Looking for Affordable Spay/Neuter Clinic for Kittens

I have two community kittens that need to be operated on before they start having kittens of their own.  Two years ago, I was able to have a stray cat spayed at Nine Lives Foundation. However, these days, Nine Lives Foundation is not opening up slots for feral cats very often.  I have been on their  waiting list  for 3 months now, and might be scheduled in October.  Does anyone know of a place in the SF Bay area that provides low-cost spaying for cats?  I had their mother spayed about 3 months ago.  Thank you for any suggestions you may have for stopping this colony from growing any bigger.

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Reach out to Animal Fix Clinic (formerly Fix our ferals). I believe they are located in Richmond and they do low or no cost spay and neuter for dogs and cats. 

The Animal Fix Clinic (formerly Fix Our Ferals) specializes in this very thing.


They will also clip one ear if the cat is truly feral. Be sure to tell them if you plan to adopt and don’t want one ear clipped. (Clipped ears help identify cats who have already been fixed in a community of ferals.)

Animal fix clinic (formerly fix our ferals!)

Animal Fix Clinic formerly known as Fix Our Feral in Richmond. They have sliding scale fee and the waiting period to get an appointment is decent compared to Berkeley Humane. My dog was spayed and microchipped there and they were doing an excellent and caring job.

Try Fix Our Ferals in Richmond.  They do CC and Alameda Counties.  They help with trapping too.

Hi, try Animal Fix Clinic in Richmond https://animalfixclinic.org

https://eastbayspca.org/get-involved/community-resources/feral-cats/   East Bay SPCA will spay them and vaccinate them for $40 each.