Affordable veterinarian for second opinion

I’m looking for a second opinion on a surgery recommended for our dog by our primary veterinarian at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. I’ve had good experiences with them, but they do tend to offer the most aggressive treatment and in this case, I’m not sure it’s warranted. I would love to find another veterinarian for a second opinion or  one who has more affordable prices in general and who could do the simple outpatient surgery for less than the couple thousand quoted. I’m willing to drive a little further out if needed. Thanks!

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I was really grateful for Abbey Pet Hospital in El Cerrito where the fees were particularly low but that was over 20 years ago.  

I also have found that Orinda Vets are also lower in price. I am actually bouncing my 3 dogs among several vets:. Creature Comfort (holistic 

and about 50% to 100% more expensive), Orinda Vets, Theater View Vet and Oak Vets (for specialty surgery). 

I recently changed from berkeley Dog and Cat to El Cerrito Veterinary Care. I love Dr. Buttar!

Not a similar circumstance, but when I adopted my cat, she needed to have mouth surgery. One vet quoted me ~$1500 for her tooth surgery, but Campus Veterinary Clinic quoted me ~$900. They are a wonderful, caring practice, and I've trusted them with my beloved fur baby's health ever since!

You should contact the Claremont Vet Hospital on College Ave in Oakland. We have taken our dogs and cats there for over 40 years and the vets are very knowledgeable, skillful and friendly. They tend to be conservative in their care of animals especially when it comes to surgery as they prefer not to perform unnecessary procedures. In addition, their fees are quite reasonable compared to others in the area.