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We've recently moved to the Bay Area and will have a baby in a few weeks. We are looking for a pediatrician. We live in the Oakland-Rockridge area. East Bay Pediatrics came highly recommended. Would love the wisdom of the group. Would you recommend them for first time, likely nervous parents. Particularly interested in rapid responsiveness, patience, access, caliber and consistency across the practice.

Many thanks!!

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I love East Bay Pediatrics. I have two sons, ages 2 and 5. We switched to East Bay Pediatrics when my older was son was 18 months old and I couldn't be happier. They are totally used to first-time nervous parents, and they also have drop-in sick visits every weekday morning and Saturdays too--no appointment necessary, as long as you get there before 9am or so (later on Saturdays). We have Dr. Miller as our doctor and she has been observant enough to catch things that other doctors didn't. Love East Bay Pediatrics and Dr. Miller!

Yes, yes, yes! We recently moved away, and I miss East Bay Pediatrics so much! We had wonderful interactions with all of the physicians there, though Dr. Vo was our primary physician. It was easy to get in touch with the doctors, and I even got quick callbacks over holidays. All of the doctors were able to connect with both me as well as my children. They are able to focus completely on the child, and give them one-on-one attention while still talking with me, letting me know what's going on and what options are available, and having an adult conversation with me. I just can't recommend them more highly. I saw them with both a newborn and elementary-school-aged child, and was so pleased with the care that both kids received. 

I don't know about East Bay Pediatrics, but I really love my pediatrician, Paula Brinkley. I go to the Berkeley branch, but the doctors rotate at the different locations on different days.

I love East Bay Pediatrics. They are very available and responsive. They have drop in sick hours in the morning six days a week. And even if you miss the drop in hours, they can usually fit you in for a sick appointment later in the day if you call when they open. For sick appointments you usually will not see your primary doctor, but we have seen every doctor in the practice for sick appointments at this point and they are all fantastic. Also, if you just have a question or need advice, there is an advice nurse available by phone during their business hours. 

I hear stories from parents at other practices having to wait days for their sick kid to see a doctor and I'm really grateful to have the quick access we do. 

YES! We do East Bay Pediatrics, our doctor is Tracy Evans-Ramsey. I don't know if she's taking new patients right now. But I highly recommend her! Very friendly & upbeat, super helpful, especially when I was a new mom and worried about everything. (Full disclosure, had post-partum anxiety, so even more hyper-worried that your average mom).

We've only had great interactions with staff there. They are super responsive. Good luck - 

We love East Bay Pediatrics - Dr. Juliana Damon- has been our pediatrician for 3 kids (3,9,12) since 2010; love her! And all doctors we've encountered when she was out were lovely too. Their AM drop in for urgent care without appointment is a very helpful option. Having both Berkeley and Orinda options are convenient too and we live in Montclair.

Thank you all so much! This is incredibly helpful.

Just one more vote for Easy Bay Pediatrics.  My younger guy had terrible infant asthma, which luckily he has grown out of, but we have not only seen our pediatrician, the amazing Dr. Damon, but almost every other doctor in the practice and they were all fabulous. Good luck to you!

I'll be a dissenting voice - we haven't had a great experience with East Bay Pediatrics, but I think that's primarily because of our doctor, Dr. Abbott. He's a very friendly older gentleman, but I feel like he often dismisses my questions without giving much thought to them, or giving any useful advice. Frankly, I feel like he just wants to wrap up the visit and be done with it as soon as possible - he's never asked us if we have any questions or concerns or how things are going in any of the typical infant areas of sleep/eat/poop. He also was extremely *not* helpful when my son was losing weight during the first three weeks of life - we were at East Bay Pediatrics at least 6 times in those first few weeks, and most of our appointments with Dr. Abbott basically boiled down to "he's losing weight! This is bad! Come back tomorrow and we'll check his weight again." Not exactly helpful when you're a week postpartum and your already small baby is down almost a pound. It took my husband calling all of the lactation consultants in the area (and one wonderful woman traveling here from Sacramento!) to get the help we needed with breast feeding. 

That being said, we like the practice/office folks/nurse line as a whole, and will be trying out another doctor in the practice for our four-month check-up. It sounds like other folks have had good experiences with other doctors - so I'd just recommend staying away from Dr. Abbott.

There is a practice near Rose street that I originally chose but went with East Bay pediatrics because they are in walking distance. We have 2 healthy kids by now and had always got good advice and service there but it's not a "fancy" office and they seem rushed, short on time sometimes. Again, they knew our kids are healthy but sometimes these appointments are for parents too :). When my baby was in the nicu for a shor time though they were really good about communication. You just have to be your own advocate there, that's all.