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After 20 years (and feeling/being stuck) with my current psychoanalyst, I am thinking of switching to a psychologist (non-analytic) for help in finally moving through anxiety and fear of travel/hodophobia. Looking for recommendations for someone amazing in the East Bay - thank you in advance!

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Dr Anatasia Kim at the Wright Institute is excellent for addressing anxiety, fears and phobias. She is very experienced in this area. She's lively and has a great sense of humor but is full of compassion and can really tackle the issues with you. I have no idea if she has openings and her fees are on the higher end, but she gets results. She does a lot of work with teens and young adults along the neurological spectrum who have anxiety so I was taking my teen to her for the last year and we are on an as-needed basis for the last few months. I come to all the sessions and I see first-hand how she works and I learn as much as my teen does and she has helped so much, it's night and day.

RE: Seeking Fantastic Psychologist ()

Try Kelley Callahan (on San Pablo in Albany). She is wonderful and has helped me get un-stuck with issues I've seen other therapists about over many years. She specializes in trauma-informed and somatic therapy. She is also involved with training other practitioners locally (and internationally), so if she does not have openings she may be able to help you find someone else great in the area. Good luck!