Veterinarian that does home visits

I'm looking for a vet that can visit my home in Berkeley and check on my cat and give vaccinations. Thanks.

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Hi there, I doubt that vets will be making home visits during this shelter-in-place order, unless it's an emergency. But if you are concerned about going to the vet's office, they are considered essential and most are open and taking appropriate precautions. I took my cat to Berkeley Cat & Dog for tests a couple weeks ago and the way they do it is the masked & gloved technician comes out and gets your pet from you (you stay in your car), and takes it in to the vet. Then the vet calls you on your cell to discuss things while he or she is examining. Any vaccinations or tests are performed and the office staff calls to go over the bill and takes payment info from you. Finally your pet is brought back out to you. It worked well for me and my cat. Good luck with yours!

I think the vets are mostly still open.  We had a dog emergency last week where our young dog suddenly started limping and we called the vet (VCA on Shattuck in Oakland) and they had us come on in. They came out to the car to get the dog while we waited in the parking lot. The dog was x-rayed, got some cortisone and pain meds, and everything worked out fine!