Lilia Lizano, MD

Berkeley, Hercules
  • 500 Alfred Nobel Drive Suite 200 Hercules, CA 94547
  • 2999 Regent Street Suite 201 Berkeley, California 94705

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I highly recommend Dr. Lilia Lizano. She has been my gynecologist since 2004. She's delivered my children -- there were complications involved in both deliveries and she was terrific throughout -- but I'm writing this because of how she helped me through a medical condition I developed several years later. She is wonderful and caring and she considers the patient as a whole person. She is also a woman of color. She has offices in Berkeley and in Hercules. I can't say enough good things about her! I actually look forward to my annual visits with her, which I could say of no other gynecologist before her.

Dr Lília Lizano is great. I had a very good experience with her.

I recently delivered at Alta Bates with Dr Lilia Lizano at Women’s Group for Health and she did all my prenatal care along the way. She makes a point to attend the deliveries of her patients (unless she’s out of town).

 I found her to be kind and knowledgeable and I definitely trusted her care during the actual delivery. The only critical thing I have to say is that I felt like her style of bedside manner didn’t quite match what I was seeking in terms of emotional support and helping me understand my options for delivery. As a first time mom I had lots of questions and ended up doing a lot of work to educate myself. In hindsight, if I supplemented my care with a doula and I think I would have gotten the best of both worlds— the emotional support that I was seeking and the great care that Dr Lizano gave backed by decades of experience. 

Best of luck finding your care provider! 

I was very happy with dr Lilia Lizano!

Hi, I used to be with the large OB group from east bay Sutter Health medical foundation, but lost my privilages with them when Alta Bates Medical group severed ties with them as my medical group.  It SUCKED! i was so attached after delivering twice with their group and bummed when i got pregnant a third time and couldn't see my OB I had seen for over 7 years.  However, I found Dr Lilia Lizano for my third (which i delivered at Alta Bates a year ago).  Though it is a small practice (she has an office across from Alta Bates and also in Hercules i think) she was fantastic.  Amazing in fact.  It was amazing having her so present for my entire labor and delivery which included bed rest, and an induction.... and a healthy baby!!! i was blown away and really got the level of care i never knew before with the sutter east bay group that others were rec.  If you want to ask questions please feel free to ask...but i highly recommend her!

I highly recommend Dr. Lilia Lizano, she has offices in Berkeley and Hercules. I gave birth to my baby in November/2018 and had an amazing experience with her.

I delivered with Lilia Lizano a few months ago, and I've had a very good experience with her both getting pregnant and delivering. She is probably in the last few years of her practice, and is therefore very experienced. We had a minor scare during my delivery that resulted in us needing a C-section, and she helped me confidently move through that decision and get my daughter out within 30 minutes. I also saw Debra Levinsky a while back, for what was ultimately unfortunately a miscarriage, so she did my D&C, and although she can seem a little gruff at times I can tell you she has excellent bedside manner when it counts. I use Berkeley Peds (Dr. Sam Woods) for my daughter, and all of the doctors there are great and rotate through Alta Bates for management after your baby is delivered. I loved alta bates, like another person said, the building is older but we got a private room and my husband got a real (albeit a little stiff) bed to sleep in during my 4 day stay after delivery. The non-breakfast food is pretty bad, but no place is perfect! The nurses there are just unreal in how great they are with the new moms, and they have a full staff of lactation specialists, so I got to meet with a lactation specialist every day I was in the hospital (so 4 visits!).

HI, I recently moved here too at 7 months pregant, I am with Dr Lilia Lizano, located next to Alta Bates. So far my experience has been very positive, I was able to get an appointment next week after I arrived and the staff is always very responsive. 

Hi! I had some issues finding an OB/GYN who accepted my insurance, so in the last six months I went to three practices and really liked them all. I ended up with Dr. Jim Nishimine, who I really like, because he accepts my insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Gold Select PPO). The other practices take Anthem PPO's, but not select plans.

To be honest, my favorite practice was the Women's Group for Health practice in Berkeley. Dr. Lilia Lozano is the head OB, but I only met with Kathy Kroger, the NP and had a really positive experience. Their office is very responsive and helpful, and they use very convenience online tools for communication and sharing test results. I went to their office in Berkeley on Regent Street. Good luck and congratulations!

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I really like Dr. Lilia Lizano, Women's Group for Health, 2999 Regent St, #201, Berkeley (510) 204-0965.  She took over the practice after my previous OB/GYN moved to Kaiser.  She is kind, understated and thorough.  Part of her standard of care in an annual check up is to palpitate the neck.  She found a lump in my neck and ordered an ultrasound.  Turns out it was thyroid cancer.  Had it not been for her, it could have been years before it was detected. (I don't have a good PCP.)  So I am forever grateful to her.  I am happy to speak to you about her, if you'd like. 

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Feb 2011

Re: High risk OB delivers at Alta Bates - C section
I cannot recommend Dr. Lilia Lizano highly enough! She is a very skilled surgeon. I have been a patient of hers for about seventeen years. I too delivered my first two daughters at CPMC in 1990 and 1992. My pregnancies were horrendous, I had pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and with my third daughter's pregnancy I had a cyst on my ovary the size of a cantaloupe. Dr. Lizano operated when I was sixteen weeks pregnant and was able to skillfully remove the cyst and ovary without me losing the baby (a high chance). She sat by my side herself and monitored the baby's heartbeat after the surgery to make sure the baby was OK. At delivery my daughter was born with the cord around her neck twice (truly a miracle baby). She has also performed a hysterectomy on me. I completely trust her judgement. She is in Hercules. Girls are now 20, 18 and 15yrs old

Nov 2010

Re: Need good gynecologist for heavy bleeding issues
Dr. Lilia Lizano. She is in Hercules. She is the best doctor! Also, a very skilled surgeon. I have had her for 18yrs. She has performed several surgeries on me including a hysterectomy for anemia and heavy bleeding. I completely trust her and cannot recommend her highly enough. Worth going to Hercules for