as well as what they can ask for (which won't necessarily be offered), the dynamic is more useful and productive. My advice (regardless of where you end up) is to be really insistent about which vet(s) you want to see, and if there are Techs you don't like, let the Dr know, as sometimes they don't get that feedback. Also it is important, as the client, to ask for ALL the treatment options including the "less ideal" ones, as sometimes vets will only propose the one they feel is the best. And, you also need to get clear for yourself about your priorities. If you want "the best care", you have to be ready and willing to pay for it. But you should also know that there are often several more options than the one your vet suggests, and you should take it upon yourself to ask. Dr Hack was educated during an era when NO ONE would have considered spending $4000 on their dog's medical care, and thus his approach to care reflects that. Vets today are expected to provide treatment consistent with current standards of medical care. And what many clients just don't understand is that current standards of care are much, much better than they were 20 years ago- clients often just feel they are getting ripped off for profit (and yes, sometimes that does happen), but really the care being provided is just better, and more expensive, than it would have been in the "old days". 

    Anyway, my point is that even though Codornices has changed, and that can be frustrating for someone who remembers it "back when", the vets there really are exceptionally good. I'm not sure you'll actually find what you're looking for (but certainly there plenty of good vets in the area to check out if you're just fed up with your experience at Codornices). You are welcome to contact me if you want to pick my brain on my knowledge of local vets, maia [at]

    I recently took my cat to Abbey Pet Hospital in El Cerrito after hearing highly of Dr. Judd. We too had an awful experience with El Sobrante Veterinary Hospital, they literally put my cat's health in danger. Anyway, I liked Dr. Judd (have only seen him once) and will continue going there.

    Hi! I have been happy with Berkeley Dog and Cat, especially Dr. Leah Isaacson, but other vets there have been good too. I have had so many vets in Berkeley and that is who I decided to stay with. they have been very kind when I suffered a loss, as well. It is 24 hours and I have had to go in last minute late at night, they have always been available. Good luck!

    I've been going to the VCA Albany Animal Hospital on Solano (just across Peralta from the 7-Eleven) since 1986.  They've helped four cats (one we adopted from there as a kitten) through routine care, illness, chronic conditions & finally end of life.  Dr. Gardner is our favorite, but we've trusted and been happy with all the vets.  I'm not sure you could count on any practice always being able to accommodate a same day request, but we've always been able to be seen within a day.  Bout The Same

    I love Berkeley Dog & Cat. Dr. Benjamin is fantastic and they can always get our dogs in.

  • Hi,  We have a 15 year old dog who was just diagnosed with nasal cancer.  We don't want to put her through radiation therapy as she's likely not going to manage it well at her age.  However, she's still pretty spry and isn't ready to stop trotting around.  Does anyone have experience or recommendations for palliative or alternative care?  The oncologist we have been seeing has put her on rimadyl and an anti-biotic but that's all she seems able to offer.

    Thank you!

    I'm surprised no one has posted a response.  You didn't say where you live, but if Oakland isn't out of the way, I suggest contacting Creature Comforts veterinary practice (510-530-1373, 2501 MacArthur Boulevard).  They have a holistic approach and would most likely have treatments or supplements that would bring some relief to your dog.  I'm sure this is a difficult time for your family.


Archived Q&A and Reviews

Low-Cost Vet

Aug 2014

I'm looking for a low-cost veterinary doctor in the Berkeley area for my Maltese. I don't know if there is such a thing as a ''low-cost'' vet or free clinics for dogs but if so... please let me know! Thank-you. Anonymous

Abbey Pet hospital in El Cerrito is a really good clinic and lower cost than any I've tried in Berkeley. Dr Prutton is very competent, the staff is great . Highly recommended . Dog owner

I don't know of one in Berkeley, but then is one in Oakland and one in El Cerrito, it's called Pet Vet. They have inexpensive clinics on Friday and Saturday. You can google, or call for the exact info. If you go, get there early as they become crowded and it's first come, first served. dana

A Good Veterinarian in Oakland/Berkeley?

July 2014

We've got two new kittens and I'm looking for a veterinarian -- they need to be spayed/neutered and they need their vaccinations. We live in the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland and anywhere in Oakland or Berkeley is do-able by us. Thanks for any recommendations! Lori S.

We like Claremont Vet Hospital on College in Rockridge best--competent and reasonably priced. Over the years we've also tried out VCA in Temescal (care was fine, but very impersonal and staff seemed to turn over often), Thornhill Pet Hospital (great care but pricey and a bit of a haul from the Grand Lake area) and, most recently, the newly reopened Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital, since it is very close to our home and loved by many neighbors. While GLVH won for proximity and the care seemed fine, the prices were exorbitant--four times what Claremont charged for bloodwork (literally the same test processed by the same outside lab!) and more than double for a procedure our pet needed. We hightailed it back to Claremont, where we got the usual quality care with a price tag we could handle. The couple-mile drive is worth it, and the only headache is that if their teeny parking lot is full, you have to contend with Rockridge street parking, which can sometimes be challenging. Congrats on the new kitties! Another Grand Lake pet owner

You're in luck! Dr. Dunn and Dr. Knobel, at The Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital, are the BEST!!! happy pet owner

Hi! We love Cheshire Cat Clinic in the Glenview area of Oakland. This is a small place that handles only feline pets, so your kitties will never be frightened by large dogs coming in. They are reasonably priced and their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Your kittens will be in good hands. Their hours can be be wonky, but for good reason- they set aside certain hours of certain days for surgeries. You just work around them. Kat

My wife and I have been taking our cats and dogs to the Claremont Veterinary Hospital on College Ave (near Broadway) in Oakland for many years and have always been very happy with the kind and thorough care they have received. The staff is Davis trained and have been there for a long time. The costs are very reasonable and much less than some of the other local vets. And, they are open Saturdays. the telephone number is: 510-652-5835. Roger

I personally like VCA Bay Area Pet Hospital on Shattuck Ave., just south of 51st in Oakland. The staff is very friendly, and I've had very good experiences with the vets there. I currently see Dr. Louisa Bynum, who is very experienced and highly competent. They also do boarding for your pet, at very reasonable prices. Jim

A veterinarian who makes house calls?

March 2014

We have a lovely cat who is about 8 years old and has never had any health problems. However, she gets terribly stressed out by trips to the vet. We have tried all sorts of things to help ease her stress, but the visits are still very traumatic for her. She is due for her annual exam. In the past, we had a vet from Broadway Pet Hospital who came to our house to see her. That worked great. However, we've recently moved to downtown Lafayette. Does anyone know of a vet who would make a house call in this area? If any health problems were actually found, we would be willing to take her in for necessary follow-up, etc. It would just be nice not to subject her to the trauma of an office visit for a routine check-up. Meow

Dr Tracy Williams is a mobile vet and connected to Bishop Ranch Hospital in San Ramon. She is amazing! Here is her number 925-735-7387. There is more info if you Google. Prices are good!

David Grant, DVM, 510-499-9204 or dgrantdvm [at] A great vet -- knowledgable, compassionate, great with people and pets. House calls are better than visits to the vet!!!

Veterinarian in Albany

Aug 2013

We're new to Albany and are in need of a recommendation for a good and reasonably-priced veterinarian for our golden retriever dog. Thank you. Kathleen

I recommend Terri McGinnis at VCA Albany on Solano. She has been our vet for our two dogs for the last 7 years. If you like someone who explains things well and gives great training advice then you will like her. She is very friendly and loves our dogs. Also,the front desk people are always very friendly and willing to help. Gina Sandoval

David Grant, Codornices Vet Clinic, 944 San Pablo Ave, Albany, 510-524-3062. The best! Not only is Dr. Grant a competent vet, he is so compassionate. He came to our house when it was time to put down our golden--his handling of her, and of us, was careful and loving. jody

Vet for elderly cat with ear cancer

May 2013

My otherwise healthy 19 year old (older than my teen kids!)white cat has skin cancer of his ears- common in old white cats who like to sleep in sunny windows. The tips of his ears were removed a few years ago, but the cancer returned. We would appreciate recommendations for a compassionate vet who can do surgery, with reasonable rates, near Berkeley. He will need the external whole ear removed- many pictures of happy cats on internet that have undergone this procedure. The problem is he is old, terrified of vets and almost starved to death with the postsurgical collar on last time. I don't want him to die an uncomfortable death untreated with probable eventual infection, and he is too healthy to decide easily that this is the end- he trots at quite a pace to his food bowl- but surgery is painful too and may hasten his demise, so we have been stalling as we try to decide the most compassionate approach. His prior vet feels age alone favors euthanasia when things start to get ugly, which is where we are headed. He is itching but not in pain. I don't know many cats that get to 20, but I would like another opinion from a vet who would be nonjudgemental that we've waited so long to decide to intervene. Old parent with old cat.

I love the vets at Codornices Vet, on San Pablo just north of Marin, but for anything as major as ear cancer in an elderly cat I prefer to take my animals to the vet school at U.C. Davis. It's only an hour and a half drive away, the care is no more expensive (sometimes less) than at a regular vet, and the quality of the care is amazing. We are lucky to have such a great resource nearby. Cece

One of my cats had cancer of the ear over two years ago.Dr.Grant at Codornices Vet. Clinic in Albany completely removed his ear and we were very pleased with everything.I do not remember the recovery period being long or difficult.My cat is now 15 and still very kitten like.I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Grant. Ellen

I highly recommend the doctors of Claremont Veterinary Hospital on College Ave (near Broadway) for treatment of your cat. My wife and have have taken our cats there since the 70's for their care and have always been pleased. The staff is UC Davis trained, friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable and their fees very reasonable. Their number is 510-652-5835 and the office is open on Saturday. Roger

Dr. Shriro at Berkeley Dog and Cat was amazing with my gorgeous white older cat, who lived to be 20. My cat never liked a vet before he met Dr. Shriro, but as soon as he met the vet, he reluctantly liked him. The vet did silly things, in my cat's opinion, but my cat liked him despite his ''faults.'' I think it's because Dr. Shriro truly loves cats and gets them so well. He was enormously helpful to me and understood the amazing connection my cat and I had, and I heartily recommend him in your situation. Berkeley Dog and Cat handles complex medical conditions and is often the vet hospital that other vets refer to. Kirstin

Reasonably-priced Vet?

March 2013

We have a number of pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) most of whom have medical issues (e.g. arthritis, low thyroid, anxiety) so have them on a variety of meds. I have been generally happy with our vet at Montclair, but feel like I am constantly waging a battle against not being able to afford the best/recommend care and having to ask them, what are my reasonable alternatives. The 'best' care seems to always come with a $500+ price tag and frankly I'm not even sure that is what is 'best' for the quality of life of the animal. Mostly I am tired of feeling guilty for not doing the $800 dental work, the $5,000 hip surgery, the $200 pt or acupuncture, and the regular $100 check-ups so I can keep everyone on the meds that have been recommended (and then the $$$ blood work to make sure the meds are working). I love my animals, but I also have to pay my mortgage... Can anyone recommend an Oakland vet that 1) doesn't make me feel terrible for not going with the platinum package on everything, and 2) doesn't actually charge a fortune for decent pet care? Thank you! no more doggie private school!

I can highly recommend Richmond Vet Hospital on MacDonald Ave near San Pablo Avenue in Richmond. I know it is quite a drive but the rates are very nominal and some clients come from Sacramento. The doctor never pushes a procedure always leaving it up to the pet owner. It might be worth the drive. I have four dogs and six cats and they all go to Richmond Vet Hospital. Good luck. jh

Please come down to College Ave to the Claremont Veterinary Hospital for wonderful, caring care for your pets without the pressure of upselling their services or products. We have been taking our dogs and cats to the staff there since the late 70's and have always had good experiences. All the vets are U C Davis trained and their fees are much less than in Montclair and their care is as good if not better. And, they are open on Saturdays. 510-652-5835. Roger

I highly recommend Oakland Veterinary Hospital in the Laurel District. Visits are under $40, efficient and friendly. I've had 2 pets need emergency surgery and neither broke the bank. They actually cut me a deal on one of them. Good people here. Tina

Check out Dr. Dunn at Lake Vet Hospital in Oakland - (510-452-1255). We took our dog there for about 5 years and were always very happy with the care (including her end of life care). I found their fees to be lower than what I had paid at other Oakland/Berkeley vets. And the care was better than at any of those other vets. Our dog was quite senior by the time we switched to them an they were always very respectful of our desire to only do what was really necessary (both for cost savings and for her comfort). I was never made to feel guilty for deciding not to do a procedure - and trusted that they were only suggesting visits, procedures, medications, etc. that were truly necessary. The office staff were all really sweet and Dr. Dunn really got to know our dog. (Dr. Lin was also great the few times we saw her.) Lake Vet fans

Looking for a great vet in the East Bay

March 2013

I moved to Oakland from San Francisco and I had to say goodbye to a fabulous vet for my two dogs. They were a small group of vets and after I took my dogs for anything (a cold, an allergy) someone would call me to follow up and check they were alright. Now I'm looking for someone like my vet in the Easy Bay. I'm sure there's got to be a dog whisperer/pet healer where I can take my pooches without loosing and arm and a paw. Would you have any recommendation? Dog lover

Oakland Vet Hospital. I can't say enough about the place. The vets have always called me to follow up, when my dog and cats had to be put down, they donated in their names to Davis. I've always had a great experience and plan to take my new dog there even though we moved to Alameda. rachel

We have taken our dogs and cats to the vets at Claremont Veterinary Hospital in Oakland for many years. Their number is:510-652-5835. They are UC Davis trained and take very good care of their patients. There is no attempt at upselling any products or services and their fees are very reasonable. A top notch office. Roger

We love our vet, Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland ( Here's the catch: they are higher end in terms of prices. HOWEVER, they also give top notch care. I never feel like they're pushing procedures we don't need or anything like that. They just do things right, and it costs more to do careful monitoring and such. When you want to feel certain that your pet is getting absolutely the best care, they're the place to go. This has been especially important when we've had very ill pets. It's been reassuring and worth the money to feel and know that our pets are being giving the best possible chance. - Thinks it's worth it

I must disagree with the person who posted a recommendation for Montclair Vet Hospital. I had very uneven service there and they charged a ton for very little. Take a look at YELP for a good story of a typical bad experience there. I would never go back.

Vet in Orinda?

March 2013

New to the town and wondering what folks think about the veterinarians in the area. lpj

We love our vet in Orinda. Dr. Lori at Theater View Vetrinary 1 Bates Boulevard #200 Orinda, CA 94563 +1 (925) 317-3187 She is the most skilled and kind Vetrinarian we have ever seen. So good that we keep seeing her despite now living in Richmond. She used to work out of Orinda Vetrinary but recently opened her own clinic that is very nice, clean, new and state of the art. I can't recommend her enough. Animal Lover

I can highly recommend Rheem Vet Hospital in Moraga. I LOVE Dr. Johnson. He is just the absolute best. He has seen my dog since we moved here in 2005. She adores him. He even took care of one of my chickens. My CHICKEN!! His advice is very down to earth and he never pushes procedures. I trust him implicitly. You should check out their Yelp reviews. Many reviewers have had some wonderful experiences with his practice. He has another vet working with him now, and I have heard very good things about her, but we have not had an appt with her.

Laurie Langford DVM New clinic, great staff and the kindest vet you will find. 1 Bates Boulevard #200 Orinda, CA 94563 +1 (925) 317-3187 rvt

2010 - 2012 Recommendations

Veterinarian for new puppy

Dec 2012

We are getting a new puppy and are now doing research to find the PERFECT vet. We've always had dogs and have had numerous contacts with many different vets. HOWEVER, we can't recommend any of them. We might be too picky but this is what we are looking for: not too much waiting in the waiting room once you have an appt, vet willing to spend time with you and answer all questions, not rushed, vet available for phone calls if necessary, knowledgable office staff who are not busy, cost not too extravagant. . . we have actually found such a vet in the country (Arnold) but we need one in town as well. We haven't given up yet. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Details welcomed! You can also email me directly if you prefer. Thanks in advance. Paula

The vet with all the qualifications you're looking for is in Moraga. His name is Richard Johnson and his practice is Rheem Veterinary Medical Hospital. Dr. Johnson is fantastic. He really takes his time with the pets and owners, discussing whatever the current concerns are and pet well being in general. His staff is great. They pretty much are always on time. The place looks like a time capsule from 1965, but it is very clean and all the doctor's treatments and methods are up to date. He never pushes any treatments or procedures. He'll lay out and discuss the options, then let you decide or help you figure it out once he hears your thoughts. Check out the Yelp reviews for his practice. You will see that almost all the reviewers echo what I've said here. Here is the info on the practice: Rheem Veterinary Hospital 521 Moraga Road, Moraga (925) 376-5976

Dr. Lori at Theater View Vet is amazing. So careful and thorough, honest and trustworthy. We've been seeing her for years, despite the fact we moved to Richmond years ago. She has a new modern clean practice. She was even kind enough to come to our home when our cat needed to be put to sleep and later sent the sweetest card. Highest recommendations! 1 Bates Boulevard #200 Orinda CA 94563 United States +1 (925) 317-3187 Animal lover

Veteranary orthopedic surgeon for doggie knee

July 2012

I have a sweet 9-year-old lab who I fear is in need of reconstructive (TPLO) knee surgery. She had one a couple of years ago and now seems to have blown out the other one (they told me it was inevitable). The last one was done in Windsor and cost $3500. We moved here last year and I haven't found a vet here that I like yet. Her last was an amazing DVM/acupuncturist. I am ok with going the Western medicine route for the surgery so we're going in for an xray and consult tomorrow at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. Does anyone have experience with their orthopedic surgeons or can recommend any others in the East Bay or beyond? I would also like find someone more holistic for follow-up and future issues. Who do you trust with your four-legged babies? marcie

I highly recommend Lisa Alexander, DVM. I was most pleased with her care of my dog Rosie's ACL problem, including pre-care and after-care. I felt we were in the best of hands, and Rosie recovered completely. This was many years ago when Dr. Alexander was in practice at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital. I googled her name, and found she is now at: VCA Animal Care Center of Sonoma County Phone: 707-584-4343 Fax: 707-586-9042 6470 Redwood Drive Rohnert Park, CA 94928 alexander/10126 BUSINESS HOURS Mon-Sun Open 24 hours If one of my dogs ever needed knee surgery, I would definitely consider Dr. Alexander. She was that good. Julie

I've had 2 dogs that have required TPLO surgery, the surgery was done by different vets, and both of my dogs have had great recoveries. Other than the fact that the cost of TPLO surgery has doubled in 10 years (everywhere), the 2nd time around it was much traumatic and disruptive for my dog and me. Dr. Andrew Sams in Mill Valley did the procedure on my current dog. What was striking was how much less pain my current dog experienced in comparison to my lab. I believe that Dr. Sams surgical approach is more respectful of tissue and he disrupts as little as possible. His recovery protocol was less rigid and easier to implement, and his fee included a physical therapy session. My lab's degenerative disks caught up with her the year last of her life. I took her to Dr. Sams and found him to be a valuable and compassionate resource. In addition to being an exceptional surgeon, he's a very kind and gentle man. His clinic is very impressive, and he's got a great staff. Berkeley Dog Owner

My great pyrenees mix has had both knees done, surgeries were one year apart, almost to the day. The surgeon was Dr Walls at Veterinary Surgical Associates in Concord, who I highly recommend. She recovered well from both and has not even a slight limp. It is an expensive surgery, and the recovery is difficult for both the dog and the owner, but 5 years later, I'm certainly glad we did it. It was necessary to create a safe place in our family room, where we contained her and kept her quiet, comfortable, slept with her. I took off work to be with her for about 3 weeks as I wouldn't have felt safe leaving her and I did not want to crate her. donali

New Vet rec needed

July 2012

Hi, I we are new to the area and I am looking for a veterinarian for my 14.5 year old dog. I want a vet who has lots of experience, loves animals and won't break the bank. Does this exist? I am in N. Oakland. Thanks!! Doggie needs a doc

Hi! We absolutely love Claremont Vet on College. They are located in Rockridge. We used to got to Montclair Vet and they did break the bank and were way overpriced from general exams to large procedures. The best thing we could've done is switch to Claremont Vet. Their front of the house staff is always helpful, polite, smiling AND knowledgeable. Dr. Frizell has performed a knee surgery on one of our dogs and did a great job and made us feel safe with such a large surgery, not to mention he charged $2,000 less than Montclair Vet. Overall we love them and they never forget to give a little treat to the dogs on their way out! I feel like they love my dogs as much as I do! Tiffany

I was impressed by Dr. Han. He treated our cat for a possible poisoning--was knowledgeable, researched options, went for something that made sense and was inexpensive (I'm a physician, so could assess his approach pretty well). His office is NOT glitzy--but was busy (and close to I 80). He seemed to engage with my kitty, and had pictures of his own dogs around. 4704 MacDonald Ave Richmond, CA 94805(510) 232-3465. happy with my vet

We have taken our dogs and cats to Claremont Veterinary Hospital for many years and have always been pleased with the care and service the staff provides. They are mostly U C Davis trained and it shows with the friendly attitude they take toward the animals. If owners have questions or concerns they will gladly explain any details to them. They also make follow-up calls to make sure pets are well after procedures and are even open Saturdays. Their office is near College Ave. and Broadway and their number is:510-652-5835. The rates are much less than at the Montclair Veterinay Hospital. Roger

We have been taking our dog to Montclair Vet for three years. They have been great. Dr. Richter has a lot of experience and he has a certain way with dogs that calms them enough to allow him to work on them. They also operate a holistic vet clinic. Here is email and phone lee [at], 510-339-8600 stu

Good vet in Oakland?

April 2012

We are getting a puppy this summer and looking for a new vet. We have gone to Montclair Vet with our last two dogs, but they have gotten very expensive and we never see the same vet twice. Does anyone love their vet anymore? about to be new parents again

I've been through most of the vets in the East Bay and the best - hands down - is Broadway Pet Hospital, specifically. Drs. Gutlaizer and Miller there (but they're all great). I'm a really tough vet customer, just knowledgable enough to be a pain in the butt and overly concerned with my cats, and they just GET IT. They put up with me, they're smart, they're kind, if they don't know something they admit it and check it out (often at no additional expense), they don't overcharge, and they have extremely high integrity. Their office staff is also top notch, something that's often a problem at other vets. GO TO THEM. Good luck with your puppy. anon

We have been going to Montclair Vet for 3 years and always get Dr. Richter. I bet if you ask for the same vet, they will accommodate that request. They may cost more, but I know that our little guy gets the best care. We like that we can bring him in for low-cost tick removal whenever we want. They have never let us down. stu

Need a good vet in N Berkeley

May 2011

Hi. We are moving to Berekely from a different country in August, and are hoping to bring our dog with us. Can BPN doglovers please advise me on the best vets in the area of N Berkeley? Also, it would be really helpful to have a sense of what dogfood costs (he is a big dog: 30+ kgs). Are dogs allowed on busses? (We won't have a car). Anything else I should know? (I know he will have to walk on a lead always and be pooperscooped up after). Thanks! Natasha

VCA Albany Vet at 1550 Solano Avenue is a really good practice with many knowledgeable and caring doctors. They also have good connections to specialists if (and only if) needed. I recommend them highly. By the way, you should also look into off-leash dog areas. There are many good ones. Jane

I've recommended David Grant, DVM on BPN before - over many years, 6 dogs (currently have three). See his Yelp reviews. David is the best! He makes house calls (which I prefer and usually do) but he also works out of Codornices Vet Clinic. Both if my dogs are geriatric right now, both large, and one is 15, which I think helps attest to the great advice and care from David. (In fact, that particular dog's life was saved by David many years ago. Henry was hit by a car and thought to be fine. Hours later, it turned out that he had internal bleeding. Thanks to David's quick work - he set him up with a blood transfusion from his own dog, Boise - he lived and thrives.)

I use cans and kibble from Costco but I also add ground up fresh veggies and some supplements. And Costco is right near Pt. Isabel, a large off-leash dog park, which I'm sure many people will tell you about. Jessica

We use Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital, Dr. McBride, but it's on Haste and Shattuck. We live in north Berkeley but it's worth the drive for the excellent care they provide. They also have emergency services and an excellent dental veterinarian. We recommend them highly. Sparky's Mom

Good veterinarian in Berkeley/Oakland

March 2011

Hi-- we have a cat needing dental work (infected tooth) and I am looking for a good vet in either the Berkeley or Oakland area. The one vet we went to seems qualified, but she is really expensive ($1000 to pull one tooth). Any recommendations and suggestions for vets or vet clinics are much appreciated. Thanks. Jen

i recommend dr grant at codornices vet in albany. also the vca in albany on solano ave has a dental specialist on staff, who i think is fairly reasonably priced for a specialist. $1000 sounds steep but it really depends on what's going on with your cat. an abscessed tooth is not an insignificant thing and there's a big diff b/w pulling a premolar and pulling an upper canine, eg, and there are other factors that could make for a more complicated surgery, thus raising the price, etc. so the estimate you got could be unreasonably high or it could be totally reasonable. you can use the estimate you got (assuming it's in writing, as it should be) and just call a few other vets and ask what they charge for each of the itemized things. that will give you an idea if this vet's prices are a bit high or not. anon

I can highly recommend Dr. Wendy Beers at VCA Albany Animal Hospital on Solano Avenue at Peralta. You can check their fees with the front desk when you call (Phone: 1-510-526-2053) since I'm sure they are not the cheapest in the area. But Wendy is an excellent dentist. She's done all the dental work on both our current cats and four previous ones. I've also had the opportunity to watch her in action when I was training to be a Registered Veterinary Technician. One of the reasons dental work on cats isn't cheap, even though they have small mouths, is they have to be under full anesthesia for about an hour. And someone needs to keep an eye on their vital signs during the process. Plus some cats, like our Harry S. Cat, are prone to significant plaque build ups. And it takes just as long to clean hardened plaque off a cat's tooth as it does off one of ours. If you have a cat like this after the next cleaning it's worth a try at doing some home ''brushing'' with a Q-tip. Or, if you've got a really mellow cat, a feline brush and paste. There are also special foods that can help reduce the plaque build up. They are expensive enough I use them as treats. By the way, this practice has taken care of 6 cats of ours, 8 cats of various friends, plus our neighbor's dogs. And there have been some serious illnesses in that mix so I'm really representing at least 7 people when I recommend them. jwen

We just switched from a larger practice in Berkeley we found extremely pricey to a great solo vet in Oakland. We are absolutely thrilled with him: Dr. Carl D. Jameson, Plaza Veterinary Hospital, 510-569-8864. Lori

Veterinarian with lower-intervention approach

Feb 2011

I have an aging, ailing cat, and am looking for a veterinarian who will help me manage her symptoms and keep her comfortable, but I'm not interested in heroic interventions to try to 'cure' her. I recently took her to Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital, but since they are a full-service/specialty hospital, I feel like they might not be a good fit to my approach (i.e., their default approach seems to be to go 'all out' in diagnosis and treatment, since they have all the technology on hand). An exam and a blood/urine panel cost $250. Now, based on that, they recommend an ultrasound ($450) and possible liver biopsy ($200). And that's just the diagnostics, not even getting into the costs of possible treatment. That's beyond what we can spend on our cat. I'm going to talk with the vet about this, but in case things don't work out with Berkeley Dog and Cat, does anyone have a recommendation for a vet who could work with me in old-fashioned, low-tech, lower-cost ways to make my cat as well as possible for as long as possible? --

Try Dr. Dunn at the Lake Vet Hospital on Grand Ave. in Oakland. We take our very senior dog there and have been very pleased with Dr. Dunn's balanced approach. She has been very supportive of doing what is necessary to manage chronic conditions while letting her age gracefully. Happy Dog Owner

Try Dr. Eleanor Dunn at Lake Vet, on Grand Ave. in Oakland. 510-452-1255 or She knows cats and understands how to manage care vs. cost if you tell her what's most important to you. She's also very calm and respectful of pets. Good luck. C. C.

We loved Dr. Grant at Cordonices Veterinary Clinic on San Pablo. When we were having issues with our cat, he was willing to discuss all the options from 'wait and see what happens' (she didn't seem to be unhappy or uncomfortable) to exploratory surgery. We ended up trying the lowest intervention approaches and keeping tabs on things, and the problem eventually resolved itself. I appreciated his realistic, non-judgmental approach, after having been scolded by other vets for allowing our cats outside. ('Yeah, they don't live as long but they have a more enjoyable life,' was his only comment.) No surgery for my cats!

Petvet/petfood. there's one in El Cerrito and one in Oakland. (full disclosure: i work there periodically, so i may be biased.) they are a low-cost vet clinic -but not a full-service vet- which means the mentality is very different, ie they won't recommend you mortgage your house to care for your cat. they are a bit old-school, so they aren't the place to go for 'cutting edge' vet care, but the vets who work there are all extremely good. the El Cerrito clinic is open Fridays and Saturdays, the Oakland clinic Sundays and Mondays. the big downside is it's first-come-first-serve, so you will usually have to wait a while and it can be a crazy mob-scene on weekends. berkeley dog and cat is kind of known for being expensive and over-the top on procedures. that being said, it's important for a pet owner to be very explicit with their vet about what kind of care they want. vets are coming from a medical perspective and want to provide the very best medical care for each animal. not all vets can easily navigate the nuanced balance between care and cost and many feel that it's not really their place to make those decisions (though i personally think that's a convenient cop-out!), so you should take it upon yourself to be responsible for that. my best advice is find a vet you like who is not super expensive (you can use your last bill from Berk dog and cat to compare- just call other clinics and ask what their price for each of the items on your invoice costs at their clinic; this will give an idea of basic prices in relation to other vets). when discussing care with a vet, always ASK QUESTIONS. a really good question to ask is 'what will happen if i don't do that procedure/treatment?' and if you want to go the full-service vet route, i'll just throw in a personal recommendation for dr grant at codornices vet. he's great. he did a wonderful job helping me with my old dog with a minimal amount of intervention. and in the end he did a housecall to put her down, which was the best. best wishes for you and your cat.... maia

Holistic Vet

Feb 2011

There are so many chemicals, medications, and vaccines that are given to our dogs. I would like to try a different approach and switch to a holistic vet. The recommendations I found were old, and I would appreciate any good recommendations of holistic vets in San Francisco or in the East Bay. I appreciate your help.

Hi, I have heard from many animal lovers that the veterinarians at Creature Comfort are wonderful (though not inexpensive...but what veterinarians are?). I know their veterinary homeopath, Beth, is excellent at what she does. She is patient and very compassionate with people and animals. She helped my dog, during the year following Sophie's bone cancer diagnosis and we all found Beth soothing as well as a caring and intelligent healer who was willing to explain everything to a skeptic like me. Sophie adored her, and Beth made that last, difficult year easier, less painful and less scary for my sweet dog. If you decide to try the holistic veterinarians or if you talk to Beth, tell her Laurie Werbner, Sophie's mom, sent you. Creature Comfort Holistic 2501 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland, CA 94602-2917 (510) 530-1373

Jenny Taylor is an amazing Holistic Vet. Her clinic is called Creature Comfort in Oakland. kayla

Dr. Anne Reed is a fantastic holistic vet. She is very kind, compassionate, smart and clearly loves what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She splits her time between home visits and her clean, well thought-out, and comfortable clinic in Point Richmond. (510) 232-5303 A fan of Dr. Anne

!. There is Creature Comforts in Oakland.....I would suggest seeing Jenny. 2. All Paws in Point Richmond...Ann Reed 3. Holistic Hound in Berkeley..Heidi Hill, owner and skilled in Homeopathy, this store is great and Heidi has ALOT of info regarding, nutrition, etc.

Creature Comfort in Oakland is considered one the the best complementary care vets. One person who has left their practice, Anne Reed, is now in Point Richmond, where she has a private practice and from which she does house calls. Her main focus is acupuncture ( In San Rafael, Stan Goldfarb uses homeopathy and Standard Process supplements: You may also wish to confer with Berkeley-based Sabra Learned, Animal Consultant, who uses Tellington Touch and her many many years of insightful work with animals to help you understand and feed your pet the very best. She makes house calls, of course! She will have her recommendations as well: 510-649-9142. Nori nm

When my previous dog was in really bad shape, as a last ditch effort I took him to Creature Comfort Veterinary in Oakland. They were wonderful and I wish that I had started going there years earlier - the transformation of my dog was unbelievable - I mean, really, unbelievable. The vet that we saw there, Adam Piaseczny, is so unbelievably attuned to what is going on with animals - he is the best vet we've ever had (and we've had some good ones!)He now has his own practice in SF (closer to home) called Healthy Pets ( So if you can, I would make the trip to see Dr. Adam in SF but otherwise I think the vets and staff at Creature Comfort in Oakland are great too - and just make sure you're clear on the costs. The initial visit may be more expensive but I felt like both Dr. Adam and Creature Comfort really tried to help me keep costs down. patrice

Montclair Vet Hospital : 510-339-8600 has an entirely holistic practice separate from their traditional practice and will be opening an holistic center on Piedmont Ave. soon. They have done a great job with all of our pets in both traditional and holistic practice areas. Maggie

Great holistic vets here. Cheryl Schwartz is my fave. Holistic Veterinary Care 1969 B Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611 Neighborhoods: Montclair Village (510) 339-2600 kevin kevin [at]

I highly recommend Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Service in Oakland: 2501 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland, CA 94602-2917 (510) 530-1373 Their treatments of Chinese herbs and acupuncture added several pain-free years to the life of our elderly Australian Shepherd. A Berkeley grandma

Holistic care existis here in the Bay Area and is a great alternative for your pet. And with some amazing results. My friend Jillian took her dog to Montclair Vet's new Holistic clinic. Her Western Vet gave the dog a very short life span. After receiving holistic care Jillian's dog is still alive and as she says with more energy than before he was ill. Montclair Vet offers both Western Traditional and Holistic care. They are located in Montclair, but they are also opening a second space on Piedmont Ave. next month. This space will be for holistic care and will include rehabilitation facilities. I hope you will go see Dr. Gary and his wonderful team. Check them out at 510-339-2600 Nina J

Looking for new vet for our cats (Berkeley)

Jan 2011

Looking for a new vet for our cats. We've been to Codornices and have had okay, but not great experiences. Any information is appreciated. Debra

We have been very pleased with Montclair Vet. They are next to Lucky's in Montclair Village. Dr Richter has provided excellent care for our little dog, and I'm sure he will do the same for your cats. He is highly trained and very calm. The office staff are friendly and caring. On one occasion while I was sitting with my dog in the waiting room, one of the techs came in and sat with us and played with my dog. stu

We have worked with Albany VCA at Peralta and Solano with several cats and a dog. We have never had a problem. They were also incredibly sweet when I had to euthanize two of my pets. coco

Have you tried Montclair Vet? I've had good experiences there. Talia

Great female vet wanted in Berkeley

May 2010

I am looking for a female vet. My dog has fear of men.I'd love some recommendations for a wonderful vet you have used for years who you love! I'm also looking for a place with competent pleasant office staff and a vet who is relatively on time. My present vet office is good I guess but very popular and I can hardly get an appointment and I always wait at least half an hour which is just too long for a vet I don't love. Prefer Berkeley North Oakland Frustrated Pet owner

Dr. Bridgeforth is great. She's in practice with at Dr. Foor Paws, 10305 San Pablo Ave in El Cerrito--worth the short drive from Berkeley--phone 510/524-4551. 4Paws loyal

We like Dr. Reed at Campus Veterinary Clinic in Berkeley. Most of the staff are also female. It's always easy to get a quick appointment. Their number is 549-1252. mg

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Looking for best veteranarian for dogs

June 2009

we are about to get a new puppy and i want to find the best vet in the east bay. please don't recommend vca on solano ave. catherine

The SF Chronicle on Sunday June 7th had an article on Finding the best vets. They quoted ''Some of Checkbook's top-rated veterinarians'' In the east bay they listed Alameda Pet Hospital, Alameda;Chabot Vet Clinic, Hayward; Dr. Foor Paws Pet Hospital, El Cerrito; Montecito Animal Clinic, Pacheco; and Richmond Veterinary Hospital in Richmond. I have used Richmond Vet Hospital and find them very reasonable and good. Pug Dog Lover

We have always had excellent luck with Montclair Vet. The doctor is top notch and the staff is thoughtful and efficient. Laura Kennedy

Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital on Haste just above Shattuck rocks. anon

The poster asked for the best veterinarian. I *love* my vet whom I've been seeing for over 10 years, and literally trust him with my dogs' lives. David does house calls and also works at Codornices Vet Clinic (and is a prent of two small children). David Grant, DVM dgrantdvm [at] 510-499-9204 Codornice Veterinary Clinic 510-524-3062 944 San Pablo Avenue Albany, CA 94706 As well as top-notch diagnostic and routine care, David has saved the lives of a couple of my dogs and, when it was the right time, came out to my home to end them (I have multiple dogs, but David is an expert in all small animals). jessica

Special Veterinary Services

May 2009

Our dog has been referred for a consultation for Elbow Dysplasia in both elbows- has anyone had experience with Dr. John Haburjak and Dr. Kim Carlson at Berkeley Dog & Cat Special Vet Services or with The Andrew Sams Clinic in Mill Valley? Also curious about experiences with elbow dysplasia and surgery for it. Thank you very much! susan

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Haburjack at Berkeley Dog & Cat. He literally saved my dog's life - she would not have survived another hour and the vet that admitted her was not optimistic that she would even survive the surgery (she ripped her spay sutures and the result was straight out of a horror movie). The situation was severe. I am still shocked at her full recovery (I think I have PTSD!) Haburjack was very meticulous, personable and empathetic and I felt I could really trust him to be conscientious about not adding on unnecessary costs. The staff at BD& C was great - kind and always available for questions.

I would also recommend Dr. Richard Schwach at Avenues Pet Hospital in SF, He's an orthopedic expert (did my previous dog's knee surgery among other things). I would wholeheartedly trust either of these surgeons and I consider myself very picky. Good luck! Dog ate my kids' college fund

We highly recommend Drs. Haburjak and Carlson. Our dog has been treated there for a number of issues - torn ligament for which she had a TPLO, and then again when it occured on the other side (common occurence), a knee issue, and several rounds of Vet Stem stem cell injections for her arthritis. Our dog is 11. We did the last round of stem cell injections about 2 weeks ago. She had pain medication for about 3 days, so she was zonked out during that time. After we stopped the pain medicine, she started coming upstairs again, she chased a rabbit about 40 feet, and I caught her up on her back legs table surfing for the cat's food. I know nothing about elbow dysplasia, but given the varied treatments we have had, and the encouraging results, I think you have found the right doctors. Specialty vet care can be pretty expensive, but it's worth it when your dog starts acting like a puppy again. Cookie's mom

Good Vet Needed for a Rabbit

Feb 2009

Can anyone recommend a good local (Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito) vet for a rabbit? hf

You asked, ''Can anyone recommend a good local (Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito) vet for a rabbit?'' I can!: David Grant, DVM Codornices Vet Clinic 944 San Pablo Ave Albany, CA 94706 524-3062 IMHO, David is a vet saint. But you don't have to take my word - you can check out the reviews on Yelp. I also have a good friend, Donna, who is a vet tech there (also eligible for sainthood) who backs up my opinion. (And David has the two most adorable toddlers around, except for yours.) Jessica Behrman jessica [at]

I LOVE my vet!! Dr. Thomas Foor at: Dr Foor Paws Pet Hospital 10305 San Pablo Ave El Cerrito, CA 94530 (510) 524-4551 I have a cat, but I think he sees all mammals. He's like a country doctor, very practical, and inexpensive. anon

VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital in Oakland (where Telegraph and Shattuck meet) has a good rodent clinic. I have taken my rats there and have been happy with their level of care. I often see people with rabbits there too. Carrie

The VCA Oakland has the bunny''expert. I believe her name is DR. Carolyn Harvey. My rabbit goes to her. She is very well known as the East Bay rabbit specialist.

Free or next to nothing vet

Aug 2008

Hi. I would like to know if there is anything like free vet care or very inexpensive care. I used to live in Boston and there was a clinic where you would pay for medicines and vaccinations at the cost price but not the consultation. I am a single mom and would love to adopt a pet from a shelter. Whereas I can't afford to pay for vet fees (except of course medications and so on) my thinking is that I would be saving an unwanted pet. And I am sure we would be giving her/him a good life. My view is that adopting a pet is like adopting a child: you never give it back no matter how hard things might become. We have had lots of pets over the years in my family and not a single time did we give up on any of them. Pets are for life. But, knowing this, and knowing how expensive life in the bay area is I want to make sure I will be able to take care of a doggie if we adopted one. So, any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Longing for a dog

Although there are some low-cost vet clinics in the area that give basic exams and vaccines, there are no full-service vet hospitals that do, at least not that I know of.

I take my animals to PetVet's weekend clinic (there's one in El Cerrito and one in Oakland) for simple things and vaccines, and the cost is minimal, but what they can offer is limited and they don't do lab work. I like them because they have excellent vets that have been there for years, they are very generous with advice, and they don't try to sell you anything.

For lab work and more serious issues I use Codornices Vet, which is reasonable as vets go here, but I still always walk away stunned at the cost.

For very serious issues, I take my animals to UC Davis Vet School, which is reasonable, less than you'd pay for a specialist here, but not cheap by any means.

Because of the expense, I do not plan to have any more dogs, maybe not even any cats, after the ones I have now are gone- I simply can't afford it, which makes me very sad. My animals are all rescues, and like you, I wish that I felt that I could continue doing the good work of providing a home to animals who need one. Cece

We use Pet Vet on Broadway at 49th. They don't charge for the visit, just for meds or shots. They are not a full service vet practice- for example, one of our dogs needed a surgery and they do not offer that. They did give us an excellent recommendation. We have been going there for six or seven years and have been very satisfied. The clinic is open Sunday and Monday. It's best to arrive early. It's a great service, and we have saved a lot of money with it. Happy Pet Vet Customer

Try Pet Vet. there is one in El Cerrito and one in Oakland. They offer very reasonable saline IV's (less than $20) and vet care. I've even seen older cats getting saline vaccines there. Call them for specifics. the downside is you may need to wait a bit. Like cheap vet care too

PetVet, which is a pet food store with branches in El Cerrito and Oakland, offers free veterinary care for basic issues. Last time I checked, the vets were on duty Fri-Sat in El Cerrito and Sun-Mon in Oakland. It's a great service, but be prepared for long waits. Jennifer

Kensington Vet

Aug 2008

My husband and I have long traveled back to our original bay area home in Marin to take our two dogs to the vet. That is more unreasonable now as gas prices continue to be through the roof. Does anyone have any experience with the vet's office on the Colusa cirlce in Kensington? It is walking distance from our home and would be ideal. Thanks Tracee

Kensington Veterinary Hospital located at the Colusa Circle is run by Dr. Gayle Vial. I took my Sheltie there for the past 13 years, and has always been happy with the service Dr. Vial gave to him. She has a full ''hospital'' at this location, where she performs her surgeries. If you live close by, then this is a great place to start with. I live 5 blocks above Colusa, so this was convenient for me as well. I am sure you will get a good feeling when you meet with her. If you are not happy with her, then the next alternative close by will be on San Pablo Avenue, between Moeser and Potrero area. Edward

Veterinarian recommendation, anyone?

Aug 2008

We plan to adopt two wonderful kittens from the shelter and would love to hear from anyone who can recommend a great vet and kennel (when needed) for our kitties. Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, North Oakland would be options, location-wise. Also, if possible...any words of wisdom regarding pet insurance? Thanks much in advance! In search of James Herrriot

You'll find a James Herriot like vet at Dr. Foor Paws on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. Dr. Foor is a sweet, gentle man who genuinely loves animals. anon

We don't have kitties, but we have been taking our dog to Dr. Harkewicz at Berkeley Dog and Cat on Haste St. for 10+ years and highly recommend him. They of course treat cats too (and iguanas and guinea pigs and...) Dr. Harkewicz has always been kind, compassionate, good at answering questions and he's a knowledgeable and seasoned vet. Our dog is quite nervous and skittish but he is so calm and gentle with her, she lets him do whatever he needs to. They have a kennel there too which we use sometimes - I think it's fine but probably not the coziest or happiest option for pets since they associate it with the vet. Our dog never even wants to go in the building - so I'd recommend finding a kennel that is not part of a vet's office ideally.

Cheshire Cat Clinic (Park Blvd. Oakland) is a great Veterinarian and specializes in cats only. I've been very pleased with their service, flexibility in appointments (Saturdays, too!), and knowledge of cat ''issues''.

One of the Vet Techs at Cheshire owns and operates Just Cats - a ''Kitty Hotel'' right down the street. They also offer in-home cat sitting. It's very reasonably priced, the space is large, each cat gets play time and lots of cuddles. Medications and special needs are no problem for the trained staff at Just Cats. I can't say enough about their care - every time my aged Tabby comes home from the Kitty Hotel, she's really happy and has gained some weight.

My 19 year old Tabby and late tuxedo have been very well cared for by Cheshire for the past 5 or so years and Just Cats since it opened (a year or so ago, maybe). I only wish I had found both services when the cats were younger.

If you choose to use Just Cats, please tell them that Michele and her cat Maggie referred you. Good luck in your search

Montclair Vet has been voted Best in the East bay many times over, and they deserve it. The are in Montclair Village, and their number is 510.339.8600. Our dog goes to Dr.Richter and we love him, he is terrific! Keren

Veterinarian for terrified cat

May 2008

Hello - I need to find a vet for my cat who gets absolutely terrified in vet offices. I've been to VCA and liked it very much, but she was in such a panic attack that she threw up all over the place, more, the vet said, than she'd ever seen before. We went to Abbey Vet as well, and before I moved here a number of vets on the Peninsula, with similar results. When I lived in Philadelphia we had a vet that she loved -- actually let the vet hold and cuddle her, purred, didn't mind shots or meds. The office was quiet and the vet was incredibly compassionate and clearly adored pets. There are lots of great vet recommendations here on the BPN, but do you have someone specifically who deals wonderfully with your terrified pet? Or more recent recommendations for vets who make house calls? I live in Berkeley. Thank you! - poor kitty!

David Grant DVM makes house calls (510) 499-9204 or dgrantdvm [at] and he also works at Cordonices. We've used him primarily for dentistries (cat and dog), reducing the trauma on our pets and on us! He does excellent work, and his charges are reasonable. Maryl

My cat hated his first vet and then I heard of Richmond Vet hospital at 4704 McDonald Avenue at San Pablo. My cat had an operation there after a fight and he did great. the male vet (can't remember his name now) is wonderful with cats I think, he came highly recomnended by a cat person and I agree with her. His number is 510-232-3465. catherine

We take our menagerie (3 cats and a dog) to El Sobrante Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Patricia Bacchetti is a strong cat-lover, so if you decide to try them out, make sure that you ask for an appointment on a day when Pat is there. It is a little ''out of the way'' for Berkeley, but I think it is worth it. Our kitties, including our 23-year-old patriarch, loves Pat. Robert

We use Cheshire Cat Clinic on Park Blvd. in Oakland. There are only cats seen there. Our cat is super anxious around strangers and while he definitely will growl and make a fuss during anything particularly invasive that they do, he is remarkably still for much of the visits. Rae

Dr Gary Richter at Montclair Vet is known for calming nervous pets. The atmosphere is relaxed at the clinic, and Dr Richter has a certain knack of communicating with animals. You can email them at info [at] or call 510-594-0828. Stuart

I've used Albany VCA for many years and highly recommend them. I used to have a cat that was terrified of everything, including the vet. Albany VCA would give him a towel to hide under, or at least hide his head, and was able to do an exam and shots. Not all of the vets at Albany VCA would offer the towel but they would all go fetch one if I asked. My cat also did best if he could get as close to me as possible while under the towel. Any further medical work required anesthesia, for his own safety and that of the staff. Albany VCA was very accommodating and patient with him. My nervous cat only cuddled with people who were asleep. never had a cat like that before or since!

While I can't recommend a vet for your cat, I have used Bach flower remedies successfully for fear in pets. These remedies are like homeopathic medicine, except for emotional issues. They are very dilute forms of the plant, so at worse they won't have the desired effect, they can't harm the pet. There is a remedy called Mimulus which is for ''fear of known things''. I used them on a dog who was terrified of fireworks, and it helped a lot. You could put a few drops in the pets water for a couple of days before the trip to the vet. You can buy these remedies at a good health food store. Costs under $10, worth a try. Karen

Looking for a great Vet for new dog

May 2008

I am getting a dog and would very much appreciate recommendations for a really good vet. I want someone who I can trust to take care of my new ''baby''-- reliable, bright, good bedside manner, etc. I live in Rockridge and would be willing to travel in the Berkeley, Oakland, Albany areas for an exceptional doctor I can trust. Thanks! New parent

I really love the holistic approach for my pets so I go to Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center at 2501 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland 530-1373. All the Docs I have seen there have been fantastic and treatment has been less invasive and more effective with less side effects than ''standard'' vet treatment. Barbara

We love Dr. Jerry at Orinda Veterinary Clinic in Orinda. It would be just a hop through the tunnel for you. He is extremely popular for his clinical expertise and great bedside manner. Our dog loves going to see him! fourdunz

I would highly recommend Dr. Gardner at VCA Albany. The number is 526-2053 and website is I really like him because he's never seems rushed and provides very comprehensive information. I've also has a good experience with Dr. Reed when Dr. Gardner has been on vacation.

I have several friends that use Montclair Veterinary Hospital for their pets. They always mention that the Doctors and Staff are always friendly...and the service is phenomenal. Besides the fact that they are a great vet, they also have a non-profit called the Pet & Wildlife Fund. They donate thousands and thousands of dollars worth of service to save pets and wildlife. It is really great. They are also starting a pet acupuncture practice, which has had a really great response. When it is time to bring in my 100lb dog he will definitely be going to Montclair Veterinary Hospital. Michelle

Reasonable Vet for Diabetic Cat

April 2008

I would appreciate recommendations for a Vet who errs on the conservative side when it come to treating Feline Diabetes. We are in the North Berkeley area. Thanks. Gena

VCA Albany (near the Berkeley border on Solano) is where we take our ten year old diabetic dog. Dr. Gardner is her primary vet for diabetes although we have been *very* pleased with all of the vets. Sam has been receiving insulin injections twice daily for three years, and we feel that the VCA vets have been quite careful in their recommendations for her care. (Insulin and sharpies are purchased at a local druggist. You learn the procedure rapidly although its scarey at first.)

I have also taken cats to them in the past for various other ailments. They'd be my first clinic of choice for a diabetic cat. Dorothy

I second the VCA Albany Vet on Solano recommendation. I worked there for 7 years and know the doctors and staff well. I trust them implicitly and they have great success with diabetic cat patients. Dr. Gardner is fabulous, I would also recommend Dr. Reed, Beers, and Sozanski. 510-526-2053. Good luck with your kitty :) jen

Looking for a vet

March 2008

My dog and I just moved back to the East Bay and I am looking for a great Vet to take him to....any suggestions? Michelle

Really good vet- Michael Evans at Animal Care Clinic in El Sobrante (it's right off 80). ONLY see Evans. 222-9966. He's straight forward, down to earth, will give you options, not pressure you, and he doesn't belong to that good old boy network of vets...and he's the only western vet that I go to. love my dog like my life

Every animal I know goes to Dr Stephen Gardner at Albany Animal Hospital - a fantastic vet and a fantastic human. 1550 Solano Ave. ph 510 526 2053 Philippa

I recommend Montclair Vet. They are in Montclair Village near Albertsons. Dr. Richter, there, writes articles in the Montclarion and really cares about animals. Their website is and their phone is 510-339-8600 Stuart



Need a vet near Alameda

Jan 2008

I am looking for a wonderful vet for my wonderful dog. She is healthy but needs a check up and I would like to establish care somewhere in case she ever has a medical problem. I am very broke, but will not skimp when it comes to her well-being so if anyone has had a stellar on-going experience with a particular veterinarian or clinic, preferably in or near Alameda, I would really appreciate it!

Alameda Pet Hospital is great - The staff really is wonderful and caring. My cats have been seen by Dr. Buchinger and Dr. Dalmasso. The facility is clean and welcoming. I highly recommend them. KC

Seeking a good vet in the East Bay

Nov 2007

We are looking for a new vet, as we just can't seem to find a knowledgeable, honest vet in the area for our Boston terrier. We've been misdiagnosed by 2 vets and one was so expensive that he gave us a brochure for pet health insurance on the way out! This was all for a routine skin issue for Bostons that, once we got the right medicine from breeders, cleared up immediately. We live in north Richmond but would gladly travel to Berkeley/Oakland areas for the right vet for our pup. Thanks! -happy mom of a Boston

We've been very happy with the care that we've received at Claremont Veterinary Hospital on College Ave. We had a bad experience with VCA on Solano, which I know a lot of people rave about. We may have just run into a couple of bad vets there, but I can't say for sure. We had some new puppies and brought them in because they were scratching a lot. I asked if it could be fleas, and the vet insisted that it was just that puppies tend to have dry skin. After another week, we switched to Claremont Vet and they immediately said that they obviously had fleas, gave us some medication and the problem was resolved. It just bugged me that this wasn't even such an unusual thing, yet the VCA folks didn't catch it. The vet at VCA also (absurdly) insisted that our male dog's testicles were descended, yet it was obvious that they were not. We were recommended to Claremont by our neighbor whose previous dog had cancer, and it was misdiagnosed until she took it to Claremont Vet. Claremont Vet doesn't look as flashy as VCA, but the doctors and staff really are excellent. Anon

We are very satisfied with El Sobrante Veterinary Clinic. We have 3 cats and a dog and have worked with Dr. Patricia Bacchetti and her partners for many years. Robert

Dr. Foor Paws on San Pablo in El Cerrito is excellent. His prices are very reasonable and he doesn't seem to go overboard on services. Also, he's a nice guy and has a great staff. We used to go to University Vet on University in Berkeley, and they would nickel and dime us on everything - and they were very expensive. Also, they didn't seem to have a regular crew of vets, so we never really knew who we going to see. anon.

Have you tried Dr. Foor yet? Dr. Thomas Foor (Dr. Foor Paws) has always struck me as very knowledgeable, compassionate and reasonably priced. He's in El Cerrito on San Pablo Ave. His number is (510) 524-4551 happy cat owner

Not knowing who you have used I can just give you the ones that I use since Robert Lammers retired. Richmond Veternary Hospital - I believe he is very honest and won't do more work than you require. I also use Mike Evans at Animal Care Clinic - BUT ONLY MIKE EVANS. The other vets there try to push extra items which are costly. Dr. Evans will easily go along with saying no on the extras. Good luck this is a difficult issue. jh

Montclair Vet has good doctors - I have a bird, not a dog, but everyone I've met who uses them is happy with them. Talia

I have been taking my dogs to Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital for the past 23 years, and highly recommend them. Dr. Richard Benjamin has been our primary veterinarian throughout that time. He is caring and compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced. He is always willling to discuss diagnosis and treatment options, and answer all questions. He is very thorough, recommends conservative treatment options, but does not automatically recommend high-tech, high-cost measures.

I have also appreciated the services of the other veterinarians there, especially Dr. McBride, with whom we have had the most experience.

Also, they have emergency hours, and are open 24/7, so you don't have to use a stand alone emergency hospital. They also have Special Veterinary Services there, for any speciality you might need, wonderful vet techs, and receptionists who are on top of things.

They are not the closest to my house, and I've heard (but haven't confirmed) that they charge more than others, but my peace of mind about my dogs' care is what keeps me going there.

They are located on Haste St. between Oxford and Shattuck, 848-5041.

My first four dogs lived to be 13, 18, 17, and 17 years of age, thanks in part to my good working relationship with Dr. Benjamin and Dr. McBride, and my now 4-year-old is recovering well following emergency surgery from a vicious attack by another dog. Dog lover

Holistic Vet for Dog

Nov 2007

We are searching for a vet for our dog which practices holistic medicine. We live in the Berkeley area. Would love to hear about any recommendations for a vet or sources of where to find one. Even interested in vets who are more holistically minded, but maybe don't necessarily consider themselves holistic. Our pup, Sugar, thanks you! anastasia

They're quite pricey, but if you can afford them, I recommend:
Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center 2501 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland 510/530-1373
Very caring and you don't feel like you're on an assembly line when there for an appointment, i.e. unhurried, attentive, and thorough. Joan A

I recommend Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center in Oakland. They are a little pricey for the initial appointment, but it is an hour long and they are very thorough! They combine holistic and western medicine, so Sugar will get the best of both worlds. I think that they are terrific! Kat

I highly recommend Jenny Taylor at Creature Comfort in Oakland! She is amazing. The other vets that work with her however are not that great. Especially Dr. Johnson. She's a waste of time and money. But Jenny Taylor is fabulous.

Another vet who isn't ''holistic'' per se, but who is supportive of holistic treatment and great is Dr. David Grant at Codornices on San Pablo in Albany.

And lastly, but perhaps my best tidbit, is to go to Holistic Hound in Berkeley and speak with Hiedi, the owner. She is an incredible source of information. She is smart and kind and has recommended many great suggestions for my dog who has cancer. She is truly fabulous and a great community resource. Good luck. .

We are in Berkeley but we take out pets to Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center at 2501 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland. (510) 530-1373. I very much value their approach to healing and they have provided sensible, harmonious care for our pets for several years. That is in the Fruitvale area. Barbara

Berkeley Vet for 2 dogs

Sept 2007

We are looking for a Berkeley vet for our two terrier mixes. (I didn't see any reviews past 2004; sorry if I'm repeating a question here.)Ideally a practice that is very skilled and has a good admin staff. One of our dogs has several chronic health problems and so we sometimes need to get in quickly without terribly long delays. Very much appreciate any feedback on who you like or don't like. ariel

I've been going to Campus Vet for about 15 years now. Dr. Yen took over the practice a few years ago, and while I loved, loved, loved Dr. Berger, I like Dr. Yen even better. He listens to me babble away at him, reserves judgment, is kind and calm and my dogs really like him (as do I). He obviously really cares for the animals and it shows so much in his demeanor. Other vets in the office are likewise great, but Dr. Yen is my fave. The staff there are marvelous, and Dr. Yen holds staff meetings two or three times a month which is a good sign; he's keeping his staff up to date and clearly cares about their education and dedication as well. This shows in their attitudes and knowledge.

I have been to other vets in the area, but have not been nearly impressed. I do have to add that Abbey Vet Hospital in El Cerrito is horrible, both me and my friends have had terrible experiences, including picking up our pets with weird injuries, feces stuck to their fur, etc. A vet there even went so far as to dispute the breed of my dog at one point, scratching through what I had written in favor of what HE thought the correct breed to be! Unbelieveable!

Do give Campus Vet a try. At least one visit. They're not cheap, but they're worth it. And, I've always been able to get appointments quickly and conveniently. Heather

I don't think you can do better than Berkeley Dog & Cat hospital on Haste. We switched from Campus Vet to them and I have never met better, more compassionate veteranarians. Their hours are good and they also offer boarding.

My two great experiences there were

1) treating my dog's bone cancer. He eventually died but they understood that quality of life was the #1 thing, and

2) recently informing me that our adopted stray cat was positive for Feline Leukemia, in front of my 5 year old daughter. The vet handled it so gently and compassionately, I will be forever grateful.

Hope this helps. rb

Reptile Vet

Sept 2007

We recently acquired a Russian tortoise and are in search of a good but affordable vet who specializes in reptiles, preferably in or close to Berkeley. Thanks. Friends of Mr. Tortoise

Dr. Harkowitz in Berkeley is the tortoise guy. He saved our sulcata's life. I believe he was at the Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital . This was about 7 years ago. You could call the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley and ask, they were the ones who recommended him to us. Good luck with your tortoise. Mara

the vivarium gave us a name of their favorite reptile vet though I don't have it handy. They are an excellent resource though and you could call to get a vet recommendation. lizard's mom

Try Dr. Kenneth Harkewicz at Berekeley Dog & Cat on Haste, near Shattuck. He is our dogs' vet - and they both love him as much as they can since he gives them shots and yucky medicine to take - but he speicalizes in reptiles. Jay

I own the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley and have experience with tons of vets. I've found that there are many many vets out there who have never kept a reptile and know precious little about them, but are perfectly happy to gain experience on your animal and on your dime, and will claim they work on reptiles to do so. On the other hand, there's Ken Harkewicz. He's got more than thirty years experience keeping and breeding reptiles (particularly tortoises), and is a kind, gentle and forthright doctor. He works at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital , which is not cheap. However, having a doctor who will honestly present you your options, and who will not hurt your pet through his or her own ineptness... I think that saves a lot of money, and heartache. He's also a particularly fine dog and cat vet; I take all my kids to him. Owen

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Managing expenses for dog who gets sick a lot

Nov 2006

Re: Claremont Vet for dog who gets sick a lot
Hi there, I have had 8 year experience raising my own dogs (I have 4) from puppyhood and doing a significant amount of rescue work. The bills can really add up!

The first thing I'd recommend is getting dog insurance for the first 3-5 years or so and then in the dog's older years. I thought it was incredibly ridiculous at first, but it literally saved one of my dog's lives and saved me hundreds of dollars. One of my dogs ran away from a friend who was caring for him. He was subsequently hit by a car. A stranger who saw it happen took him to a vet emergency room. The only reason they could start treatment on him before getting in touch with me is because he had a tag that said he had insurance.

This is an extreme example of course, but I also saved so much money in other ways for the many small crazy things that happens to dogs in the first 3 years of puppy/young adulthood:-)

Second, I'd recommend getting a veterinarian dog care handbook for dog owners(costs about $75). In it, they have the most common (and less common) ailments for dogs and you can look up lots of stuff yourself. They also have remedies for the common stuff that's not serious, but is gross enough to you and uncomfortable enough for your dog that you want to treat it asap (diarhea!!!) Puppies and dogs have runny stools farily frequently (especially if they go to Pt Isabel/Ohlone alot) and you don't need to take them to the vet for every incident. For example, the book gives you the dosage of pepto to give your dog and how much cooked white rice/cottage cheese you give and for how long - that alone saves you almost $200 in vet bills by the tim eyou do the fecal sample and get the dog version of pepto.

Finally, I recommend highly PetVet /PetFood (near Broadway Vet). It is a clinic that is open Friday through Monday (only open Sun and Mon at the Broadway location) from about 10-4. They used to be a free vet clinic started by two vets (married couple) who were very popular in the Bay Area. When they retired, their clients were so upset, that they agreed to continue serving the community on a volunteer basis in a limited capacity. They are no longer free, but they only charge $12. They do not do x-rays, blood work, fecal exams etc, but they are SO EXCELLENT and will tell you when you need to take your pet to a full hosptial for tests. After taking my dog to two different vets who could not find what was wrong with her leg USING x-rays, they figured it out by a hand exam! They are GOOD and have seen just about everything (they also do vaccinations etc)! The meds/prescriptions are sold at cost (even frontline and advantage is as cheap there as it is on-line).

For anything that they suggest I get an x-ray for etc., I've always used VCA Albany. I know people don't think highly of the VCA system and it can be costly, but they're down to earth, always fit you in and are nice folks. I found the hospital and vets to be more to my liking (and cheaper!!!) than Broadway Vet and Montclair Vet. I have not, though tried Claremont. Hope this helps!

Dog opthalomologist

August 2006

I was told by my vet I need to bring my dog to an opthamologist because she is no longer making tears. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or can you recommend an opthamologist in the East Bay? The Berkeley Cat and Dog hospital doesn't have a free appointment til the end of the month and I would to have this looked at sooner. Thanks Elsa

I took my dog to Dr. Dennis Hacker, 10324 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito (near the Guitar Center) 510-559-1755. He is a veterinarian ophthalmologist and seems to know his business Barbara S

Dr. Hacker has a practice in El Cerrito. I have no idea how booked he is, but here is a link to his Web site that has information about him and directions to his office. I skimmed the Web site, and it looks like there may be some helpful information there. Good luck Janet

Vet for a rabbit

June 2006

Hello. I'm looking for a veterinarian good with rabbits for my lop-eared love who I've adopted and is about one year old (and is an altered male). Ideally, I'm looking in the Richmond/Albany/El Cerrito area. Thanks! --Hippity, Hoppity Easter's Now Every Day

Even though this may be a little far for you, I would strongly recommend VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital at 4501 Shattuck Ave. in North Oakland, tel no. (510) 654-8375. They are open in the evenings and on weekends, and have several excellent rabbit vets. Rabbits are fairly delicate creatures, so it's good to have a vet with a lot of expertise. In the last 9 years that I've owned rabbits, two nearly died from unique bunny problems (blocked gut and bunny flu) but the vets at VCA saved their lives. It's unlikely that your little guy will have any problems, but just in case he does, it's better to go to a vet with lots of experience. I noticed on the House Rabbit Society's web site, that they also recommend Dr. Stephen Gardner at VCA in Albany. Nancy O

Hi, Dr. Harvey is in the VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital in Oakland. I believe hr first name is Karolyn. She's like the premier bunny doc in the country! I would absolutely bring your bunny to her. Sylvie

If you are willing to travel to Oakland, Dr. Carolynn Harvey at VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital on Shattuck/Telegraph is one of the best bunny doctors around. She is also president of the House Rabbit Society which is located somewhere in Richmond. Dr. Harvey is kind, gentle and has specialized in rabbits. I know it's a bit further than you intended, however it is worth the drive for the best in care. She's also great with other animals as well and is versed in TTouch and other gentle methods. Dr. Harvey is at VCA America. The number is 510/654-8375 Friend of furry friends

We have always taken our pets (including guinea pig, and bunny) to Abby Pet Hospital at 11070 San Pablo in El Cerrito. Our vet has been Lee Prutton since 1983. He and the staff are really great and very sensitive. BTW we used the ''Cat'' door whenever we brought in our small animals.

Contact the House Rabbit Society in Richmond! They recommend (and so do we) VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital's Dr. Carolynn Harvey (!) or Dr. Bynum 510-654-8375 (North Oakland). They're not quite so near you but are EXCELLENT and SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE w/bunnies. Good luck! House Rabbit Grandparent

I think the House Rabbit Society (in Richmond) can give you a good recommendation. They are a wonderful rabbit rescue organization. chris

Try VCA Bay Area Pet Hospital on Shattuck in Oakland. Dr. Harvey is one of the top rabbit experts in the country. You can find more vet recommendations online from the House Rabbit Society. anon

Montclair Vet is the place to go. Dr. Cynthia Lynn or Dr. Amy Boxberger at Montclair Vet see bunnies Stu S

Vet in San Francisco

March 2006

I'm pretty sure that my cat is diabetic since I can smell ketone on his breath. He has an appointment at his regular vet on Wednesday, but I'm wondering if anybody can recommend an inexpensive vet in San Francisco who would be willing to work with me to minimize the cost of managing feline diabetes. I love my cat, but I'm supporting a spouse and child on a postdoc salary already and don't think I can add the cost of long term cat care to our budget. Erica

A lot of people like Pets Unlimited on Fillmore. anon

Veterinary surgeon for dog's knee, ACL repair

Dec 2005

Does anyone have any experience with either Veterinary Surgical Associates or Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital for ACL repair surgery on a dog's knee? We're leaning towards the former, but any information on either would be helpful. Thanks, ljz

I've just been through an ACL repair with my Norfolk Terrier, a show dog. He's in his fifth month of recovery and is almost fully back. I strongly recommend Dr. Gary Brown in Fremont (I know, it's not as close, but worth the extra few minutes of driving, believe me). He is considered the industry expert among show dog people. I currently have Gabriel, my Norfolk, in Canine Rehab here in Walnut Creek and the vet here said if she did not have his Xrays she would never know by how he moves or how the leg feels that he ever had the surgery. His only issue now is a slight weakness when he stands (which if he were not being shown would not be a problem!)

Our dog also has a torn ACL and we've been trying to figure out which of several procedures we should use to repair it, the TPL (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, a relatively new procedure in which they fix the slope of the joint bones), or the traditional ligament repair (in which they use a suture to repair the tear). If anyone has experience with either of these procedures, Advice Please!!! If we choose the TPL, we'll go to Dr. Andrew Sams in Mill Valley (415-380-0500). If we go with the other procedure, we'll go to our regular vet, Dr. Mike Sozanski at VCA Albany Vet (510-526-2053). We've worked with both Vets on our dogs dysplasia and would not hesitate to recommend either of them. Please contact me as I'd like to share notes. Martha

2003 & Earlier

May 2004

Anyone have a recommendation for a good veterinary surgeon in the Bay Area? Specifically I'm looking for someone who is competent in the area of canine knee surgery. All it took was one wrong twist and my dog tore his ACL. Thanks! patrice

  • Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital

    Vet for dog with terminal illness

    May 2005

    My dog has been diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer and all the vet can say is be prepared to let her go. As she is eating and getting around ok, I am looking for a vet who can help me with palliative care. I don't want extreme measures to extend her life, but I do need help in assessing her comfort/pain and in giving her whatever pain relief she needs. I need some support and guidance on when to put her down. Any suggestions? grieving dog mama

  • David Grant, DVM
  • Lake Vet Hospital
  • Marina Pet Hospital
  • Oakland Veterinary Hospital
  • VCA Albany Veterinary Clinic
    I'm so sorry you and your dog have to go through this. I don't have specific vet recommendations as I'm sure many BPN-ers will have some but one great resource you might want to check out is Rainbow's Bridge. The site is actually a memorial site with info about grieving, etc. but there is a section with information, support, etc. specifically for pets with cancer. There is a chat room moderated by some veterinarians re: pets w/cancer that can answer your questions. May your remaining time together be filled with some good dog smiles.

    Re specific vets, I can recommend any of the vets at both Codornices Vet Hospital, and Berkeley Dog & Cat- I have had very good experiences with both.

    Re putting her down, in my (fairly extensive) experience, you will know when it is time. I have found that animals reach a point where it is clear that they cannot enjoy life anymore. It may be, especially if it is your first time (but it always is), a hard and sad decision to make, but the kindest thing is to not wait until she is truly suffering and in obvious pain.

    There are vets in the phone book who will come to your home to put her down, and unless my animal was already hospitalized, this is what I have chosen- not to drag them into the coldness of a vet's for their last moments. All of you will be more comfortable at home. All of these vets will take the body away for you, and you will have choices about what to do with her remains- burial in a pet cemetary (expensive), cremation, and cremation with her ashes returned to you.

    I have not had to deal with this for several years, so cannot recommend a specific traveling vet, but the most important question I have asked is how much time they are willing to spend. You will want time to say a final good bye, and personally, I have wanted some time to spend with the body after they have passed- another kind of good bye.

    You do not mention her size, but it is illegal to bury a large animal on your property- you need to bury them very deeply (like 5'), and there is the possibility of contamination of the water table. I have buried cats, very small dogs, and ashes in my garden, at least 3' deep if it is a body. It is nice to have a little service of some sort if you choose a burial either of body or ashes. And dig the hole ahead of time.

    Be prepared to question your decision about ''when'' for some time after. I have always been sure of my decision, but nonetheless have found that I have had to review that decision many times after the fact. And be prepared to experience deep grief for a beloved pet.

    You have my deepest sympathy and good wishes. Cecelia

    Veterinarian - San Leandro/Oakland

    March 2005

    Seeking a nice vet in San Leandro or South Oakland for 5 year old outdoor cat who may have a tapeworm. Would like someone who respects animals and does not disapprove of letting cats outdoors. Thanks! Sara

  • Creature Comfort Oakland
  • Oakland Veterinary Hospital

    Cat vet, Pinole area

    May 2004

    I'm seeking recommendations for a veterinarian (for two darling young cats) in the Pinole/Richmond/El Sobrante area. Any advice greatly appreciated. Jennifer

  • Pinole Pet Hospital

    Vet who runs on time

    May 2004

    Can anyone recommend a Berkeley-based vet, for my dog, who is excellent and compassionate and who runs on time. We're Our current vet is great but the waits have resulted in my being late for other appts. as well as having gotten multiple parking tickets. As well, checking out, paying and getting medication after the appt., has been a major 20-25 ordeal, so any recommendations for punctual and efficient great vets would be hugely appreciated. Growing old waiting

  • All Seasons Mobile Vet Clinic
  • Disney Pet Hospital Concord
  • Richmond Veterinary Clinic
    I am a local vet, and definately have days where I run way behind. I don't really know a good vet that doesn't, as our jobs are full of unexpected emergencies and things that seemed like they might be simple appointments that actually turned out to be major issues. A good vet will spend the time educating and answering questions for clients which may get them behind- I know I spend more time with my clients than my doctor or child's pediatrician spend with me, and although I schedule myself more time with clients, I still often end up behind. If being on time is really important at any office I would suggest the following steps. First schedule the appointment first thing in the morning or immediately after lunch or a break in the schedule. Secondly, call if possible before coming to make sure that the doctor is running on time. If they are running too far behind, reschedule for a different time. If there are medications, find out if you can come back later to pick them up or work out an alternative. (After I go to a human doctor, I then go to a pharmacy to wait for hours to pick up my prescription- in a vet's office, we do the whole thing as one visit.) Good luck with your search. a local vet

    Vet tech/pet sitter for cat's injections

    Match 2004

    Our cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. While we've learned how to do an ear prick to test blood and give injections, does anybody know of a pet sitter who already knows how to do this or has treated an animal on a fairly regimented (not time consuming) medication schedule? Boarding is not an option as it is too stressful, we will be gone for a month and we have other cats. Maybe a vet tech? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks. Amy

    Try Marilynn Hanson - she's a vet tech, and very capable, responsible, and caring. The best way to reach her is on her mobile. Good luck, LZ
    Our cat also has diabetes, requiring injections twice a day. We use Marilynn Hanson when we go on vacation. She is an experienced vet tech. She works at Hercules Pet Clinic and lives somewhere between Hercules and Berkeley, so she may be willing to come down to the Berkeley area. Good luck. Marie
    Try calling Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital. When we had a sick cat a couple of years ago they said there was someone there (a tech) who did housecalls. We ended up not needing it so I don't know how much it would cost. Sonia

    Good but inexpensive vet for spaying

    July 2003

    It's become time to spay our little girl pup and we'd like to establish a relationship with a vet that has good experience with spaying -- someone with whom we can continue quality, low- cost treatment into the future. Does anyone have any suggestions? The ideal vet would be located in or near Berkeley. vlim

    Recommendations received:

  • Abbey Vet Hospital (2)
  • SPCA Vet Clinic

    Vet near Redwood Heights

    April 2003

    We recently moved to Redwood Heights and are wondering if there's a good, affordable veterinarian closer than Broadway Pet Hospital, which is our current vet but a little far for emergencies now. Is anyone familiar with Dimond Pet Clinic? Or the one in Montclair near Albertsons (although I fear that one might be pricey)? We live about four blocks from the Redwood Heights Community Center and have both a cat and a dog. Thanks very much.

    Recommendations received:

  • Dimond Pet Clinic
  • Oakland Veterinary Hospital (3)
  • Skyline Vet Hospital (2)
  • SPCA Vet Clinic

    Just moved here, looking for a vet

    Jan. 2003

    I just moved to the east bay and I need a good vet for my little cat. I'm particularly concerned about vaccine associated cancer sarcoma, so I want a vet who is aware and responsive about this. I've heard good things about Cheshire Cat in Oakland. Anybody have any other recommendations? Chiara

    Recommendations received:

  • Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Oakland Veterinary Hospital (2)

    Lamorinda Vets


    We recently moved to Orinda. Can anyone recommend a veterinarian for our cat and dog? Thanks. Vivien

    I can recommend Bob Hagler at Mount Diablo Veterinary Medical Center in Lafayette. I've known him for about 6 years, and worked with him for 2. I think you'll like him, and I know you'd be in good hands with him. S. Martin
    My mother takes her 8 year old black lab to Jerry Dendzel (sp?), 254-0211. She just LOVES him. Jenne
    Dr. Jerry on Orinda Way in the back of the shopping center where Siam Orchid is. Jerry is his first name; his last name is so unusual and unpronounceable, no one uses it (and I have forgotten it). Leslie
    I reccomend the Four Seasons Pet Hospital..They are located at the far end of Laffayette near the Pleasant Hill exit. The staff there was very nice and accomodating to me and my cat when we were there. Good Luck

    Veterinarian Who Makes House Calls


    I live in San Ramon, and use Dog and Cat House Calls. The Doctor's name is Tracy Williams, and her phone number is (925) 7357387. She's very good about scheduling appointments, and good with handling the animals. We have a cat that CANNOT be taken to the vet, and goes a bit crazy when it comes time for shots. She knows him and knows he is a bit off (launches WW3 on her every time she arrives) but she is still very patient and gentle with him. She is also very knowledgable about long term side effects of any medications you might give an animal, and will not prescribe anything that will potentially have negative effects. I highly recommend her. Susan

    We have used Bruce Feldmann, a home vet based in Berkeley (we live in Oakland). He has been great with our 11yearold cat who completely freaks out in a regular office. She still fusses but the whole experience is much less traumatic (especially for us!). He comes with an assistant, Annie, who is lovely and quite soothing with our kitty. His number is 5251404. Carolyn
    Bruce Max Feldmann, DVM is a Berkeley vet that makes house calls. I had him come once, to euthanize a cat quietly at home. He was very sensitive and helped us all through the experience. His number is 5251404 Louise

    Vets who practice alternative medicine

    Feb. 2000

    My 10-year-old mixed-breed dog seems to be having the canine equivalent of anxiety attacks. He has always been a bit nervous in a quiet sort of way but he has lately begun have trembling fits for no discernible reason. I'd like to make an appointment with a veterinarian who is experienced with both herbal and prescription type remedies. Anyone have a recommendation? Thanks. Jamie


  • Codornices Veterinary Clinic

    Other recommendations:

    I have two recommendations for a holistic vet. The first is Dr. Ann-si Li of Assisi Acupuncture Veterinary practice. She is the practice and only makes house calls. She does both acupuncture and herbal remedies and has many years of experience both as a conventional and holistic vet. The fee is costly but it's always worth a try before resorting to strong medications. She treated our cat who was 18 years old. It helped for awhile but sadly my cat was just too old and passed away. She spends several months in China as a visiting vet but it's usually in the Fall so she should be available now. Her number (510) 540-7387.

    The practice Ann-si used to be with is Telegraph Ave Veterinary Hospital. I went there once and they gave some good advice but I still preferred the house calls! Their number is 652-1003. They treat with acupuncture as well as conventional treatments.

    As an alternative to medication for animals with behavior problems, I'd like to recommend animal communication. An animal communicator will exchange telepathic images, sounds, feelings, and intuition with your animal companion and interpret these. One practical application is to get at the root of sudden or chronic behavior difficulties. I'm a pretty skeptical person, but I've seen many, many successful outcomes that have greatly enriched people's relationships with their animals. All this said, I can highly recommend my husband, Sam Louie, a Columbia University JD who practiced law for 12 years, including 10 as a public defender for Alameda County. He's been doing this full-time for 4 years now, and is an extremely grounded, gifted psychic and telepathic communicator. You can check out his website at and reach him at 644-1583.

    Abbey Vet Hospital

    June 2006

    Re: Vet for a rabbit
    We have always taken our pets (including guinea pig, and bunny) to Abby Pet Hospital at 11070 San Pablo in El Cerrito. Our vet has been Lee Prutton since 1983. He and the staff are really great and very sensitive. BTW we used the ''Cat'' door whenever we brought in our small animals. Re: Good but inexpensive vet for spaying (July 2003)
    try calling Abbey Vet hospital in El Cerrito. I trust Dr. Prutton's advice and he has worked with me and my budget re: prescriptions for my aging rottweiler. He has a wonderful manner with animals, very low key and gentle. He does low cost spaying and vaccinations. #529-0777. Kerri

    Re: Good but inexpensive vet for spaying (July 2003)
    We've been going to Abbey Pet Hospital in El Cerrito (yes, it seems like such a trek from Berkeley, but we have found it well worth it). Lee Prutton is the main vet and does a lot of good work in the community. The practice is small (there is another new vet who's wonderful but I'm blanking on his name), and they are quite reasonably priced for their services. We've been taking our cats there for 12 years. nzh

    Albany Veterinary Clinic

    Re: Vet for dog with terminal illness (May 2005)
    I feel for you and your dog. We went through the same thing. Dr. Terri McGinnis at VCA Albany was very understanding, and worked with us on controlling our dog's pain and other issues. There is a morphine-based pain patch that lasts for 3 or so days, and other pills that you can administer. Nausea was an issue for us, so ask about side effects. Your dog will let you know when he/she is feeling bad and needs help, and your vet can give you specific clues to look for -- appetite, mobility, eyes, emotions -- all the things you'd look for in people. Be gentle and loving to your dog and your family so all of you can make the best of his/her life while he/she is with you. dog lover

    Timothy (3/00)
    I recommend the vets at VCA Albany Veterinary Hospital (526-2053), at Solano and Peralta in North Berkeley. This is Terry McGinnis' old business, new name, same folks. See the recommendations online. I should say that I have dealt with several of the vets there and like every one of them. Staff's great too!

    From: Letelliers (4/99)

    I heartily recommend Dr. Terry McGinnis at the Albany Veterinary Clinic (I think that's the name) - it's on Solano Avenue & Peralta. She's a wonderful vet, very caring and thorough. She has written (at least) two books: The Well Dog Book and The Well Cat Book. We don't have a dog, but we have used her for years for our cats.

    From: Letelliers (4/99)

    I heartily recommend Dr. Terry McGinnis at the Albany Veterinary Clinic (I think that's the name) - it's on Solano Avenue & Peralta. She's a wonderful vet, very caring and thorough. She has written (at least) two books: The Well Dog Book and The Well Cat Book. We don't have a dog, but we have used her for years for our cats.

    From: Tonylisa (4/99)

    I second the recommendation of Terri McGinnis, a vet at the VCA Albany Vet on Solano Ave. 'Aunt Terri' has taken care of our greyhound and our two cats for several years now and we are consistently impressed with her thorough approach to medicine, her client education skills and her awareness that we're not made of money. When decisions about which course of treatment to take have to be made, she carefully lays out the burdens, benefits and costs and helps us make an educated decision.

    All Seasons Mobile Vet Clinic

    Re: Vet who runs on time (May 2004)
    Another option I use when I don't want to drive to Concord --for instance, if I have a pet that needs to be euthanized--is All Seasons Mobile Vet Clinic--Dr. Mckinney runs it and he's great. Comes right to your house, can do surgeries, exams, treatments, meds, all in one housecall. You have to pay extra for the call, but everything else is competetively priced. And the convenience can't be beat. pet lover

    Arlington Veterinary Clinic

    March 2003

    I haven't seen any recommendations, good, bad or indifferent for Arlington Veterinary Clinic in Kensington. What has been your experience? We need to have our female spade. Thanks. Harlan

    We've been going to Arlington Vet for years with our cat and 2 dogs. We've dealt with the standard stuff of spaying/neutering, shots, etc as well as the emergency stuff like the dog trying to eat a battery or blowing out a knee chasing squirrels. Our cat is high maintenance - up in years and diabetic. Dr. Sesline has been great about answering questions and explaining things, helping us manage the cat's health. 3 years into this the cat is still happy and rules over the dogs. Negative - only 1 vet, so if he's on vacation or something you deal with a different office who covers for him. Postive - only 1 vet, so he knows you and knows your animals. We've been really happy. Cathy

    Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital

    Sept 2007

    Re: Reptile Vet
    Dr. Harkowitz in Berkeley is the tortoise guy. He saved our sulcata's life. I believe he was at the Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. This was about 7 years ago. You could call the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley and ask, they were the ones who recommended him to us. Good luck with your tortoise. Mara

    Try Dr. Kenneth Harkewicz at Berekeley Dog & Cat on Haste, near Shattuck. He is our dogs' vet - and they both love him as much as they can since he gives them shots and yucky medicine to take - but he speicalizes in reptiles. Jay
    I own the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley and have experience with tons of vets. I've found that there are many many vets out there who have never kept a reptile and know precious little about them, but are perfectly happy to gain experience on your animal and on your dime, and will claim they work on reptiles to do so. On the other hand, there's Ken Harkewicz. He's got more than thirty years experience keeping and breeding reptiles (particularly tortoises), and is a kind, gentle and forthright doctor. He works at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital, which is not cheap. However, having a doctor who will honestly present you your options, and who will not hurt your pet through his or her own ineptness... I think that saves a lot of money, and heartache. He's also a particularly fine dog and cat vet; I take all my kids to him. Owen Maercks
    May 2005

    We have seen Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Shriro at Berkeley Dog and Cat since I moved to California more than twenty years ago. They are located on Haste, just above Shattuck in Berkeley, phone 848-5041. They are great with the animals. Plus it is a full service hospital so there are specialists on site as well as 24 hour emergency care if your animal requires more than the regular check-ups. aki

    May 2005

    We like Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital on Haste 848-5150. We see Dr. Shriro and Dr.??? (can't recall the name), and have been very happy using them or out dogs and cats since 2000. Jessica

    Re: Veterinary surgeon for dog's knee (May 2004)
    The surgeons at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital on Haste in downtown Berkeley are excellent. My golden retriever had knee surgery there several years ago and two other surgeries later before she passed on last fall at the age of 13. ak

    Re: Just moved here, looking for a vet (Jan 2003)
    I've used Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Shriro at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital on Haste in Berkeley since I moved here from Boston in 1977. They are wonderful, very thoughtful, not overly aggessive in prescribing care. Also very sensitive when my first pet needed to be put down. Also, they are full service hospital so have specialists on staff when needed. My 12 yr. old golden has had two major surgeries there and is still going strong. akiversen

    Myriam (3/00)
    A lot of people like Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital and while I believe as a group they are very strong technically I found them extremely difficult to deal with administratively and had a somewhat wrongheaded view of treating my cat's illness. Had we simply let our cat die more naturally it would have been better for everyone concerned, however, they did expensive, painful surgery and recommended chemo. Unfortunately, not only did it not work, it made the poor, much beloved animal absolutely miserable for the last three months of her life. This, of course was mostly our fault for going along with the recommended surgery rather than simply letting her die, but still traumatic.

    From: Brenda (4/99)

    I think Dr. Benjamin @ Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital on Haste (tel 848-5041) is excellent. He took care of our dog for complications after a routine spaying at Abbey Pet Hospital in El Cerrito (that's another story & definitely a do not go recommendation). This may not be North Berkeley, but I bring our dog all the way from El Cerrito & think it is well worth the drive!

    From: Dawn (4/99)

    We take our 2 cats to Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. (It's not North Berkeley, but it *is* just south of campus.) We have seen both Dr. Shriro and Dr. Benjamin, and like both of them. They are not cheap, but the care is excellent, and they are *the* place to go for more serious stuff (surgery, cancer, etc)--though I hope you never need that! (FYI: They also deal with other animals besides dogs and cats.)

    Broadway Pet Hospital

    June 2006

    Re: Vet near Montclair
    I HIGHLY recommend Broadway Pet hospital on 51st and Broadway. They are wonderful there and have amazing hours, esp. for working parents. We have always had great vets for our dog and they are helpful, follow up if there are problems and always call you back when you have questions. We have been going there for years now with our dog and it is worth the extra few minutes drive if you live in Montclair. Happy pet owner

    I would like to recommend Dr. Gutlaizer (sp?) at Broadway Pet Hospital in Oakland. They're located on Broadway at 41st so it is very convenient. Dr. Gutlaizer, who I believe is the owner of this rather large animal hospital, personally treated our 17 year old cat for the last two years of his life. He was knowledgeable, gentle and compassionate. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Kristi (2001)
    I have been a client of Dr. Arnold Gutlaiser at the Broadway Pet Hospital for 14 years, 653-0212. I think he is wonderful, and can't say enough good things about him. He really cares about my animals(s), and spends as much time as necessary talking to me to give me information, advice, and counsel. Broadway Pet Hospital is on Broadway, just north of Mcarthur. He has cut back his hours of practice in the last couple of years, but he is still there a couple days a week, and sometimes has night hours. The clinic is also open on the weekends, but Dr. Gutlaiser doesn't book too many weekend hours any more. Regardless, he's great, has a wonderful way with animals (although I have a cat, and can't really speak to his demeanor with dogs), and I'm sure the other doctors who work there are very competent, but I confess I only see Dr. Gutlaiser (unless in an unfortunate emergency). Amy (10/99)

    Campus Vet

    May 2004

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Campus Vet Clinic now that Dr. Berger has retired. Is it still as good?

    We still go to Campus Vet and it seems fine. I have been there for my dog's annual check up and one other time for a skin issue. Anon
    A VETERINARIAN who does HOUSE CALLS - used to work at Campus Vets. (see reviews for David Grant, DVM ).
    I took all of my animals to Campus Vet for years, and liked Dr. Berger and Dr. Dave very much. The building may not have looked fabulous, but I always felt comfortable with the care. I very recently took my older (14-year-old) cat to see the new vet, and I have to say that I wasn't very pleased. In fairness, it was sort of a worst case scenario situation -- my cat had been a bit listless for a couple of days, but I didn't have a reason to think it was very serious. It turned out to be terminal kidney disease, which was just an awful surprise, and obviously not a good time to meet a new vet. What made me uncomfortable, however, was that the vet didn't seem to hear me when I expressed concern about the cost of the various procedures. He suspected kidney stones, and said that if that were the problem, she would require a $2,000+ operation; I immediately stated that we would not be able to afford the operation. I have never had pet insurance (although now I'm thinking about it!), so all the costs were out of pocket. That first day, the bill came to almost $300, and I specifically asked him to wait on the x-ray, which would have been $100 more. The blood and urine tests came back with suspicious results, and I did take the cat back the next day for the x- ray. The vet pushed for an ultrasound ($400), and when I asked what the ultrasound would show that the x-ray had not (bilateral kidney stones), he said, ''Well, it would be good to have it for the surgery...'' I again stated that I could not afford the surgery, and asked if there was anything else I could do for her. He then said that I could give her pain pills, fluids and a diuretic, to see if we could push some parts of the kidney stones through her system. I opted to do this, and in fact the fluids and meds cost me another $200, but I felt that at least I was doing something, and was keeping her reasonably comfortable. She seemed a bit better for the first two days, and then suddenly she was much worse (I suspect one of her kidneys became completely blocked), and she died at home less than a week after our visit to the vet. I don't think he did anything wrong, in terms of medical diagnosis, etc., but I have to say that I did not feel listened to, or at all assisted with what was essentially end of life decision making. The front desk staff was pleasant and kind (they sounded genuinely upset when I called to say that the cat had died), and the whole office, including the vet, signed and sent a condolence card, which I did appreciate. I was left with a feeling that perhaps the new vet is used to a clientele with pet insurance, or at a different stage of life (i.e., if I didn't have small kids with all of their expenses, maybe I would have paid for the surgery). I guess I wanted some more attention paid to the practicalities of the situation, not just to getting an exact analysis of what the medical problem was. Or maybe I just miss Berger and Dr. Dave!
    Signed: Switching to another vet

    April 1999
    I highly recommend Dr. Berger who runs Campus Vet at 1807 Martin Luther King near University. Their phone number is 549-1252. I've taken our cats there for 3 years (they're so good I drive there from Oakland). I believe you can best evaluate a vet by how they deal with emergencies and really sick animals. It's those times that their competence, experience and compassion really get put to the test. Our cat of ten years recently died of a sudden illness and the entire staff at Campus Vet really came through in the care they gave our cat and in the compassion they showed to our family. I can't recommend them highly enough. Harlan Family

    Chabot Vet Clinic

    5/00 H T
    The UCB Parents web site has Veterinarian recommendations, but only in the Albany/Oakland area. Can anyone recommend a Veterinarian in the Castro Valley area?

    We have been taking our cat to Chabot Vet Clinic for 14 years. We have always felt that we were receiving very good care. We have dealt with both Dr. Marmolejo and Dr. Susan (?) and liked them both. The staff seems happy there as well - there has been little turnover in the time we have been going there. They are located just outside Castro Valley, on Foothill Boulevard in Hayward. Their number is 538-2330.

    Cheshire Cat

    Re: Just moved here, looking for a vet (Jan. 2003)
    Cheshire Cat is a wonderful place, and I have taken 3 cats there over the past 10 years. I love that they only take cats, because 2 of my cats are deathly afraid of dogs. Mark Youdall is very caring and seems to be healthily skeptical of the need for vaccinations these days given the recent research on cancer, etc. Once my cats became indoor-only he was pretty okay with skipping some shots or spacing them farther apart. He runs a small practice--it's just him, so the upside is that his prices are incredibly reasonable and you will see him every time. He is wonderful for routine care. However, my experience has been that if your cat has any kind of serious or complicated condition, you may very well be referred to a larger practice (eg. Albany Vet VCA on Solano), where they have many doctors and therefore more experience with certain conditions, but are also more expensive. Of course, it is always good to have a 2nd opinion. As happy as I am with Cheshire Cat, I have had to switch one of my cats to Lake Vet on Grand Ave. because they have all women vets and my cat is deathly afraid of men. They are very good but VERY expensive!!! I recommend Cheshire Cat if your cat is relatively healthy. You can always get a referral from Mark if the time comes where that is necessary, and he is very open to that (in fact, he will suggest it). cat lover

    Claremont Vet

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    I've been going to Claremont Vet for many, many years and I think they're great. Never a bad experience. They're on College near the Rockridge Library. Letitia

    Nov 2006

    We have a 1.5 year old dog who seems to get sick with a variety of things quite often, thus racking up quite a vet bill for us in the short time we have had him. We went to Broadway Pet, but found it to be very expensive so we changed to Claremont Vet. There is only 1 review of them dating back to the 90s. I was wondering if any other BPN people take their pet to Claremont Vet on College Ave and if so, what your experience has been? Do you find them communicative, attentive? Do you think they do unnecessary testing just to make extra money on office visits, do you trust their assessment and judgement? Thanks, Worried dog owner

    Although we have not had a ton of experience at Claremont Vet on College, every experience that we have had has been positive, which is a huge difference from our experience at previous Vets. I trust them more than anyone else. Claremont Vet fan
    I've been taking my pets to Claremont Vet for something like 25 years -- rabbits, cats, dogs. I've never had a bad experience with them, always felt that they were ''shooting straight'' with me. They take an ''as-needed'' approach to certain types of vaccinations, for example, the feline leukemia -- they gave us a choice, based on whether our cats were typically fighters and/or how often they stay out at night. The doctors are very kindhearted people, and the staff, most of whom have been there as long as I've been a client, are efficient, warm, and matter-of-fact. I think it's a great place.

    An added note -- people have commented that it's hard to find a parking place along College. I've found that probably 80% of the time that I've had an appointment, one of the three spaces on their lot has been available. I think it's because they schedule the appointments effectively.

    So -- full recommendation from me. Letitia

    See also: Managing expenses for dog who gets sick a lot for additional advice.
    June 2005

    We really like Naomi Fein at Claremont Veterinary Hospital (on College Ave. between Manila and Broadway). She's been very good with our miniature weiner dog for the past 4 years. anon

    We've been going to Claremont Vet for years with dog, cat, & rabbits, and have never had anything but positive experiences. They're at 5331 College, near/across the street from the new Rockridge Library, phone 652-5835. They even have a few parking spaces out front, which is pretty important in that neck o' the woods. Letitia (10/99)

    Codornices Veterinary Clinic

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    I go to Codornices Vets on San Pablo in Albany. They are FANTASTIC! I love them and have sent many people (and dogs and cats) to them and have yet to hear of a negative experience. Anon

    Re: University Veterinary Hospital (May 2004)
    After searching for a long time for a reasonably priced vet who I really like and trust, who is smart and who my animals love, I have found Dr. Regina Yoo at Codornices Veterinary Clinic on San Pablo near Marin, 524-3062. In the meantime, I have been taking my animals to UC Davis for anything serious (the cost of an average vet, just very time-consuming), and moving from so-so to so-so local vet for regular stuff. Not only is Dr. Yoo excellent, but one of my dogs requires a quarterly test and at Codornices it costs me one-half what I paid at one vet, and one-quarter of what I paid at another. Cecelia

    Re: Vets who practice alternative medicine (Feb 2000)
    We go to Drs. Allen and Hack at Codornices Clinic. Our dog has very bad separation anxiety and they gave us a prescription for doggy-type Prozac when we went on vacation. It worked quite well. They have been great for all of our pets (we have cats too) . We've had a lot of bad vet experiences in the past and we trust them . They take the time to confer with with eachother and specialists, are very honest about what care is necessary and what is not, and seem to really care for animals. They're on San Pablo Ave. between Marin and Solano. Geraldine

    From: Stefanie (4/99)

    For the past nine years, I have taken my two cats, and now my standard poodle puppy, to Codornices Veterinary Clinic on San Pablo near Solano Ave. They are wonderful, kind, knowledgable, and responsive. I don't think they are the least expensive in the area but I know that they are not the most expensive. They have one of the most popular practices around. 944 San Pablo, Albany (510) 524-3062.

    Creature Comfort

    Re: Veterinarian - San Leandro/Oakland (March 2005)
    Without question, I recommend Creature Comfort, a vet clinic in Oakland run by several women who are UCDavis Vet School grads and have also trained in Chinese medicine. My favorite is Dr. Reed. But all of them work with alternative less invasive approaches when possible AND combine them with Western vet med. It's a great place. I wish that my family had these kind of doctors with multiple perspectives and such openness! Phone # is 530 1373. D. Wolf

    Dimond Pet Clinic

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    We used to use Dimond Pet Clinic and they were fine. They are now a homeopathic vet clinic, so they don't do more traditional medicine as much. They seem nice, though.

    Disney Pet Hospital

    Re: Vet who runs on time (May 2004)
    I live in Piedmont, and I go all the way to Concord to see Dr. Larry Rothe at Disney Pet Hospital. They have a parking lot, they run on time, they're WONDERFUL, and they're less expensive than vets in my area. pet lover

    David Grant, DVM

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    OMG! No one you knew could recommend their vet? We adore ours! David Grant 510-499-9204 dgrantdvm[at] David makes house calls and also works at Codornices Vet Hospital on San Pablo in Albany. We first went to him when he was at Campus Vets with Charlie Berger. We always have pets, currently three dogs, and it's important to me to have a vet I trust and respect. David has seen us through many crises. Jessica B

    May 2005

    When it comes to veterinarians here in the bayarea i can highly recommend Dr David Grant.He actually used to work with Charlie Berger and i consultated him after Dr Berger left....right now he works at Cordornices vet clinic on San Pablo but he also has his own housecall business and has been very helpfull with my animals(dogs and cats)...he is very thourough and reasonable and always has an ear for me and takes his time even though i know he is busy and has a new little family... or you can reach him at 510-499-9204 i,ll always trust him with my sweethearts. liissaUSA

    May 2005

    For the woman missing Charlie Berger, and wanting someone ''calm, thorough, practical, reasonable'':

    David Grant used to work with Charlie Berger before Charlie sold the practice. We have been diehard David Grant fans for a long time - you will love him. It is so important to me to have a vet I trust and respect. David fits all your adjectives and more. (And he and his wife have an 8 month old baby girl, Emma)

    David works both privately (he comes to your house) or a few days a week at Codornices on San Pablo in Albany. Either call him directly or ask for him at Codornices.

    David Grant, DVM 510-499-9204 dgrantdvm[at]

    As for the woman looking for a vet with a payment plan or reasonable prices, $800 doesn't sound bad for an emergency. The only payment plan I know of is to use my credit card and diligently switch from 0% to 0% plan. Jessica

    Re: Vet for dog with terminal illness (May 2005)
    I'm so sorry about your dog. I have lots of experience with a vet I *adore*: David Grant - 510-499-9204 - dgrantdvm AT

    He saved one of my dogs, and helped another of my dogs with both palliative and cancer care for a number of years (we had sufficient narcotic to make sure our dog was not uncomfortable). Most recently, we had to finally put this beloved pup to sleep because his kidneys failed.

    David is sensitive, *so* competent, and lovely to be with. He works both independently, coming to your home for the visit (he came to my house to put my dog to sleep and did the same for a friend recently), and works a few days a week at Codornices Vet clinic.

    You also might want to consult with Cecile Siedlecki at Bay Area Vet Hospital in San Leandro. She is a veterinary oncologist with whom we consulted a few years ago when our dog was first diagnosed with a nasal sarcoma. She pointed us in the right direction for his care and I am so grateful we saw her.

    My best to you. jessica

    Re: Campus Vet (May 2004)
    A VETERINARIAN who does HOUSE CALLS - used to work at Campus Vets. To people who went to Campus Vets while Charlie Berger and Dave Grant were there, Dr Dave Grant (whom I adore - he saved the lives of two of my dogs) is back in Berkeley. I am *thrilled.* Dr. Dave is a *wonderful* vet.

    In a couple weeks, Dave will be a house call vet. He made an offer on a practice in Kensington but that fell through. I am having him come to my house soon to do check-ups and give rabies vacs to two of my dogs.

    He and wife decided to move back because his wife is pregnant and they didn't want to be in the boonies while pregnant and then with a young child because their health care is at Kaiser.

    I think we are lucky to have him back!

    Dr. Foor Paws

    Sept 2007

    Hi. Getting a new puppy, a small dog. I liked what a friend said about their vet, Dr. Foor. Wondering if anyone has had experience with him regarding small dogs (Berkeley's mostly a Big Dog town...). Any input and /or exprience/feedback is appreciated! dana

    We take all of our animals to Dr. ''Four Paws'' and he's been great with all of them. I've had a lot of experience with pets and vets and Dr. Four has been my absolute favorite. He has a very down-to-earth attitude and the animals seem very calm around him, like he puts off good animal vibes. His rates are also VERY reasonable. Congratulations on your new puppy! El Cerrito Pet Lover
    Dr. Foor was great with my neighbor's small dog, a cockapoo. He is great with all of the cats we have had over the last 12 years since we started using him as our vet. He takes a caring and reasonable approach to treating your animals. I wouldn't trust any other vet, and we have tried several in the bay area before we found dr. Foor. Juliet
    Dr. Foor Paws is where we take our dog, and we see Dr. Bridgeforth there. We love her, she is knowledgeable and has good communication skills, and her manner with pets is exceptional, so I highly recommend her. yes on Foor Paws

    Kensington Vet Clinic

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    Yes! Dr. Gail Vial at Kensington Vet! 528-0797, She's cared for my old cat (for 15yrs) and my new kittens. She is compassionate, SMART, very thorough, deeply caring, and I trust her completely. Here's the best testimonial: we were bragging to our neighbors that we had the best vet ever, they said no they did, the next door neighbor said no she did, and it turned out that all three households were talking about Dr. Vial. We all drive across town to her. Good luck. Luv The Kitties

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    I take our two dogs (Whippets) to the Kensington Vet Clinc in Kensington. I have had several great years of service with Dr. Vial. She isn't too much of a people person, but your animals will love her and she is a fantastic vet. I used to go to Campus and VCA, but Dr. Vial is really a whole lot better in my book. She is worth the slightly longer drive from Berkeley. Tara

    Lake Vet Hospital

    Re: Vet for dog with terminal illness (May 2005)
    I use to work for the Lake Vet Hospital on Grand Ave in Oakland. I worked there for 3 years and have never met such a caring and understanding person with animals as Dr Eleanor Dunn. She listens to her clients needs and becomes involved in the animals care. She is very experienced and highly qualified. Please call Lake Vet at 510 452 1255 and ask for a consult. helen

    I went to Lakeview Vet several years ago, on Grand Ave. and would still be going there if we lived in the area. There were 2 women vets at the time who were great. I know several people who have gone there who are also big fans. They were extremely competent, caring and sensitive. I highly recommend them. Karen (2001)
    We use the Lake Vet Hospital, on Grand Avenue in Oakland. There are 3 vets, all women. We love Dr Eleanor Dunn. She is the greatest vet, an incredibly sensitive doctor, both for patients (pets), and parents (owners). We have 2 dogs, and everyone just adores her. She is also a surgeon. Their phone is 452 1255 Jodie (2001)

    Marina Pet Hospital

    Re: Vet for dog with terminal illness (May 2005)
    I am so sorry to hear about your dear dog's condition. We had to say good-bye to our beloved family dog of 13 years in October after a valiant struggle with Cushing's disease and end- stage renal failure. Although it is far to travel, our vet, Debra Melcon at Marina Pet Hospital in SF (2024 Lombard St San Francisco, CA 94123-2809 (415) 921-0410) was very supportive of our choice to provide palliative care to him as long as possible. She usually runs late, can be rather frank about end of life issues, and isn't the most warm-and-fuzzy, BUT, she is very smart and was willing to teach us at home IV care, give us meds to administer to make him comfortable, and helped us to know when it was more merciful to let him go. You may also consider the oncologists at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. While I do not know how they are regarding end-of- life care, they were great when our other dog had cancer. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. alesia

    Montclair Vet Hospital

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    We've had excellent, expert care for our dog at Montclair Veterinary Clinic, 1969 Mountain Boulevard-- 339-8600. Our vet is Dr. Amy Boxberger... she is a nice person, knows her stuff, is compassionate towards pets and people, and has a wonderful way with animals. And the front desk staff is great, too. anon

    Montclair Vet Hospital is great. Dr. James Harris is a very competent vet and I know people who have been going to him for 20 years or more. It's a good practice. Barbara (2001)
    The Montclair Vet Clinic (adjacent to the Albertson supermarket) is very reputable. The doc's and staff are very conscientious and nice. They've cared for my two 12-year-old cats for a decade or so (including one who now has diabetes) and my impression is they're also very good with dogs (and birds). (2001)

    Oakland Veterinary Hospital

    Re: Vet for dog with terminal illness (May 2005)
    I recommend Dr. Maureen Dorsey , who owns/operates Oakland Veterinary Hospital (MacArthur & High). We've gone through kidney failure with two old cats, and although they had different needs, she worked with us to keep them comfortable. She also told us when it was time to let go, and ensured that we were able to do so quietly. Betsy

    Re: Veterinarian - San Leandro/Oakland (March 2005)
    I highly recommend Dr. Hart (as well as Dr. Brownsey sp?) at Oakland Veterinary Hospital. I have been going there about 5 years but have known Dr. Hart for at least 15. Wonderful, caring, straightforward, and not liable to recommend expensive tests. Very flexible with my wiggly Labrador and my hesitant cat. Everyone there loves animals and is terrific to work with. Jennie

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    We live in the Laurel District (right below Redwood Heights), and have been really happy with the Oakland Veterinary Hospital on the corner of High and Macarthur, 530-1353. There are 2 main vets, Maureen Dorsey (I think she owns the business) and Cecile Hart, both who are caring, patient, well-informed, and very competent in treating both our cat and dog. Martha

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    I highly recommend Drs. Maureen Dorsey and Cecilie Hart at Oakland Veterinary Hospital, 4258 MacArthur Ave (at High) in the Laurel district (a quick zip down the hill from Redwood Heights). Everyone on staff is warm and caring; they are great at returning phone calls and following up with test results; and I've been very pleased with both routine care and two surgeries. Their number is 530-1353. Janet

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    Hi, I go to Oakland Veterinary Clinic on MacArthur near High St. The two vets, Maureen and Cecile are great and the office staff are very nice. They even call you back a day or two after a visit to make sure that your animal is doing better. (My own doctor has never done that!) Their prices seem reasonable, and when I have had an emergency with one of my two dogs, they have been able to fit in same day appts. every time. denise

    Re: Just moved here, looking for a vet (Jan 2003)
    I wholeheartedly recommend my vet, Ceci Hart at Oakland Veterinary Hospital. The whole staff there is welcoming and cares about animals. Ceci's partner, Dr. Dorsey (I'm blanking on her first name), is also very good. They both are great listeners, very caring and easy-going (one of my dogs is very excitable and Dr. Hart takes it completely in stride), and not pushy about treatment. I've been going there for several years. Dr. Hart is a personal friend but also a great vet. Jennie

    Re: Just moved here, looking for a vet (Jan 2003)
    I highly recommend Oakland Veterinary Hospital located in the Laurel District (MacArthur at High St). Dr. Maureen Dorsey and Dr. Cecilie Hart provide excellent care (I've been happy with routine check-ups and two successful cancer surgeries); they are great at follow-up with test results or to check in about how well a medicine is working; and the office staff is always lovely to both animal and human children! I had to put my 16-yr-old dog down last week, and their compassion made a difficult situation much easier. The number is 530-1353. Janet

    Pet Emergency Treatment Center

    Sept 2007

    A few months ago, I had to put down my cat ... the vet I used was absolutely fantastic and I can't recommend them enough. Pet Emergency Treatment Service on 10th and University took us in right away and were professional yet sympathetic. They explained the procedure and gave us as much time as we needed between steps and after it was all over. I will always call them first when my regular vet is booked or closed. Anon

    March 2000

    I found the vets at the Pet Emergency Treatment Center down on University to be really first rate (they have a regular vet service during normal hours) and the Humane Society Vet (the one down near Juan's) to be really quite good and rational about pet care in general: Perhaps it has to do with so many animals who desperately need homes, but they were consistently very kind but not expecting us to spend huge amounts of money on care. Myriam


    Feb 2007

    Re: Good, inexpensive vet for old dog
    I have used PetVet on Broadway in Oakland before and they are super cheap! During certain times on the weekends you can just drop in and get a basic check up for your pet and any shots & meds that you might need for almost wholesale price (it seems). The veterinarian is adjacent to the pet store and the consultation takes place inside the pet store. JOJ

    Nov 2006

    Re: Managing expenses for dog who gets sick a lot
    Finally, I recommend highly PetVet/PetFood (near Broadway Vet). It is a clinic that is open Friday through Monday (only open Sun and Mon at the Broadway location) from about 10-4. They used to be a free vet clinic started by two vets (married couple) who were very popular in the Bay Area. When they retired, their clients were so upset, that they agreed to continue serving the community on a volunteer basis in a limited capacity. They are no longer free, but they only charge $12. They do not do x-rays, blood work, fecal exams etc, but they are SO EXCELLENT and will tell you when you need to take your pet to a full hosptial for tests. After taking my dog to two different vets who could not find what was wrong with her leg USING x-rays, they figured it out by a hand exam! They are GOOD and have seen just about everything (they also do vaccinations etc)! The meds/prescriptions are sold at cost (even frontline and advantage is as cheap there as it is on-line).

    Pinole Pet Hospital

    Re: Cat vet, Pinole area (May 2004)
    We live in Pinole and, for 18 years, have taken our cats to the Pinole Pet Hospital, located at 1400 San Pablo Ave (510-724- 8766). They even have Saturday morning hours. In particular, I like how they have helped keep my white cat healthy. He is my darling, but more sensitive in many ways than my other cats. (We had four at one point in time, but the two older sisters have passed on recently, so now we have two seven-year-old brothers, a grey one and the white one.) Bonnie

    Richmond Veterinary Clinic

    Re: Vet who runs on time (May 2004)
    Dr. Sang Han at Richmond Veterinary Clinic is great and I have found I am usually seen on time. Yes, the emergencies can arise. He has his own parking area and the office staff are efficient in checking one out. Another place I have used is Creature Comfort in Oakland. While they are expensive, their care is holistic and comprehensive. I have always been seen on time and check out, while a little slow, is tolerable. Not one to wait

    Skyline Vet Hospital

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    Not good vet - GREAT vet. Hands down. Dr. Braun at Skyline Veterinary Hospital. The address is 11883 Skyline Blvd. Oakland - It's up the hill off highway 13 - Redwood Road exit. He cares about your pet and your financial situation; he knows his limitations (surgery for a tibial crest evulsion was beyond his expertise, but the diagnosis was not) and he really cares about pets and their families. He helps children understand and read x-rays and creates a low stress environment for pets and their people. He waited to spay our toy poodle because he believes the stress of anesthesia on a dog under five pounds is not necessary as long as she was not outdoors or around male dogs when she was in heat. He invited us back in for free weigh- ins and the surgery is now scheduled. Dr. Braun's wife is in charge of the books and scheduling and is also very nice. Fan of Dr. Braun!

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    I know our friends use the vet hospital at Redwood Rd & Skyline intersection (just a few blocks up the hill from where you are) and prefer it to what's closer to their home. Maria

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    Hi, I would highly recommend Skyline vet hospital. It's at the top of redwood road where it intercects skyline. You make a right and another right into the parking lot. They are affordable and very friendly. I think it's only dogs and cats though. Darl

    SPCA Vet Clinic

    Re: Good but inexpensive vet for spaying (July 2003)
    I know your post mentioned you wanted a vet so you could establish a good relationship with them, but I wanted to still suggest the Oakland SPCA for spaying. They do many spays so I would think they know what they are doing and have lots of experience. We had our dog spayed at the SPCA 3 years ago. The web site says spaying is between $70 to $140 depending on the weight of the female dog, and currently the web site says there is a 20% discount if you print the page and have the appointment on Tues or Wed appointments. Anon

    Re: Vet near Redwood Heights (April 2003)
    It's a little further down 580 from Redwood Heights, but the SPCA vet clinic (on Baldwin off of Hegenberger) has been my vet for many years now. Their care is good, and their prices are reasonable. Patty

    Thornhill Vet Hospital

    June 2006

    Re: Vet near Montclair
    We've been using Thornhill Vet Hospital since we moved to Berkeley two years ago and love them. Dr Young has seen us through the sickness and death of two older cats and now cares for our two kittens. When our older cats were sick I found that they gave us all the options available from the cheapest to the more expensive and explain very well what the possible outcome could be. They never steered us to the most expensive solution. They even sometime suggested we try cheaper options. When our older cat passed away we were in Europe and they were very accommodating in making arrangement for his cremation. Francoise

    University Veterinary Hospital

    May 2004

    University Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located near our new home. We have a 12 year old, insulin-dependent cat. Any recommendations for (or against) the UVH or any of their vets? Thanks!

    UVH were excellent at stitching my poor old cat together whenever he would get in a fight. If you call ahead for an appt. (even 20 min. or so)it saves about $30. Otherwise, in an emergency, you can just show up with your cat, day or night. I found the doctors and nurses there were really sweet, good bed- side manner. kl
    I've been using UVH since 2000. It's not the most personable environment (different staff every time), but I have received excellent service nearly every visit (that's probably 6 visits, including check-ups and emergencies). Once, when my cat dislocated several toes, the doc was appropriately empathetic and took a great deal of time to go over the pros and cons of various treatments and their costs. He ended up suggesting the least invasive option, and my cat has been fine ever since. The one time it wasn't excellent, the doc on duty failed to show up but came as soon as he was paged. Despite this, I was only set back 1/2 an hour. I wish I could speak so well of my primary physician! If you want someone who will baby-talk to your pet, UVH is not the place. Since I prefer less chatty vets anyway, this clean, professional, and 24-hr office is perfect for me. Eli
    In my experiences with them, University Vet Hospital was very good and very expensive- way above average. After searching for a long time for a reasonably priced vet who I really like and trust ... I have found Codornices Veterinary Clinic ... I don't know the needs of an insulin-dependent cat, your financial situation, or whether you have a car or not, but I'd look around a bit. You have the advantage of being located near to Pet Emergency at 1048 University for any after-hours problems. Cecelia
    We stumbled on this practice when our then puppy was hit by a car one evening. The practice is open 24 hrs., and the owner is an orthopedic surgeon, and I'm sure he gets quite a bit of business from late night accidents : ( He got our business, that's for sure - first the cast and weeks of healing, and then surgery when our dog's leg was growing crooked. Overall, our pets have been well taken care of there, but there seems to be quite a turnover of the vet staff (except for the owner). The staff haven't turned over quite as much, and they're very nice. The practice generally runs on time, and care is very thorough and carefully explained. Maryl

    VCA Bay Area Veterinary Clinic

    Re: Do you have a good vet you really love? (May 2007)
    Well, I HAD the best vet ever and was devastated to recently find out she moved to San Diego!!! I won't bother going into everything I loved about her. But I will tell you that I still like the office she was at a lot. It's VCA Bay Area Animal Hostpital 510-654-8375. It's right where Telegraph and Shattuck meet. The vet I'm using now is Rebecca Arntz. She's good. I've also had good experiences with the other vets there (mostly women) as well as the friendly staff. Hours are also very open, which is helpful. So I still recommend them even though the best vet ever is gone. Good luck! shoshana

    June 2006

    Re: Vet for a rabbit
    Even though this may be a little far for you, I would strongly recommend VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital at 4501 Shattuck Ave. in North Oakland, tel no. (510) 654-8375. They are open in the evenings and on weekends, and have several excellent rabbit vets. Rabbits are fairly delicate creatures, so it's good to have a vet with a lot of expertise. In the last 9 years that I've owned rabbits, two nearly died from unique bunny problems (blocked gut and bunny flu) but the vets at VCA saved their lives. It's unlikely that your little guy will have any problems, but just in case he does, it's better to go to a vet with lots of experience.

    Hi, Dr. Harvey is in the VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital in Oakland. I believe hr first name is Karolyn. She's like the premier bunny doc in the country! I would absolutely bring your bunny to her. Sylvie
    If you are willing to travel to Oakland, Dr. Carolynn Harvey at VCA on Shattuck/Telegraph is one of the best bunny doctors around. She is also president of the House Rabbit Society which is located somewhere in Richmond. Dr. Harvey is kind, gentle and has specialized in rabbits. I know it's a bit further than you intended, however it is worth the drive for the best in care. She's also great with other animals as well and is versed in TTouch and other gentle methods. Dr. Harvey is at VCA America. The number is 510/654-8375 Friend of furry friends
    June 2005

    You may want to try the new VCA hospital that opened on Shattuck (near 51st and Telegraph): VCA sometimes gets a bad rep as the McDonald's of veterinary care, but we recently had a pet emergency when Claremont Vet was closed, and we were very pleased with the care and service there (can't remember the woman doctor's name who treated us -- sorry -- but she was kind, patient, and thorough; she even called us a week later -- personally -- to see how things were going with the recovery). anon