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2507 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA  94705

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Hi! I had some issues finding an OB/GYN who accepted my insurance, so in the last six months I went to three practices and really liked them all. I ended up with Dr. Jim Nishimine, who I really like, because he accepts my insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Gold Select PPO). The other practices take Anthem PPO's, but not select plans.

To be honest, my favorite practice was the Women's Group for Health practice in Berkeley. Dr. Lilia Lozano is the head OB, but I only met with Kathy Kroger, the NP and had a really positive experience. Their office is very responsive and helpful, and they use very convenience online tools for communication and sharing test results. I went to their office in Berkeley on Regent Street. Good luck and congratulations!


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Oct 2011

Re: OB for fibroid consultation?
Jim Nishimine (on Ashby) is fantastic as a consultant and also as a surgeon (if this is what you will eventually need). His manner is a little abrupt but as a doctor he is amazing. I went to him in a similar situation several years ago.

Nov 2009

Re: Looking for a great OB-GYN
I switched from a very large practice to Dr. Nishimine, who rarely uses backup, and is known to be an excellent surgeon. Because if I'm able to have a second pregnancy, it will need to be a C-section. He's right across the street from Alta Bates. You know you're in good hands when the pap is over and you didn't even know it happened. He's not ''warm & fuzzy,'' but a very kind doctor, and very competent based on my office visit experience and research of recommendations.

May 2003

Has anyone had experience using Dr Nishimine for delivery? I am due in early August and he is my Doctor's (Dr Levinsky) primary back up. I am curious about other peoples' experiences with him during delivery. We have a doula and I plan to meet with Dr Nishimine before delivery. Christine

I have posted in reply to this question before, and I know other people have as well, so hopefully this time it will get added to the web site. But here goes...I also had Dr. Levinsky as my doctor, and ended up having Dr. Nishimine deliver my first child almost 7 years ago. He is not a hold your hand kind of doctor, and was very brusque with us. That being said, I had a fairly difficult delivery, pushed for over two hours and needed to use forceps to deliver my over-nine pound daughter. Dr. Nishimine was extremely competent, and a nurse later told me that he saved me from having a C-section. So I think you can be assured you will have a very experienced, competent doctor if he delivers your baby, but don't expect a lot of hand holding (for what it is worth, I saw Dr. Levinsky for two pregnancies, and she did not deliver either of my babies). Claire

I've seen Dr. Nishimine for 5 years. He delivered my first child by c-section. He was very quick and by all accounts a good surgeon. My husband works in the ER and was able to stand at the surgical end of the C-section instead of my head, and was impressed with his technique. He has years of experience, nothing phases him. However, if you're the needy hand holding type you may not find him overly warm and fuzzy. He's down to business which I personally like. I had a a section planned for my second child, but he arrived a few days early while Nish was on vacation. His backup is Dr. Yogahama (Yogi). She too is an excellent physician. Not sure if she has a private practice or just works at Alta Bates. Sharon

I've worked with Dr. Nishimine for several years in one area of quality management for OB. He recently delivered our ID MD's third child. In my experience, he has been very thorough, kind, gentle, and conscientious. Amy

Dr. Nishimini (or ''Nish'')is my primary OB/GYN & he delivered our son three years ago. He was great. He was very respectful of my requests outlined in the birth plan that my husband & I put together. I never felt as if he was pushing his agenda on us. In fact, during the delivery of our son, I did not even realize that he had arrived, because he came into the room, checked in w/ the nurse & my husband, then left the room until just prior to the delivery. My friend who was present asked him why he hadn't stayed in the room & he told her that I was doing well & was very focused on what I was doing & that he didn't want to disturb the momentum. In short - he was respecting my wishes & patiently waited until we were ready for him. I did not have any difficulties w/ my pregnancy or L, but I understand that he is very skilled w/ high-risk pregnancies as well as w/ situations where other Doc's might just go for a C- section as a matter of convenience. Finally, I should add - Nish is a direct communicator & has a very dry sense of humor. Some people might be put off by these traits in an OB, I however, found it very reassuring that he would be direct w/ both information & recommendations. Romy