Psychiatrist who takes Medicare?

I have a family member who needs medication for depression. We cannot find a psychiatrist who will take Medicare as insurance or who at least will take cash.*

We'd prefer Berkeley/Oakland but will travel around the Bay Area.

Thanks in Advance.

* (It's hard to find docs who will take cash since if they take Medicare from one person then by law they must take it from every patient they see who has Medicare.)

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Judith David in Berkeley is a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. She doesn't prescribe and I doubt she would rush to do so. But if your family member has medical coverage, she will work with the depression. She takes medicare, she's great, 30-40 years experience but quite her own style. She works from a somatic and transpersonal philosophy. I would recommend at least calling her to see if there's compatibility. 510-883-4656. Good luck.