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Seeking Fantastic Psychologist Jul 13, 2019 (2 responses below)
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  • Seeking Fantastic Psychologist

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    After 20 years (and feeling/being stuck) with my current psychoanalyst, I am thinking of switching to a psychologist (non-analytic) for help in finally moving through anxiety and fear of travel/hodophobia. Looking for recommendations for someone amazing in the East Bay - thank you in advance!

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    Dr Anatasia Kim at the Wright Institute is excellent for addressing anxiety, fears and phobias. She is very experienced in this area. She's lively and has a great sense of humor but is full of compassion and can really tackle the issues with you. I have no idea if she has openings and her fees are on the higher end, but she gets results. She does a lot of work with teens and young adults along the neurological spectrum who have anxiety so I was taking my teen to her for the last year and we are on an as-needed basis for the last few months. I come to all the sessions and I see first-hand how she works and I learn as much as my teen does and she has helped so much, it's night and day.

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    Try Kelley Callahan (on San Pablo in Albany). She is wonderful and has helped me get un-stuck with issues I've seen other therapists about over many years. She specializes in trauma-informed and somatic therapy. She is also involved with training other practitioners locally (and internationally), so if she does not have openings she may be able to help you find someone else great in the area. Good luck!

  • Psychiatrist who takes Medicare?

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    I have a family member who needs medication for depression. We cannot find a psychiatrist who will take Medicare as insurance or who at least will take cash.*

    We'd prefer Berkeley/Oakland but will travel around the Bay Area.

    Thanks in Advance.

    * (It's hard to find docs who will take cash since if they take Medicare from one person then by law they must take it from every patient they see who has Medicare.)

    Judith David in Berkeley is a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. She doesn't prescribe and I doubt she would rush to do so. But if your family member has medical coverage, she will work with the depression. She takes medicare, she's great, 30-40 years experience but quite her own style. She works from a somatic and transpersonal philosophy. I would recommend at least calling her to see if there's compatibility. 510-883-4656. Good luck.

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For the many people who inquire about psychotherapists, I just wanted to let all of you know of a great resource, an information and referral search tool (an online directory) on the Alameda County Psychological Association's website:

You can select a psychologist by population served, areas of practice, office location, payment method, etc. The psychologists listed are all fully licensed by the Board of Psychology and are members of the California Psychological Association. Of course, you can also call for a referral at 510- 433-9580, but I find that many people like the convenience of an online directory. Good luck. M.K. March 2006

Female Jungian Psychologist?

March 2008

I just moved to this area from out-of-state and am seeking a female psychologist who specializes in the Jungian approach to therapy. I used to have a wonderful Jungian therapist at my previous home: caring, well-spoken, great in guidance counseling to help me resolve some old family conflicts. Now I should also add fertility counseling to the list as I had two tragic miscarriages this past year. If you know a great Jungian therapist in the Berkeley/Oakland area who meets this profile, please let me know. Thank you! Anon

Marilyn Steele is a wonderful, compassionate, wise, and experienced Jungian psychologist with a practice in Berkeley. You'll have to ask her about any experience with infertility. 510.540.0777.

Work with Dr. Eugenie Hsu, psychologist

Sept 2007

I've been recommended to see Dr. Eugenie Hsu for psychotherapy by a friend who saw her in a group for social phobias and really liked her- does anyone have any experience working with her in one-on-one therapy? Thanks for any feedback. Anonymous

I'd recommend Dr. Eugenie Hsu for any adult going through a difficult time especially with depression, anxiety or trauma issues. I know she specializes in EMDR therapy for trauma survivors and is one of the best folks in the field. Overall, an excellent clinician--very personable, culturally-sensitive and efficient therapist. I think best way to contact her is through her website:

Argentine psychologist

June 2006

Hi everybody: I was wondering if anyone knows an Argentine psychologist in the area, preferably but not restricted to the San Ramon area. This is very important to me, so if you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot P.

I recommend Horacio Miller, Marriage-Family Therapist, Who has an individual private practice and runs groups at the Solano Center in Albany. His Number is, 510 524 7473. He is expereinced and is a gentle soul. Peter

Astrid Rusquellas is an MD and psychotherapist from Argentina. She lives in Berkeley. She is also a great artist (sculptor and painter). Anon

Female psychologist in WC area

Nov 2004

I am looking for a WC area female Psychologist to talk to - some of the issues are my own but many are about my husband. I know that he will NEVER go to counseling (seperately or together), so I want to find someone to talk to. I have Cigna Insurace and the names I was given were Irena Ginsburg, Wendi Leonard, Phyllis Pennington-Kent, Monique Pollard, Rhiaanon Shire & Patrice Solomon. Is anyone familar with any of these names? Thank you Looking for Help

Hello, I would like to highly recommend Dr. Catharine Freemire in the Creekside office park in Walnut Creek. She is very easy to talk to, gives great feedback and also offers services in 'coaching' which might help you in dealing with your partner who is unwilling to join you in counseling. She can be reached at 939-4554 Karen