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April 2009

Re: Do you love your Pediatrician?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pediatrician. his name is Dr. Samuel Lewis and his office is in Orinda. He has his own private practice and has been doing this a long time so he knows what he's doing and has seen it all. He answers his own phone until 9pm on weekdays and is in the office at least one day a week almost every weekend. He has drop in clinic every morning during the cold season so if your kid is sick in the middle of the night you can just come by first thing the next morning without even calling first. Because he has so much experience he never pushes medication when it isn't necessary as he seems to always know when things will go away on their own. He knows not to sweat the small stuff but is on top of things when something is really wrong. His receptionist, Marilee, is incredibly kind and knows everyone. One of the BEST things about the office, other than them always being there for you when you need them, is that they stock the most common prescription medications in the office. So, if your child does need antibiotics, you don't have to go to a drug store after your appt. Dr. Lewis has a new partner who is a woman and I have heard good things about her in case you'd prefer a female. The office number is 925-253-1199. Nina